Which Drawer Freezers Are Best in 2022?

Drawer freezers are revolutionizing the freezing technology and are available for both home and commercial use. If you have a huge requirement to store frozen foods in your home, then the drawer freezer should be your ideal buying choice. Though there are many types of freezers such as upright freezers, chest freezers, refrigerator freezers, etc., drawer freezers help in keeping the food items completely organized. It allows to access the food items easily and can be of great help while cooking.

The best feature of this drawer freezer is that children and disabled people who work from a wheelchair can access them easily. Here are the best drawer freezers and popular brands.

Why Should You Choose to Buy a Drawer Freezer?

These drawer freezers feature a slide-out model that makes it easier to store, organize and access frozen food. Since most of them have a built-in design, they can be easily tucked under the kitchen counter and comes in handy use. They also help in maximizing the available space in the kitchen better than freestanding freezers. Some of these freezers are good enough to hold a full turkey and other heavy items, thus helping to save a lot of space in the refrigerator. Their drawers are easy to pull with gliding balls and they are capable of variable temperature controls and settings as well.

How Should You Choose Your Drawer Freezer?

The drawer freezers are generally found in a big kitchen to offer the convenience of grabbing the ingredients quickly while cooking. These drawer freezers come in a variety of finishes to blend with the existing cabinetry of the kitchen and most of them feature elegant stainless steel panels. Their height is also fixed at 32 inches predominantly and thus they can fit in the existing kitchen cabinetry seamlessly. Make sure your drawer freezer holds the following components for a safe buy.

  • Sliding drawers: Buy freezers with at least two drawers and let them slide across easily even on full load to ensure ease of use.
  • Construction: Make sure the freezers have a stainless steel construction so that they last longer and are also easy to clean up.
  • Built-in capability: Make sure the drawer freezer has a built-in and freestanding design to save space on the kitchen cabins.
  • Frost-free operation: It is tough to clean a freezer that accumulates frost and the best way is to choose a drawer freezer with a frost-free operation.
  • Temperature controls: Choose units with an external thermostat and external display of temperature for easy use.
  • Handles: let your freezer drawer hold sturdy, handles that are easier to hold and use and also elegant to touch.
  • Internal fan: Some freezers adapt the fan-forced cooling mechanism to ensure even distribution of temperature from top to bottom.

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Best Drawer Freezers 2022

#1. Summit SCFF532D-R Drawer Freezer – Best Overall

Summit SCFF532D Drawer Freezer
Editor Rating: 8.8/10
Energy efficiency7.5
Build quality8.9
Controls and Functionality9.1
Value for money9.2

This drawer freezer helps to bring in the convenience of having a freezer under the kitchen counter. It comprises two completely featured drawers and fits easily even in tight spaces. As it features a ventilation system in the front, you can consider this freezer for built-in installation. However, it also helps with the freestanding installation. This built-in drawer features a complete stainless steel construction that is coupled with long-lasting durability and professional elegance. Both the drawers of this freezer include sleek handles and 3.5 Cu.ft. interior space endures frost-free operation along with even temperature distribution and minimal maintenance.

The appliance comprises a full-width sliding wire basket and adjusting dividers to help organize the interiors according to the storage requirements. The appliance also holds recessed LED lighting to help with an attractive and energy-efficient look. There is also a digital thermostat that is located in the stainless steel kick place, making it easily manageable. The LED display of this drawer freezer indicated temperature in both C and F and other beautiful features of this drawer freezer are its temperature memory function, audible alarms during temperature fluctuations, and alerts when the drawer is open.

The drawer freezer is great to be used both at home and in commercial establishments. It holds minimum user maintenance with a complete no-frost operation system. As this unit holds a fan-forced cooling system, it helps with even temperature distribution from top to bottom. The electronic controls on this freezer help with easy temperature management.

What do we like about Summit SCFF532D-R?

