Can You Put Bagged Ice in Your Drinks?

Bagged Ice

A few years, the ultimate source of ice to chill our drinks was the packed bag of ice that we got from the convenience stores. They were almost readily available for instant use and with the advent of refrigerators with freezers, people started making ice at home by freezing water overnight in their freezers. But … Read more

Is Nugget Ice Good for Coolers?

Box full of Nugget Ice

Most of us would have had many positive and refreshing moments with the ice coolers as we generally tend to carry them with us during our camping trips with friends and family. The cooler is a portable cart or an icebox and is also referred to as the chilly bin or the cool box, that … Read more

Are Portable Ice Makers Worth It?

Are Portable Ice Makers Worth It

Ice can alone be the sole savior during the summer months, helping us with a steady supply of high-quality ice for drinks and water. Gone are the days, when people had to run to the convenience stores to buy bags of ice and store them in their freezer when they had special guests and parties … Read more

Can You Put Juice in an Ice Maker?


The ultimate purpose of having an ice maker at home is to serve chilled drinks and juices for the guests during a party and to treat ourselves to fresh and chilled juices and water for the entire day. There are many variations that you can do with the ice maker and ensure that you get … Read more

How to Reset an Igloo Ice Maker?

Igloo ICEB26HNSSWL Portable Ice Maker

Many people doubt why they should reset their ice maker in the first place. Shouldn’t the appliance be running on its own without requiring any resetting? It is true that when the ice maker is maintained appropriately they are capable of lasting for many years. But when the ice maker stops working all of a … Read more

How to Reset Your Whirlpool Ice Maker?

Whirlpool Ice Maker

One of the best features of the Whirlpool refrigerator is its ice maker. This component of the ice maker performs an exceptional job and is an exceptional addition that helps with reliable ice making. The ice maker in this appliance makes use of the motor, water valve, and heating element to begin the ice-making process. … Read more

How to Defrost Samsung Ice Makers?

Samsung 26 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator with Filtered Ice Maker

The French door refrigerator model from Samsung has a built-in ice maker and is one of the best-rated refrigerators that are available on the market. There are chances for the ice maker compartment to get filled with frost and when it doesn’t thaw naturally on its own, then we may have to defrost the ice … Read more

Ice Maker Parts and Its Functions Explained

Ice Maker Parts and Its Functions

Ice makers can be of tremendous help when we need to store food or offer chilled beverages to our guests and even self-treat ourselves with cold drinks. Ice makers render the convenience of preparing ice at home. They can also be of tremendous help to commercial establishments and help them serve customers with a constant … Read more

How to Clean an Ice Machine?

How to Clean an Ice Machine

Ice maker machines were once used in restaurants and high-end commercial establishments, but technology has improved extensively that these kitchen appliances have become an integral part of many households. As we all know prompt maintenance is the key to elongating the life of an electronic appliance. And similarly, your countertop ice-making machine also demands prompt … Read more

Luma Comfort IM200SS Review 2022: Ideal Clear Ice Maker

Using Luma Comfort IM200SS Personally

If you are looking for a stylish, elegant, and highly functional addition to your kitchen, then the Luma Comfort clear ice maker should be your ideal choice. This ice maker appliance offers the ultimate luxury for your home bar and kitchen and sports a sleek stainless steel finish. The appliance makes use of exceptional ice-making … Read more

EdgeStar IB120SS Review 2022: Built-in Ice Maker

EdgeStar IB120SS Built in Ice Maker

When summer approaches, the need for ice increases tremendously. The best option to have a non-stop source of ice is a built-in ice maker that can be easily tucked in the kitchen under the counter, boat, or recreational vehicle. The EdgeStar IB120SS Built-in ice maker is one of the best under counter ice makers that … Read more

