Best Single Zone Wine Coolers & Fridges (June 2022)

If you are a wine lover and wish to stock different variants of wine at your home for consumption, then you should know the importance of storing wine at an ambient temperature for long-term use. Four enemies of wine that disrupt its taste and natural aging process, are heat, humidity, light, and vibration. The perfect wine cooler and fridge come as the rescue tool to fight against these factors and preserve wine in its natural taste and flavor. So, let’s check out the top 5 best single zone wine coolers to buy in 2022.

Quick Summary: Best Single Zone Wine Fridges 2022

Best Overall
Kalamera 15'' Wine Cooler 28 Bottle Built-in or Freestanding...
18 Bottles
Editor Rating
Rating Chart
Best Energy Efficiency
Kalamra KRC-52SZF 4.2 Cu.ft 50 Bottle Single Zone Wine...
50 Bottles
Editor Rating
Rating Chart
Best Low Noise
Antarctic Star Wine Cooler Refrigerator Fridge 37 Bottles...
37 Bottles
Editor Rating
Rating Chart
Budget Pick
NewAir Wine Cooler and Refrigerator | 23 Bottle Capacity |...
23 Bottles
Editor Rating
Rating Chart
Great Alternative
FOVOMI 16" Wine Cooler Refrigerator 31 Bottles (Bordeaux...
31 Bottles
Editor Rating
Rating Chart

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Top 5 Best Single Zone Wine Coolers

We have done careful research in presenting the top 5 best single zone wine fridges to serve as a budget-friendly wine storage option for our readers. These top 5 single zone wine fridges are as follows.

#1. Kalamera KRC-18SZB 12” Wine Cooler – Best Overall

Kalamera KRC-18SZB 12” Wine Cooler
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Temperature control9.1
Build quality8.9
Energy efficiency8.9
Value for money9.4

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This is an excellent single zone wine cooler from the Kalamera brand that features a stainless steel body and a double-layered tempered glass door. People love to buy this for its temperature memory function and its ambience. The cooler comes with a seamless stainless and double-layered tempered glass door and the two layers of tempered glass in the door help in stabilizing the temperature level inside the cooler. This also prevents the door from fogging. 

The temperature memory function of this cooler helps in restoring its temperature efficiently after it is back from the power loss. This helps in keeping the wine collection from going bad with increasing temperature. The wine cooler has a single zone and one-touch control and its LED control display make it highly efficient to set the temperature from 40-66°F. Thus, we can enjoy perfect chilling temperatures at all times in this cooler.

The unit has a low vibration and a low noise level and its advanced technological compressor helps to maintain an even temperature and a long cooling, to ensure that the cooler stays quiet with fewer vibrations. Thus, we can be sure that the sediments in the wine will never get disturbed with this wine cooler at home. Also, it fits in small spaces efficiently as it is only 12” wide, and thus you can fit this cooler in virtually any place of the home. The cooler has an efficient compressor cooling system and thus it operates extremely quietly.

What do we like about the Kalamera KRC-18SZB wine cooler?

  • The cooler features a built-in or freestanding installation.
  • Features a digital LED temperature control system.
  • The cooler has a soft blue interior LED lighting.
  • A reversible door expands its scope of functioning.
  • The cooling temperature range of this cooler is 40-66°F.

What do we don’t like about the Kalamera KRC-18SZB wine cooler?

  • The cooler is not childproof and there is no lock, though it requires a strong pull to open.

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#2. Kalamera KRC-52SZF Single Zone Wine Refrigerator – Best Energy Efficiency

Kalamera KRC-52SZF 4.2 Cu. Ft Wine Refrigerator
Editor Rating: 9/10
Temperature control9.2
Build quality8.7
Energy efficiency8.9
Value for money9.2

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This is an excellent bottle compressor wine refrigerator with a touch control system. It also features a stainless steel door and handles. It features a freestanding design and is built from premium black and silver stainless steel finish. It also features a tempered dual pane glass front, to highlight the wine collection in any room of the home.

The unit features a quiet compressor and its advanced cooling technology helps to keep the compressor quiet without disturbing the sediments in the wine. The cooler features a wine storage space of 4.2 Cu.ft.

