Best Refrigerators for Basement (June 2022)

Basement is an important part of our home where we do some important things such as storing things, using it as a workstation for repairing things for the home and even use as a playroom to play games such as snooker and table tennis with friends and families. For all those who think the basement is not simply a dump yard to dump unwanted things, this post is for you. 

If you are using your basement constructively and are spending a considerable amount of time in it every day, then it is important that you also stock your basement will all comfort essentials. A refrigerator is an important appliance for the basement as it helps you stay hydrated and quenches your thirst and hunger in the middle of important work or games. If you have a refrigerator in your basement handy, then you need not take trips to the kitchen to fetch a bottle of water or a can of beverage. So, to help you make the right choice, here we have listed the top 5 best refrigerators for basement that you can buy in 2022.

Quick Summary: Best Refrigerators For Basement

Best Overall
RCA RFR322 Mini Refrigerator, Compact Freezer Compartment,...
3.2 Cubic Feet
Editor Rating
Rating Chart
Runner Up
KUPPET Compact Refrigerator Mini Refrigerator for...
3.2 Cubic Feet
Editor Rating
Rating Chart
Editor’s Choice
KUPPET Compact Refrigerator Mini Refrigerator Small Drink...
3.2 Cubic Feet
Editor Rating
Rating Chart
Danby Designer 4.4 Cubic Feet Compact Refrigerator...
4.4 Cubic Feet
Editor Rating
Rating Chart
Best Energy Efficiency
Euhomy Mini Fridge with Freezer, 3.2 Cu.Ft Mini refrigerator...
3.2 Cubic Feet
Editor Rating
Rating Chart

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Top 5 Best Refrigerators For Your Basement

While choosing refrigerators for the basement, the size and dimensions play an important role, as we cannot dedicate a lot of space to it. Here are the top five best mini-refrigerators for your basement from the leading brands.

#1. RCA RFR322-B 3.2 Cu Ft Basement Mini Fridge – Best Overall

RCA RFR322-B 3.2 Cu Ft Single Door Mini Fridge
Editor Rating: 9/10
Controls and functionality8.8
Build quality8.6
Energy efficiency8.8
Value for money9.3

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This is a mini-fridge with a freezer that is made of a platinum and stainless steel body. This can be an ideal refrigerator for the basement as it features a stainless steel color and a sturdy body. The capacity of this fridge is about 84 liters and it has an internal space of 3.2 cu. ft. The freezer capacity is about 0.2 cu. As this refrigerator features a reversible door, it fits easily in the basement and even in tight spaces under the cabin. 

As this mini fridge with freezer follows compressor cooling, it renders ultimate cooling performance even in hot weather. As it features an adjusting thermostat and an adjustable lever foot, it helps in rendering the ultimate versatility for the users. This refrigerator and cooler combination combines contemporary style refrigeration technology and helps handle food and beverages coldly and sustainably. the sleek design of the refrigerator suits all households and blends in different decors.

Though the interior space is just 3.2 cubic feet, the small interior design ensures that every inch counts in this fridge. Two interior racks can be adjusted to accommodate foods of all sorts in the door there are shelves and beverage holders to help with additional storage options. Its adjusting thermostat helps to maintain food at an optimum temperature. The flush back design along with the invisible door handle offers this refrigerator a sleek and modern look.

What do we like about the RCA RFR322-B fridge?

  • Its reversible doors come in handy to be used in tight spaces in the basement.
  • Perfect refrigerator for a small office, kitchen, and playroom.
  • The compressor cooling fridge will keep the drinks and food at a perfect temperature
  • The slide-out shelves make it easy to clean the insides of the fridge

What do we don’t like about the RCA RFR322-B fridge?

  • The freezer is a bit warm for freezing temperatures
  • Interior space is less, cannot expect to store a lot of items.

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#2. Kuppet 3.2 Cu.Ft Compact Basement Refrigerator – Runner Up

Kuppet 3.2 Cu.Ft Compact Basement Refrigerator
Editor Rating: 9/10
Controls and functionality8.9
Build quality8.5
Energy efficiency8.9
Value for money9.4

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This is an ideal mini refrigerator for the garage, dorm, hospitals, office, basement, etc. Though it is a small refrigerator, it still has double doors with a dedicated freezer compartment. The refrigerator features a mini and space-saving design and features a fashionable appearance, no matter where it is placed. This two-door compact refrigerator features a separate fridge and freezer compartment. The fridge helps to store fruits, drinks, vegetables, and eggs. And the mini freezer is capable of storing ice creams and other cold desserts to taste.