  • Its frost-free function helps in preventing the buildup of ice and extensive maintenance
  • Elegant freezer with a stainless steel construction
  • A digital thermostat helps in managing the temperature easily.
  • The appliance can be built under-counter or be left as a freestanding unit.

What do we don’t like about Summit SCFF532D-R?

  • The drawer freezer consumes power
  • Has only one storage basket

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#2. Summit SCFF532D Drawer Freezer – Runner Up

Summit SCFF532D Drawer Counter Depth Freezer
Editor Rating: 8.8/10
Energy efficiency7.5
Build quality8.9
Controls and functionality9.1
Value for money9.3

These are super convenient freezer drawers for additional frozen food. This is a freestanding drawer with a counter-depth freezer. The total capacity of this drawer freezer is about 3.54 Cu.ft. and it has two drawers to conveniently store ample frozen food. The internal fans of this freezer help in maintaining the constant distribution of temperature, throughout the unit. This unit features an anti-tip bracketing system and 100% CFC-free design, and thus this is both a user-friendly and environment-friendly drawer freezer. 

The freezer features stainless steel construction and its drawers, cabinets, and kick plate are all constructed from stainless steel completely. This ensures lasting durability and also easy clean-up of the appliance. There are two smoothly gliding stainless steel drawers for easy use and this appliance can be installed under the counter for easy access. The appliance has a frost-free operation and thus it is very much easy to use.

The electronic thermostat controls of this drawer freezer help with easy management of temperature. The display displays temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit and its elegant LED lighting helps in gentle illumination of the interiors of the freezer drawers. The sleek stainless steel drawers of this drawer freezer help in adding an elegant touch to the appliance and its adjusting dividers make it easy to organize the interiors. There is a removable chrome basket for convenient storage.

What do we like about Summit SCFF532D?

  • Optional Sabbath mode that disables the alarm and lighting for 96 hours
  • There is an audible alarm that indicates an open door and temperature fluctuations.
  • This drawer is environmentally friendly as it doesn’t use CFC chemicals.

What do we don’t like about Summit SCFF532D?

  • Requires self-installation with assembling of door handles.

#3. Sub-Zero ID24F Built-In Drawer Freezer – Great for Home Use

Sub-Zero ID24F Built-In Drawer Freezer
Editor Rating: 9/10
Energy efficiency8.4
Build quality9.1
Controls and Functionality9.1
Value for money9.4

This is an excellent built-in drawer freezer with a capacity of 3.8 Cu.ft. This counter depth freezer is equipped with an automatic defrost system and is energy star certified. The appliance also features advanced temperature controls and features magnetic door seals and custom panels. This drawer freezer seems to have enough space to hold all the frozen food and its soft LED lighting helps in clear visualization of the contents of this freezer. The soft-close drawers of this freezer help with a sturdy yet noise-free operation.

It is possible to customize the panels of this drawer freezer to render an integrated look with the existing kitchen cabinetry. Its interactive and easy-to-use panels make use of touch screen technology to control temperature and to give the user ample access. The energy-efficient soft LED lightings in this drawer freezer offer varying degrees of brightness, offers the customization preference to control the intensity of lights at different levels. The appliance is made of high-quality stainless steel handles and panels, along with its range of accessories.

The drawer freezer has soft close doors and drawers, which are features found only with high-end appliances. They render a rich and sturdy feel for the appliances, apart from helping them with a noise-free operation. The products are tested before assembly at its manufacturing facilities in the US and the factory’s completed products are also tested before shipping. The product also comes with 5 years warranty on parts and labor.

What do we like about Sub-Zero ID24F?

  • Accepts custom panels and thus blends seamlessly with the existing kitchen décor
  • Helps in connecting with and controlling other appliances
  • Has Sabbath mode with automatic defrosting feature
  • The appliance has an advanced temperature control system and it accepts custom panels.

What do we don’t like about Sub-Zero ID24F?

  • Not approved for outdoor and commercial use
  • Doesn’t have reversible doors.

