How to Cook Chicken Wings on Gas Grill?

How to Cook Chicken Wings on Gas Grill

Grilled chicken wings are a perfect dish to spend your chilling summer cookout party. If you’re not sure about the details of the recipe and the technical stuff, you don’t have to worry any longer. Cooking chicken wings on a gas grill is not as tough as it seems. It just requires 20-25 minutes to prepare flavorsome grilled chicken wings. We need to take care of several things such as the right temperature, flipping time, seasoning time, etc. So we’re going to follow some nice and easy steps which will serve you some juicy, crispy, and flavored chicken wings. Lastly, we’re going to reveal a couple of not-so-common tips to make your meal even tastier. (Check out: Best Gas Grills 2022)

Before directly jumping on to the cooking part, let’s clear a bunch of different things that matter to make some delicious chicken wings. 

Ingredients and Tools Required

A gas grill, a pair of tongs, paper towels, a weber thermometer, Fire salt, seasoning as per your preference, hot sauce as per your preference, olive oil, a bowl, and other things as per requirement.


Clean all the residue material from the previous cook, and make sure there is no grease or fat residue. You may use a brush to clean the grill. This is the first and foremost job to do as ignoring this part may ruin the entire flavor of your meal. After cleaning the grill, apply some oil on the grates. No matter what you cook, it is always recommended to repeat this procedure before cooking.

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If the pieces are cold, leave them at room temperature first, let the moisture come outside, let them warm up a little bit. Dry out the chicken wings completely with a paper towel; do not leave any moisture behind because this will make the wings crispy, do this only after the temperature of the wings rise to room temperature. You may also use baking powder or some salt to remove moisture from the meat; just apply it before adding the seasoning to the wings. This will remove all the moisture from the wings. Only then you are ready to put them on the grill.

How to Cook Chicken Wings on Gas Grill

1. The very first step involves coating the wings with olive oil from all sides. For this, put the wings into a bowl, pour the oil and toss them back and forth. The oil coating will let the seasoning mix properly with the meat and will also prevent the seasoning and meat from sticking to the grates.

2. Mix your seasoning and fire salt, then put the mixture into the bowl containing the wings and stir them. Don’t put all of the mixtures at the same time. Put some mixture first, stir the wings nicely, and then repeat the same process until the seasoning mixture finishes. Doing this will apply seasoning throughout the wing.

3. Pre-heat the gas grill to about 450-500° F before putting the wings on the grill. Directly putting the wings on the grill as soon as you start the burner is not advisable by professionals because pre-heating leaves those attractive grill marks and doesn’t let the food stick to the grates.

4. Place wings on the grill. Don’t forget to keep some distance between every piece; this will make the wings cook from all sides. The heat will have some space to pass and reach the upper side of the wing.

5. Flip the pieces with the help of a pair of tongs every five minutes and alter the places if you think there is no equal distribution of heat across the grill. Do this for 4-5 times which means, for about 20-25 minutes. This is an approximate estimation so you can make changes according to the texture of the wings.

6. To check if the wings are ready to be removed from the grill, check the temperature of a piece by piercing the thermometer inside the meat. If it shows any less than 165° F, you need to wait some more time. You can also do a texture test by checking out the bones. If the bones show no red marks and the juices run through, your food is ready.

7. Hang on, add on more seasoning after you remove the pieces from the grill, and add any sauce according to your preference. Now some people mix the sauce directly by dipping the entire piece into the sauce and some people don’t. Do what works for you!

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Gas Grill Safety Tips

Going through some safety measures while enjoying cooking on a gas grill is a very Integral task to do. To avoid any kind of an unwanted mess, here are some of the basic do’s and dont’s to follow


  • Clean the grates as mentioned earlier because if not done, the grease may catch fire.
  • Check for any pipe leakages.
  • Check if you turned off the gas properly.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher ready.
  • Always do the grilling outdoors. 


  • Do not keep flammable articles made of wood, paper, etc. near the gas.
  • Do not ignite the gas while the lead is closed.
  • Do not lean over the grill while setting the burner on fire.
  • Do not overload your grill with food.

Additional Tips

It’s time to reveal the not-so-common tips for a perfect barbecue grilled chicken wings.

• Before removing the wings from the grill, put them on the back rack for 2 minutes. The benefit of doing so is that the flames don’t reach the wings directly so the wings burn only at an ambient temperature which forms a nice crust on top of the wings.

• Add seasoning in the middle of the cooking, this will give you an extra layer of flavor. Not just the flavor but it gives an alluring color to the wings. Try out this recipe the next time you plan to make grilled chicken wings. 

While following some tips, you can easily cook delicious chicken wings on a gas grill, without any extra hard work and enjoy the night, with your entire family and friends.

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