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Welcome to HomeyCart’s contact page. We have created this page for our reader’s help, so please do not send irrelevant queries.

Why You Should Contact HomeyCart Team?

  • For any help regarding any product (ice maker, freezer, or refrigerator).
  • For addition or removal of any product from our buying guides & best lists.
  • In case of any copyright issues (contact us with the right details as we respect everyone’s copyright and have no intention to violate any laws).
  • Questions regarding how we select the best products (although we recommend asking these questions via comments).

    Important:- We do not share your information with anyone.

    Note: We reply within 2 days time to all the queries, but it might take time as we get a lot of queries each day, so response time will differ. So, Make sure you include all the details in your query to get the right answer in the minimum possible time.

    Copyright issues: If you are contacting us for copyright issues, you should include the link of our page (where you feel copyright image/text is being used) and the original source with other relevant information, so that we can process the issue as early as possible.

    You can also contact us social media for early response:

    If you feel we missed a quality product in our lists under “Ice Maker By Price“, “Ice Maker By Use“, “Ice Maker By Type“, “Ice Maker By Brand“, “Freezers & Refrigerators” categories, then you can tell us why that particular appliance is good to be added in our any of our lists and you can also provide us the link to the product so we can further research and test that appliance & see if it has the quality to feature in our buying guides.