This cooler features a 50-bottle capacity and features seven beechwood racks that are capable of holding up to 50 standard 750ml bottles. The unit is thus capable of stocking up the favorite wine vintages of people instantly. To create more space inside the wine cooler, we only have to remove a few racks and accommodate them easily. The cooler ensures even cooling in its interiors, which is accomplished by its interior fan and slat-style shelves. These allow even airflow around the bottles for perfectly chilled drinks every time.

This wine cooler features a single zone with a touch display and its blue LED display displays temperatures from 40°F-66°F. This temperature can also be easily moderated with the help of its up and down arrows. 

What do we like about the Kalamera KRC-52SZF wine refrigerator?

  • Features a double pane glass door with the anti-UV layer.
  • LCD temperature display helps to adjust the temperature efficiently.
  • Features removable beech racks.
  • It can fit in any kitchen, dining room, or entertainment area.

What do we don’t like about the Kalamera KRC-52SZF wine refrigerator?

  • The unit doesn’t come with a lock
  • It should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

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#3. Antarctic Star Single Zone Wine Cooler – Best Low Noise

Antarctic Star Single Zone Wine Cooler
Editor Rating: 8.9/10
Temperature control9
Build quality8.6
Energy efficiency8.5
Value for money9.2

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This is an excellent wine cooler refrigerator fridge that is capable of stocking about 37 bottles of wine in this single zone wine cellar. This is indeed a freestanding wine chiller that features a double-layer glass door and a stainless steel body and features a glass door and a digital memory temperature control system. Its soft blue LED lighting helps to beautifully showcase wine and makes it a great addition to the home.

We all know that heat is the number one enemy for wine and thus this wine cooler helps in keeping the wine cool for a long time. This wine cooler enables us to store the wine in an optimal condition for a long-term aging process. This wine cooler helps us to store wine in the temperature range of 40°F- 61°F.

It also helps us to customize the temperature as required and the optimal temperature to stock wine is about 55°F. The cooler maintains ideal humidity and light and the UV rays of the sun could degrade wine and cause it to age prematurely. Its double-pane glass door is capable of blocking out the harmful UV rays of the sun and helps us to maintain an ideal humidity level.

This wine cooler operates extremely quietly and its compressor cooling system doesn’t vibrate. Thus, it doesn’t cause any disturbance to the naturally occurring sediments in the wine. Its movable black shelves, adjusting leveling legs, and glass door help for a perfect wine storage mechanism. This cooler has a freestanding application and its beverage and wine door close more easily when the leveling legs are slightly extended.

What do we like about the Antarctic Star single zone wine cooler?

  • This wine cooler is capable of holding about 36 bottles of 750ml capacity.
  • It features a stainless steel door frame, an elegant appearance, and excellent texture.
  • Its quiet and vibration-free operation will not disturb its sediments. 
  • Matches the elegance of the home with its attractive looks.

What do we don’t like about the Antarctic Star single zone wine cooler?

  • This wine cooler is meant for freestanding applications only.

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#4. NewAir NWC023SS00 Single Zone Wine Cooler – Best Budget

NewAir NWC023SS00 Single Zone Wine Cooler
Editor Rating: 8.7/10
Temperature control8.8
Build quality8.8
Energy efficiency8.7
Value for money8.9

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This is a single zone freestanding wine cooler that is capable of storing 23 bottles at a time, and also features a stainless steel body. With this cooler in hand, it is possible to taste the perfect wine every time. Wine tastes at its best when it is stored at an ambient temperature to bring out its natural flavor. It is possible to select an ideal serving temperature and store wine for a long time. Its compressor will work perfectly fine to get the perfect tasting wine every time. 

It helps in preserving the perfect flavor and aroma of wine for many years and this wine fridge comes with a built-in fan to keep the temperature consistent. It also maintains a perfect wine flavor intact until it is ready to serve. There is a soft LED light that illuminates the interiors of the cooler and helps illuminate the collection, without emitting heat like a standard incandescent bulb.

The cooler features an insulated UV-protected glass door to prevent the sun’s UV rays from damaging the flavor of the wine. This wine cooler comes with a UV-protected double pane insulated glass door to preserve and protect the collection.

It features adjusting and versatile shelves and comes with sleek black wine racks, that are easily removable, making it easy to load bottles. It also renders convenient access to the wine collection. Its freestanding style makes it a perfect addition to any room of the home.

What do we like about the NewAir NWC023SS00 wine cooler?

