How to Clean an Electric Grill?

How to Clean an Electric Grill?

An electric grill is a very traditional cooking tool, which is used to whip up the grilled food from the countertop of your kitchen if it is an outdoor style.  It is the most common appliance to be used in the kitchen. One can easily healthily prepare all the delicious dishes using this electric grill. 

Electric grills are very valuable since they can be used for grilling inside if the outdoor weather is not fine and still, grilling needs to be done. Though it makes life sorted, it is very tough to clean the electric grills and it is a very tedious task. 

These electric grills are very tough to clean because the meat got to stick to the nonstick plates, stubbornly, and became less easy to clean the one. It is loathy to clean them and some very less should sucking way must be there, to clean them perfectly.

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Information to Dig In

Make sure you are not putting the grill in the water as it is an electrical one. Abrasive cleaners should be avoided as they may cause damage to the grilling surfaces. Once the food from the larger bits of the food is scraped off, damp the sponge, or wipe the grill surface with the sponge or cloth. 

Any rubber spatula or tools could be used to clean as they won’t scratch the surface. Since most of the grills are having nonstick finishes. If you find any stuffed surface, which is sticky, then put it into the dishwashing liquid on the sponges and clean it thoroughly.

Why Proper Cleaning?

Any electric devices’ life span could be increased if proper cleaning and maintenance will be provided to them. There comes various times when some substances will be left on the surface after the cooking is done, and slowly the coating will be exposed to them, leading to damaging the devices. 

There might come times when you have to buy a new grill, in a very shorter period as the grill is not working properly and even the repairing is not possible. 

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Cleaning Indoor/Outdoor Grills

Outdoor grills are the ones that could be either tabletop, portable model, or freestanding model. Family cookouts and picnicking will be good with outdoor grills. There are ways via which outdoor grills could be cleaned easily.

The procedure to follow is to turn the gas grill off. Make sure it is already unplugged from the power outlet. Wait for some time to cool it off, maybe for five to ten minutes. Once cool down, scrape the grates used for cooking with the help of the brush. If your grill is having a removable liner, take it off. Wipe the residues outside with the help of the damp cloth and dry every part of the grill before returning it to normal use. 

Once done, reassemble it as per the requirement and plug it back for use, or put it inside for another day’s use. This was the procedure for the outdoor grill. The procedure for the indoor grill is completely different. 

If you are planning to clean the indoor grills, then first it needs to be turned off and unplug indoor grills. It should always make sure to take off the food away from the grill. Make sure to always place the wet paper layers on the warm grills, it will be good if they are two layers rather than one single layer. Dry paper towels can be used to clean it up. Make sure all the part of the grill is dry before using it again. An electric griddle is one of the best types of indoor grill, which could be cleaned easily. 

Things Need to be Taken Care Of

Cleaning Tools: It should always be made sure that the cleaning tools are gathered up correctly. Make sure that the dish soaps, mittens, spatula, and sink tubs are to be fitted inside your griddle. Before getting started on anything, make sure you have all the things in handy. This way, we cannot miss anything, before starting. 

Grease and Gunk will be removed by heating the griddle so that it will loosen up the leftover cooked food before letting it get scraped. A cold griddle could not be cleaned easily and it is a completely time waste. Once you see the leftover food cooked on it, make sure to immediately turn off the griddle to remove the leftover food. 

Ingredients Can Be Used For Cleaning


Baking soda is one of the alternatives for cleansers, which could be used for cleaning the griller. Sprinkle some good amount of soda on the grill and spray water on the grilling surface to make it pasty. Make sure it should be not too watery. 

Rub the grill using the sponge or using any non-scratch electric grill brush, till the time the baking soda will be removed. Make sure to wipe everything, around the plug especially, to use the device again. 


The acidity of the vinegar can counteract the hard grease easily and make it a good cleaner. Thus, vinegar spray could be used as one of the most effective solutions for cleaning the grillers. 


Get your grill sparkle with the most effective solution of steam cleaning. Make sure to unplug the grill, they cool it for some time. Once done, soak several paper towels in water and place the soggy paper towels on the gas grills. 

Close the lid and leave the grill closed for sometimes, to let the grill turn the water from the paper towel into steam. Open the lid and once done, close the paper towels to wine off the grill. This way, steam cleansing could be done in a far better way. 

This way electric grills could be cleaned up easily and can be used for future perspectives. Electric grills are very great grills to be used both indoor and outdoor times, no matter what the weather is and no matter what the condition is.

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