Ice Makers Under $500

Best Ice Maker Under $500

Ice makers are indeed angels in disguise, especially during summer months when the weather is hot and humid out there. Most of us wish to soothe our thirst with a glass of cold drinks, preferably with some freshly made ice. Our typical refrigerator freezer takes about 8 hours to form a sheet of ice and … Read more

Ice Makers Under $1000

Ice Maker Under $1000

If you have decided to invest in an ice maker machine and you are ready to spend about $1000 for an ice maker appliance, then you should decide on picking up the best product. Your device should have all the expert features and renders you the best quality ice that you can munch and enjoy … Read more

Is $100 a Good Budget for Ice Making Machines?


Having a portable ice maker at home, is a worthy investment, especially if you have a large family or invite friendly frequently to party. You may think that your refrigerator is capable of making ice cubes as you desire. But think, you will have to wait for hours to allow your refrigerator to make ice, … Read more