  • Doesn’t require the necessary installation
  • Requires only a simple plugin for use.
  • Comes with adjusting shelves and advanced features.

What do we don’t like about the NewAir NWC023SS00 wine cooler?

  • A very loud appliance that is noisy and obnoxious.

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#5. Fovomi FW-31(upc) Single Zone Wine Cooler – Great Alternative

Fovomi FW-31(upc) Single Zone Wine Cooler
Editor Rating: 8.8/10
Temperature control8.7
Build quality8.7
Energy efficiency8.6
Value for money9.2

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This is one of the best wine cellars and a freestanding single-zone fridge with a chiller for the kitchen and home bar. The wine cooler is designed with a stylish look for display in the home bar, pantry, kitchen, and hotel. The capacity of this wine cellar is about 2.3 cubic feet and it is capable of storing up to 31 regular standard 750ml bottles. The wine cooler features a single zone thermostat and has a constant working temperature range of 5 to 20 degrees Celsius. The temperature that is maintained in this wine cellar is between 41 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

The wine cooler features an upgraded air cooling system along with a professional compressor. It is equipped with a precision compressor cooling technology, adjusting temperature controls, and integrated blue LED lights. It also features a built-in circulation fan and grape shape ventilation grill together with an automatic defrost function. The wine cooler is quiet and has very low vibration. It runs virtually silent and with no vibration. The wine sediments are not disturbed when the wine bottles are stored in this unit and it also maintains its flavor as crisp and delicious. The noise level of this wine cooler is 42 dB.

The shelves of this wine cooler are made from beech wood and prevent condensation of the wine bottles. The removable shelves of this wine cooler make the lives of people easier. The glass door and the elegant compartments of this wine cooler help in keeping the temperature of the wine cooler constant and it also protects the wine. The shell of this wine cooler is made of black metal, giving the appliance an elegant and concise visual enjoyment. The leveling legs of this wine cooler are also adjustable.

What do we like about Fovomi FW-31(upc) wine fridge?

  • The wine cooler has a smart digital control with simple operations.
  • Its temperature memory function and button lock function helps meet a lot of functions.
  • This single zone wine cooler renders 24 hours’ customer service as well.
  • We can remove the solid wooden shelves to accommodate bigger size bottles.

What do we don’t like about Fovomi FW-31(upc) wine fridge?

  • The refrigerator keeps beeping and its LED screen keeps blinking when it is functioning.

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How to Choose a Perfect Single Door Wine Cooler?

Having a great wine cooler at home can serve as an excellent addition to any home space. Buying a wine fridge can be a smart purchase and can serve as an excellent way to store wine at the right temperature. These wine coolers help in the appropriate aging of wine while maintaining its flavors intact. 

Wine coolers serve as a convenient way to store wine before serving and these are the points you should consider before choosing to buy them.

1. Budget

The first thing to consider before buying a wine fridge is to consider its budget. Having an easily accessible and roomy cooler with a lot of features and options is the best investment. But it should be well within the budget of the buyers as well. Single zone wine coolers are easily available at the cost of $100 to $200 but have the capacity to a stock limited number of wine bottles only. Choosing coolers with wooden racks, digital displays, etc., can help cut down the cost. Buyers should nail down the must-have features and the price point of the cooler before focusing on its shape and size.

2. Choosing the cooler based on space

Choose the wine cooler based on the space available at home. Wine coolers are available in different sizes and are described in terms of bottle capacity. The single zone wine coolers and fridges are generally compact and have a seamless look. Buyers can also choose between a freestanding or a built-in design depending on the space availability of the home. There are wine coolers available with modern furniture style looks for more traditional elegance.

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3. Extra features

Look for additional features such as LED lighting, digital temperature displays, and rack material before choosing to buy the wine cooler and refrigerator. There are wine coolers that are available with alarms, locks, and safety sensors to keep the wine safe and secured. Also, choose wine coolers that are capable of preserving wine at the perfect chilling temperature to preserve it for years to come.

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Wine coolers and fridges are the perfect ways to store and preserve wine until they are ready for serving. Investing in the wine cooler is the perfect way to store the wine and keep it fresh for years before tasting. Single zone wine coolers are budget-friendly investments and can easily accommodate tight spaces. We hope our guide helps you in choosing your wine cooler for your home like a pro. 

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