ROVSUN Built-in Freestanding Ice Maker Review 2022

Overview of ROVSUN Commercial Ice Maker

Commercial businesses in the food and beverage industry have to make sure that they are equipped with all the desired equipment to cater to the needs of their customers, to sustain the business. One such essential appliance for the food and beverage industry is the freestanding ice machine. The Rovsun built-in stainless steel ice maker … Read more

Vremi Commercial Grade Ice Maker Review 2022

Overview of the Vremi Commercial Ice Maker

Wish to spoil yourself with an ice day at home, or do you run a restaurant or a café with customers thronging to have their share of ice-cold drinks? Then you should consider installing a commercial ice maker at home, as these small ice giants can keep chucking out huge volumes of ice cubes in … Read more

Frigidaire EFIC189-Silver Ice Maker Review 2022

Frigidaire EFIC189-Silver Ice Maker

Frigidaire is known for manufacturing kitchen equipment that is of quality built and affordable. The portable ice makers from the Frigidaire are available in a range of colors, sizes, and finishes and are capable of fitting in the existing décor of rooms effortlessly. These appliances are known for their durable exteriors and large see-through windows. … Read more

Northair HZB-45 Review 2022: Built-In Commercial Ice Maker

Northair HZB-45 Commercial Ice Maker

Establishments of the food and beverage industry, with a strong desire to serve your customers with uninterrupted cool drinks, should choose Northair commercial ice maker. This portable ice maker is a compact select for your bar, café, restaurant, party gathering, etc.  The Northair renders a premium look with a stainless steel exterior and contrasting back … Read more

Euhomy IM-02 Review 2022: Commercial Ice Maker Machine

Using Euhomy IM-02 Ice Maker

Summer is approaching and soon the demand for high-quality chilled drinks will be well pronounced in restaurants, cafes, and bars. People will be thronging their favorite restaurants for juices and chilled smoothies and the commercial establishments also have to look for ways to improve their ice production and yield to the requirements of their customers.  … Read more

VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker Review 2022: 400LBS Capacity

VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker Review

Are you a grocery store owner who constantly has to face clients with ice requests, or are you in a commercial restaurant business wishing to serve your never-ending list of customers with high-quality iced drinks and beverages? Then a high-quality and highly powerful commercial ice maker is what you require. The Vevor 110V ice maker … Read more

Which Bar Ice Makers to Choose in 2022?

Bar Ice Machines

Well-formed ice is always an important sidekick to tasting sodas, cocktails, mocktails, and even water. A quality ice maker alone can bring this to reality and is thus considered an important addition for pubs, bars, clubs, and taverns. Many high-quality commercial ice makers help commercial establishments serve their customers with high-quality drinks all through the … Read more

Which Ice Maker is Best for RV?

Best Ice Makers for RV

Many people love traveling in the RV and are a few who have converted their recreational vehicle into their home. And for those who travel and live in the RV in the hot weather, it is important to consider buying a portable ice maker. These portable ice makers are very easy to use and they … Read more

Which Shaved Ice Machines Are Best In 2022?

Best Shaved Ice Machines

If you are someone who loves the neutral taste of snowflakes and wish you can prepare them at home, so that you can be tasting them all day, then this post is for you. Shaved ice either plain or when mixed with sweet flavors can be great to taste and adults love them equally as … Read more

The Best Choice Ice Maker for Boats?

Ice Makers for Boats

Not very often do we get on a boat to go on a ride in the white waters, or in the countryside and when we go, we will want that trip to be exciting and remembered. What a trip without chilled drinks, and juices on the trip? And the best way to get them soaked … Read more

Which Built-in Ice Maker is Best in 2022?

Best Built-in Ice Makers

Nothing can satisfy your requirement for ice for the entire day like an ice maker. And if it forms beautiful crescent-shaped ice cubes that are frozen until you remove them, then you are experiencing the pleasure of paradise at home. We have listed the best built-in ice makers that can help you with your daily … Read more

Crushed Ice Makers for Those Who Like Chewable Ice

Best Crushed Ice Makers

Chewing crushed ice on an empty mouth and slipping them into a glass of drink means the world to many people during the hot and dry summer months. Also, nothing can cool a drink better than a crushed ice cube and they are great for making crushed ice for fruit cocktails, juices, and even smoothies. … Read more

Which Ice Maker is Ideal for Home Use?

