How to Use Gas Grill?

Gas grills have become the most important part of our lives, as grilling is the new normal. There is always an opportunity for grill enthusiasts, to cook up soft and delicious pieces of meat and so many vegetables. 

Anything and everything could be grilled. The grilling of food gives more flavor to the food than cooking it or burning it on an artificial flame. 

Grilling is Important

The taste of grilled food is having no comparison. The world’s food culture is going crazy over grilled food. Grilling is having many advantages over overcooking. The speed is amazing when it comes to grilling. The speed is just seconds. The quality which is offered by the grill is second to none. 

If you are an outdoor cook lover and are willing to prepare some crazy delicious food without stoking any fire, then grilling is the best alternative to cooking food. Grills are just too easy to heat up, too easy to operate, and require very little cleaning (How to Clean a Gas Grill?).

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How to Use Gas Grill
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Tools & Materials Required

Gas Grill, Meat Thermometer, Lidded Roasting Pan, Small Fire Extinguisher, Stainless steel scissors, Steel Spatula, Propane gas source, grillable food, steel wire brush, steel tongs, etc as per the requirement

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Tips to Use

Grills that are based on gas are either filled with propane or with natural gas. Before finalizing any gas grill, make sure you check the fuel level, as it should have enough level of fuel supply to avoid getting empty before the dinner is completely cooked. 

Also, make sure, the supply lines and the regulators are always in good condition and properly connected. If possible, always keep a full spare tank of propane in hand. This will help the cooks to prevent getting out of fuel, in mid of preparation of the meal. 

All the grill accessories and all the tools must be placed in one place, before starting to prepare the meal, as this way one could save time and save the food from burning. While using the grill, it is good to use wood chips to add all the smoky flavors and spices to the food, which will ultimately help in soaking the food in the water. 

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Start a Gas Grill

Gas grills are very easy to start than any other grills. But it is always advisable to follow certain tips:

  1. Make sure the lid is open at first, to prevent the gas from building up inside the cooking chamber.
  2. The igniter button inside your grill should be used with a long fireplace match or any lighter to light the initial burners after starting it on. 
  3. Once the one-sided burner is lit, turn on the other side burner on high. 
  4. Make sure to always close the close and wait for the temperature to heat up for almost 15 minutes. 

Cooking on The Gas Grill

Once the grill is heated, it is ready for a cook-off start. Make sure to clean the hot surface with the help of a grill brush, as this will help in removing the debris or dust from the surface, of the previous cookout. 

Paper towels using the vegetable oil can be dampened over the surface, to help to reduce the sticking on the surface and tongs will be used to grill the hot grate before placing the food anywhere on it. 

The food should be arranged evenly on the grill to let it cook, finely. Keep some space for the food to turn and flip so that it will get enough cooking surface for grilling inside out. Always keep some extra space, so that the pieces will be rearranged as and when required, easily even during cooking. 

Direct heating as well as indirect heating could be used to cook on a gas grill. With the help of direct heating, you can easily cook the food directly, as it develops flavors and texture while cooking the food to its center. 

For indirect heat setup, the heat should be there on both sides of the grill or one side of the grill. A large cut of meat will be grilled using the indirect heat setup. Thicker food can also be grilled using the indirect heating method, or bone in-cuts which may have browned over the direct heat setup,

TIP: Do not open the lid frequently when you are trying to cook the food on a gas grill. Each time you do this, each time the hot air and the smoke will come out of it and increase the time for cooking. 

Try to flip the food twice or thrice, if the food you find, became easy to turn. You can use the spatula or tongs for it. But still, if you find any resistance in doing so, wait for some time for the exterior to get the food cooked and then take it ahead. 

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Turn Off the Gas Grill

Remove your food from the grill once it has reached the desired doneness. Place it on a platter and cover it loosely with an aluminum foil tent. While the food is resting:

Once you remove your food from the griller, check if it has reached the desired doneness level or not. Let it rest for some time on the aluminum foil tent. 

Make sure you turn off all the burner knobs to their off positions and close the valve of the tank as well. Turn the know to its clockwise direction until it stops. You can use the grill brusher or scaper or aluminum foil to remove all the kinds of residues from the grate and once the griller is cooled completely, close the lid and use the griller cover to protect it until the next part is thrown. 


Using the gas grill is very easy. All one needs to know is that one should not be scared of experimenting with things. Experience and enjoy the delicious food every time using the gas grillers. Gas grills are just an amazing way to cook delicious food and eat with the entire family and friends.

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