The best feature of this refrigerator is that it operates at an extremely low noise of not less than 40 dB. It is possible to enjoy a low noise life and enjoy a quiet working environment in this mini-refrigerator. The refrigerator features precise temperature control to ensure the freshness of the food that is stored in the refrigerator. The fridge maintains a constant temperature environment to maintain the freshness of the ingredients.

Its reversible door helps in the optimal placement of the refrigerator in any location to render easy access to canned drinks. There is also a compartment to store a liter of soda or any bottled beverage in the refrigerator. This is an excellent unit to store vegetables, fruits, eggs, and drinks. This contemporary-style refrigerator features cutting-edge refrigeration technology and a sleek design to suit any household.

What do we like about the Kuppet 3.2 Cu.Ft basement refrigerator?

  • The refrigerator features an adjusting thermostat with precise temperature control 
  • The fridge features adjustable tempered glass shelves with dedicated fruit and vegetable boxes
  • The fridge is illuminated with LED lights for optimal viewing

What do we don’t like about the Kuppet 3.2 Cu.Ft basement refrigerator?

  • The fridge is quite small
  • The compressor is still noisy.

#3. Kuppet 1022002400-2600 Compact Refrigerator – Editor’s Choice

Kuppet 1022002400-2600 Compact Refrigerator
Editor Rating: 8.8/10
Controls and functionality8.7
Build quality8.5
Energy efficiency8.6
Value for money9.1

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This compact refrigerator is an excellent unit to store food and drinks in the garage, basement, dorm rooms, etc. The interior space of this refrigerator is about 3.2 Cu. Ft and it is well suited to store the beverages and a decent load of groceries within it. This is a single-door refrigerator with a built-in can dispenser and a freezer compartment. The appliance operates entirely at low noise and helps in maintaining a quiet working environment. But users can be free from noisy refrigerator operation.

The reversible door of this refrigerator ensures its stress-free placement even in tight spaces in the basement. Users love this mini fridge as there is a separate compartment for a one-liter soda bottle and other beverages. The refrigerator features an adjustable temperature control system, and its temperature can be controlled with the help of its thermostat knob. There is a removable glass shelf that can be removed to accommodate taller things. The removable glass also makes it convenient to clean the fridge.

People love this mini fridge for its contemporary style and cutting-edge refrigeration technology. Its handles are hidden and feature a sleek design to suit the needs of any household. There is also a beverage can dispenser along the door to organize canned drinks. The refrigerator is also energy efficient and is an excellent choice for the basement.

What do we like about Kuppet 1022002400-2600 refrigerator?

  • Small size refrigerator with a large storage capacity
  • There is a covered freezer compartment with included ice tray to keep drinks cool for a long time
  • Features an adjustable thermostat with energy-efficient features
  • Comes with an adjusting tempered glass shelf with reversible doors.

What do we don’t like about Kuppet 1022002400-2600 refrigerator?

  • Not ideal for garages as the temperature will be extreme.
  • It is not frost-free.

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#4. Danby Designer 4.4 Cubic Feet Compact Refrigerator – Alternative for Basement

Danby Designer 4.4 Cubic Feet Compact Refrigerator
Editor Rating: 8.7/10
Controls and functionality8.6
Build quality8.6
Energy efficiency8.5
Value for money9.1

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This is an excellent 4.4 cubic feet compact refrigerator with an energy star rating. This is an ideal fridge for the basement as it is made of an environmentally friendly design with an R600a refrigerant. The mini refrigerator also comes with an automatic defrost option. The fridge features two full widths and a one-half-width adjusting wire shelf. There is also an integrated door shelf with a tall bottle storage function. People love this for its beverage dispensing system, mechanical thermostat, and its ambient interior lighting system.