Home Ice Makers

Tired of the summer heat? Want to enjoy some ice-cold drinks all through the day? Have a weekend party with guests who are fans of iced cold drinks? Then you should invest in compact, attractive, portable, and highly efficient ice-making machines for your home. They help in producing a large volume of homemade ice for … Read more

Ice Makers for Restaurants

Ice Machines for Restaurants

We always turn to a café and eatery to enjoy refreshing drinks in the middle of a hard day of work. They also make sure that clean and fresh ice is made all through the day to delight their customers. Restaurants have different styles and configurations of ice makers to suit the icing needs of … Read more

Ice Makers for Convenience Stores

Convenience Store

Every time our refrigerator runs out of ice, when we require them the most, we run to the convenience store to buy a pack of ice cubes. But convenience stores should choose their appliance appropriately to meet the ice needs of the customers by keeping the cost low. Investing in an ice-making appliance will pay … Read more

Best Nugget Ice Makers to Use in 2022

Flavored ice is a perfect treat for a perfect party. You can take your icy drinks, slushies, and other treats to an all-new level with the help of sonic ice. They are ideal for all your backyard and pool parties and offer you versatile options to decorate your cocktails and mocktails. To get the best … Read more

Manitowoc Ice Maker Reviews

Manitowoc Ice Makers

Businesses in the food and beverage industry that focus on creating chilled drinks and beverages should consider installing an in-plant ice maker machine, that is capable of producing many pounds of ice for smooth operations. When we talk about commercial ice makers, Manitowoc is a top name. This brand sells the highest number of ice … Read more

Frigidaire Ice Maker Reviews

Best Frigidaire Ice Makers

When summer is approaching, the requirement for iced drinks and water escalates. Many people choose to buy and stock a convenient ice maker at home, rather than run to the convenience store every time for drinks. When we talk about ice makers, few dedicated brands are capable of producing high-quality ice within the shortest time … Read more

Ice-O-Matic Ice Makers Reviews

Best Ice-O-Matic Ice Makers

Ice-O-Matic is a big name in the field of commercial ice makers. This American brand has more than fifty years of experience in making ice and has been rendering clean and quality ice, since its inception in the year 1952. The brand has an impressive line of products that are known for their quality, efficiency, … Read more

Scotsman Ice Maker Reviews

Best Scotsman Ice Makers

All of us wish to lead a luxurious and sophisticated life even with the little things we have. When we consider it a luxury, even the minute details can make a tremendous difference. Sitting on your couch with your favorite drink at hand, while watching your favorite show can make your day. With Scotsman ice … Read more

Euhomy Ice Maker Reviews

Best Euhomy Ice Makers

When we talk about countertop ice-making machines, Euhomy is a great name. The brand is known for manufacturing high-quality and highly durable ice machines that are easy to set up. It manufactures countertop ice machines, built-in ice machines for the kitchen under counters, and freestanding appliances for commercial use. Euhomy also has secured the best … Read more

Igloo Ice Maker Reviews

Igloo Ice Makers

Ice makers are tiny little companions, that are capable of supplying the entire group of people with cold and chilled drinks, almost for an entire day. Portable ice machines are simple to use and by simply pouring in water, it is possible to make ice as desired to serve chilled drinks for an entire day. … Read more

Newair Ice Maker Reviews

Design of NewAir AI-100BK

No matter if you are throwing a party or having holiday fun, the best thing to make the party a great success is a bag of ice cubes. These tiny party companies are good enough to delight a good pool of party guests easily and instantly. The freezer that is built in the refrigerator is … Read more

Clear Ice Makers for Party Birds

Clear Ice Makers

Ever wondered about the goodness of clear ice in chilling out your drinks? Clear ice not just looks great in a glass of juice, but is also pretty much healthier and safer than regular ice. No wonder, most of the party birds are looking for the best clear ice makers for their kitchen. Clear ice … Read more

Which Outdoor Ice Maker is Good for Patio, Lawn & Garden?