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#4. Perlick HA24FB35 Drawer Freezer – Good for Residential Use

Perlick HA24FB45 Drawer Freezer
Editor Rating: 8.7/10
Energy efficiency7.9
Build quality9.1
Controls and functionality8.8
Value for money8.9

This is an exceptional forced air refrigerating drawer freezer with a total capacity of 4.8 Cu.ft. The unit has an automatic defrost system and is ADA compliant. It features stainless steel interiors along with UL certification. This is an exceptional under-counter refrigeration unit that is available in exclusive drawer models. The unit has extensive storage to stock all frozen items as per the ADA guidelines. These 32” height under-counter drawer freezers feature superior refrigeration along with exclusive stainless steel interiors. Its fully extending shelves and drawers make them highly suitable for both commercial and residential purposes.

The proprietary rapid-cooled forced-air refrigeration technology of Perlick helps in pulling down the temperature twice as fast as any other brand in the industry. The appliance also holds an exceptional temperature consistency, which is an absolute must to have for food safety. This drawer freezer has the exact features and standards required by commercial eateries and bars and also holds an elegant design to be used in the outdoor space. 

The freezer holds two-inch-thick foamed insulated seals that render exceptional protection against external temperature and vibration. The appliance has been built with the highest level of craftsmanship in mind and thus it has made its drawers fully extend, to stock and retrieve products easily. The shelves of this freezer are again vinyl-dipped to help with additional protection against vibration and these shelves glide easily across the cabinet with SS ball bearings, even if they are full-on load.

What do we like about Perlick HA24FB35?

  • Compact built-in drawer freezer that is built with an automatic defrost function
  • The sleek and elegant SS interiors and exteriors of this freezer gets them durable and beautiful
  • The appliance is resistant to all forms of odors and stains.
  • Rapid cool cooling system, a patent TM of Perlick.

What do we don’t like about Perlick HA24FB35?

  • Not approved for commercial and outdoor use
  • No Sabbath mode and energy star rating

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#5. Perlick HA24FB46 Drawer Freezer – Amazing Alternative

Perlick HA24FB46 Drawer Freezer
Editor Rating: 8.8/10
Energy efficiency7.5
Build quality8.9
Controls and Functionality9.1
Value for money9.2

This drawer freezer from Perlick with ADA compliance can be an ideal addition to the home. As it is made of stainless steel interiors and exteriors, they are extremely hygienic and they also look elegant blending with the external décor of the home. The height of this drawer freezer is 32” and thus it can be tucked in easily under the kitchen counter. This drawer freezer offers excellent storage space for frozen food items and it also complies with the ADA regulations.

The appliance portrays superior refrigeration technology and features stainless steel interiors with completely extending drawers and shelves. The appliances are ideal to be used in both residential and commercial units. These drawer freezers make use of the proprietary rapid cool refrigeration technique of Perlick and thus we can expect them to cool up twice as fast as any other brand in the industry. This technology also comes with unmatched temperature consistency, thereby helping to safeguard food items at an optimal temperature.

The refined look and elegance of these drawer freezers make them the most preferred under-counter refrigeration system in bars and restaurants. The sleep stainless steel design of this freezer is durable, beautiful, and is also resistant to odor and stain. The walls of the freezer are insulated with two-inch-thick foam to help with exceptional protection against vibration and temperature variations.

What do we like about Perlick HA24FB46?

  • The appliance has been built with the highest level of craftsmanship in mind.
  • The shelves extend completely for easy stocking and easy retrieval of times
  • Has tremendous vibration checking features in place.
  • Maintains an ideal temperature range of -10 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit

What do we don’t like about Perlick HA24FB46?

  • Not approved for outdoor use
  • Not energy star certified.

Final Words

The drawer freezers are a must to have in families that invest in a lot of frozen foods and those who the freezer more than the refrigerator. The drawer freezers help in the handy retrieval of frozen items and blend seamlessly with the décor of the kitchen. We hope our product recommendation help in finding the best drawer freezer for your home kitchen.

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