The mini refrigerator also features an integrated door handle and a reversible door hinge. With the help of this refrigerator, the need to take trips to the kitchen is eliminated. It is equipped with a Canstor beverage dispenser, a reversible door hinge, and interior lighting. Its reversible door hinge helps to adjust for both left and right-handed opening. Its wire shelves make it easy to store large items and bottles easily. The shelves can be moved up and down to accommodate the needs. It doesn’t come with a refrigerator and with its adjusting shelves, it comes in handy as a beer and soda fridge. 

What do we like about Danby Designer compact refrigerator?

  • This compact refrigerator possesses a generous storage capacity of 4.4 Cu.ft. 
  • As this refrigerator is about counter high, it efficiently supplements the refrigerator
  • As this mini fridge is energy-star rated, it helps to keep the electrical bills under check.
  • With the Cantor beverage dispenser, the drinks will stay organized and easily accessible.

What do we don’t like about Danby Designer compact refrigerator?

  • The fridge comes with wire shelving and the glass bottles do not stand upright well. 
  • There is no freezer unit.

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#5. Euhomy RF-S Mini Refrigerator – Best Energy Efficiency

Euhomy RF-S Mini Refrigerator
Editor Rating: 8.6/10
Controls and functionality8.4
Build quality8
Energy efficiency9
Value for money9

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This is a mini refrigerator with a freezer, that comes with an ambient storage space of 3.2 Cu.ft. This can be an ideal refrigerator appliance for the basement and dorm room and has two doors with a dedicated freezing unit. Apart from the basement, they can also be used in the bedroom, dorm, office, apartment, etc. As the external body of this refrigerator is made from silver, it is capable of adapting to any room décor. It offers the twin advantage of freezer and refrigerator in a single unit and both the storage spaces are designed to be used at the same time. 

The capacity of the freezer is about 0.98 Cu.ft. and it can be of much use in storing ice cream, ice cubes, and other frozen food. The capacity of the fridge zone is about 2.24 cu. ft. and this can be of use to store and preserve other food items such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and other refrigerated drinks. The refrigerator features a seven-level temperature adjustment system and its mini freezer adopts a 3D refrigeration technology, along with supporting 7 temperature settings.

Its detailed temperature settings help to adjust the temperature of the mini-fridge according to the needs of different rooms in the home. It is equipped with a powerful compressor and thus doesn’t cause too much noise while operating. The LED lights on the inside help to view the interiors even at the night. The shelves and the crisper drawer are removable and can be customized depending on the type of food that is to be stored.

What do we like about the Euhomy RF-S mini refrigerator?

  • The refrigerator is highly efficient in saving energy and requires only 0.98 kWh per day
  • The product comes with a one-year warranty
  • Operates extremely quiet with its highly efficient compressors

What do we don’t like about the Euhomy RF-S mini refrigerator?

  • The interior design could have been better

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Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Refrigerator for the Basement

Buying a refrigerator for the basement can be a little trickier than buying it for the rest of the home. The main reason is that basements are featured with awkward-looking doors, tight doorways, and messy interiors. Here are the important things that you should look for while choosing the refrigerator for the basement.

1. Purpose of the basement

The refrigerator should be chosen based on the purpose of the basement. If you will be transforming the basement into a kitchen, then you will have to fit the basement with all types of equipment such as the kitchen sink, microwave, and mini-fridge. It is important to choose the appliances wisely so that they fit the basement kitchen appropriately.

2. Dimensions of the appliances

Before shopping for the refrigerator for the basement, calculate the dimensions appropriately. One of the reasons why people return their appliances is that they don’t fit in the space. At times, renovations in the basement get delayed, because the appliances are of the wrong dimensions. It is important to measure twice to make sure that the appliance fits appropriately with one inch of airflow for bigger appliances like the fridges and the stoves.

3. Will the basement be easy to access?

Basements are generally tricky to access as they will have narrow staircases and doorways. There are all chances that the basements have odd angles and thus it is important to make sure that the appliance is easy to get shifted across the doorway and down the stairs. 

4. Refrigerator features

Make sure that the mini-refrigerator that you choose has ample compartments to store food expertly, has enhanced lighting facilities, and is capable of operating quietly and in an efficient manner.

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Refrigerators are a must for basements to handle the sweat and the heat build-up in the basement area. They are convenient to stack a huge volume of beverage cans and foodstuffs so that we need not take trips to the kitchen to fill a bottle of water. We hope our guide helps you in choosing the best refrigerator for your basement area.

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