Best Outdoor Ice Makers

Outdoor kitchens are the order of the day, they are changing the trend with people showing tremendous interest in outdoor parties and fun. Outdoor kitchens are excellent venues for entertainment and cooking. The components of a perfect outdoor kitchen are built-in grills, outdoor refrigerators, and of course outdoor ice makers. Where is the fun without … Read more

Ice Makers For Cocktails

Ice Makers For Cocktails

Planning for a huge party this weekend? Done with stocking your bar with the favorite drinks of your invitees? How about the ice? Planning to buy and stock them beforehand? Or run to your neighbor or shop at an off-hour for an additional bag of ice? Sounds disgusting right? Then how about buying an ice-making … Read more

Ice Makers Under $500

Best Ice Maker Under $500

Ice makers are indeed angels in disguise, especially during summer months when the weather is hot and humid out there. Most of us wish to soothe our thirst with a glass of cold drinks, preferably with some freshly made ice. Our typical refrigerator freezer takes about 8 hours to form a sheet of ice and … Read more

Ice Makers Under $1000

Ice Maker Under $1000

If you have decided to invest in an ice maker machine and you are ready to spend about $1000 for an ice maker appliance, then you should decide on picking up the best product. Your device should have all the expert features and renders you the best quality ice that you can munch and enjoy … Read more

How to Pick the Right Camping Ice Makers?

Best Camping Ice Makers

All of us love to go camping once in a while when the activities of our daily life bring in monotony and boredom. When you are out camping, it is important to stock certain accessories to make the trip very blissful. The ice maker is one such important accessory that helps to enjoy chilled drinks … Read more

How to Pick a Quality Ice Maker for Your Hotel?

Best Hotel Ice Machines

Unlike regular ice-making machines, hotels will need large production of ice continuously, in order to serve their customers at a fast pace, they comparatively need some larger power compressors to do this. How to Get the Best Ice Maker Machine for Your Hotel? Ice maker machines are very necessary for places like offices, hotels, restaurants, … Read more

The Premier Ice Makers

Best Ice Makers

Ice makers can be a quality addition to your home if you are in constant need of ice to chill your drinks and food and if you are in a need to keep your frozen food chilled for a long time. These small kitchen countertop additions are capable of producing a large volume of ice … Read more

Which Commercial Ice Maker Is Value For Money?

Best Commercial Ice Makers

Ice Makers are either available as a separate unit or attached to the fridge. Many types of ice makers are available commercially. They either come attached along with the refrigerator’s freezer internally or can also be connected externally. Let us take a deep dive into some of the best commercial ice makers that are available … Read more

Which Ice Dispenser to Choose in 2022?

Best Ice Dispensers

The ice dispensers are excellent self-serve machines that just not make ice, but also dispense the ice right from their unit. Ice dispensers are thought of as a very viable and safe option to produce ice, as ice is not stored in them for a long period and you ought to remove the ice formed … Read more

Which Ice Maker is Best For Garage?

Euhomy IM-02 Ice Maker placed in a garage

Tired of working for long hours in your garage, under hot and humid conditions? Care of an icy cold drink in the middle of work? Prefer to wish cold water when you sweat hard and lose all your body fluids? Then it is the right time that you to invest in ice makers for your … Read more

Is $100 a Good Budget for Ice Making Machines?


Having a portable ice maker at home, is a worthy investment, especially if you have a large family or invite friendly frequently to party. You may think that your refrigerator is capable of making ice cubes as you desire. But think, you will have to wait for hours to allow your refrigerator to make ice, … Read more