Which Upright Freezers are Best For Home?

Many of us feel that the freezer compartment in our refrigerators is always not sufficient to meet our needs. Most of the time, it becomes impossible to find enough space in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator and it is always seen as a viable solution to find a freestanding upright freezer to store frozen foods. 

These upright freezers can be of great help for nursing mothers, to store their breast milk, when they go to work and can be used in offices and bars to serve the needs for chilled drinks. They can also be of great help for students in dorm rooms and for bachelors to meet their immediate food needs.

The applications of the upright freezers are endless, but choosing the best freezer is tricky. We have done our research in bringing out the top 5 best home upright freezers for you from the top brands to help support your purchase.

Features You Have to Look For in the Home Upright Freezers

The freezers are equipped with several features such as small and consistent design, elegant look, expert cooling function with adjustable thermostat functions, optimum storage functions, etc. Though these functions are common with most upright freezers for home. There are still a lot of additional features to look for.

1. Zone freezing option

This is a high-end feature that is available only with top-notch freezers. This functionality allows the different sections of the freezer to cool at different temperatures. This can be of use if we had to store different food items requiring different freezing temperatures.

2. Doors with locks

Most upright freezers are good enough to accommodate a child and to ensure their safety, it is important to have a freezer with a locking option for the home. This also will prevent kids from opening the freezer and leaving the door open resulting in spoilage of food.

3. Converting and adjustable shelves

The type of food that is kept in the freezer can vary in size, and if the freezer has adjustable and removable shelves it will be easy to accommodate different food items.

4. Self-defrosting models

Self-defrosting freezers will carry out the defrosting options on their own and will thus be easy to maintain the freezer optimally, but they use more energy. You can learn more about this in this comparison on the spruce.

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What Are The Best Home Upright Freezers?

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Best Upright Freezers for Home

#1. Whynter CUF 110B Energy Star Upright Freezer – Best Overall

Whynter CUF-110B Energy Star Upright Freezer
Editor Rating: 9.3/10
Energy efficiency8.9
Controls and functionality9.3
Build quality9.2
Value for money9.7

This is an excellent upright freezer that has a total freezing space of 1.1 Cu.ft. The freezer is available in elegant black color and this unit is energy star rated. It is worth noting here that it is highly energy-efficient and makes use of less power than a light bulb. The appliance operates at an extremely low noise level and is great for storing ice cream and other frozen food at the desired temperature. New mothers can also use this appliance to store breast milk when they are out for work.

The appliance enjoys a freestanding design and for installation, it should have ample clearance space around it. The appliance comes with a sleek black reversible swing door and a recessed handle that helps with a flush finish with the door. The freezer has a cylindrical lock with two keys to help with additional security. This appliance achieves an optimal mechanical temperature control of -10 to 2 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This upright freezer features a powerful R600a compressor cooling system with a removable flat slide-out wire shelf. There is also a manual defrost function available and this appliance operates at an optimal noise level of <42 decibels. This upright freezer is great for small spaces where cold storage is required. They can be of great use in the kitchen, offices, garages, and basements. Being a space-saving compact upright freezer, it is designed with a flush back and thus it can fit cleanly near any wall. 

What do we like about Whynter CUF 110B upright freezer?

  • Energy star rated appliance that helps in cutting down the energy costs with efficient freezing solutions.
  • Freestanding appliance with easy installation
  • The recessed handle helps in a flush finish with the door
  • Features a removable flat slide out wire shelf.

What do we don’t like about Whynter CUF 110B upright freezer?

  • Frosts easily and constantly.

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#2. Euhomy MF-1.1-H Small Home Freezer – Runner Up

Euhomy MF-1.1-H Small Home Freezer
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Energy efficiency8.8
Controls and functionality8.9
Build quality9.1
Value for money9.4

This is an excellent freezer countertop that has a total space of 1.1 cubic feet. This is a single-door compact upright freezer that features a reversible door with removable shelves. Being a small and compact upright freezer, it is great for homes, dorms and apartments, and office spaces. The Euhomy mini freezer makes use of 3D refrigeration technology and rapid cooling technology that is good for keeping the food fresh for a long time. The internal capacity of this refrigerator is 1.1 cu. ft. and its multilayer structure help to have different variations in food storage. 

This mini freezer holds ample storage to stock fruits, vegetables, seafood, ice creams, and other frozen food. It serves as an excellent appliance that helps people to enjoy clean, fresh, and odorless food at all times. People can use this refrigerator very easily and people do not require any additional installation and it is absolutely easy to use as well. The streamlined shape design of this refrigerator makes it easy for us to move the freezer to any location within the home. This freezer features a space-saving design and appeals to a small group of one or two participants.

The freezer features a seven-level thermostat system and to free up more storage space inside the freezer, this thermostat is present at the back of the freezer. With the help of this thermostat control system, it is possible to dial up the temperature range from -7.6 to 6.8 degrees Fahrenheit. This upright freezer features a powerful compressor, that not only helps keep the freezer working efficiently but also helps save electricity and save utility bills.

What do we like about Euhomy small home freezer?

  • A reversible door helps to change the direction of the door
  • The adjustable feet help keep the machine free from moisture on the ground
  • The shelves are of adjusting type to accommodate food packs of different sizes
  • Built-in the handle enables the cooker to stay simple and beautiful.

What do we don’t like about Euhomy small home freezer?

  • The appliance has to be kept upright for 24 hours before using it.

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#3. Midea MRU01M3ABB 1.1 Cu.ft Freezer – Editor’s Choice

Midea MRU01M3ABB 1.1 Cu.ft Freezer
Editor Rating: 9/10
Energy efficiency8.8
Controls and functionality8.9
Build quality8.8
Value for money9.4

This is an excellent mini upright freezer that features an internal capacity of 1.1 Cu.ft. The best feature of this upright freezer is its reversible hinged door that allows both the left side and right side to open. Thus, you can accommodate this freezer at any spot in your home and place it even under the kitchen cabinet. The internal capacity of this refrigerator is about 1.1 Cu.ft and the weight of this appliance is around 30.6 lbs. The appliance features a temperature rating of -11.2 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit and operates at a voltage of 120 Volts.

The appliance features a removable wire shelf that allows the user to fit in larger items in the freezer, after removing the freezer. As this mini freezer unit comprises energy star certification, it helps conserve a lot of energy, and also it operates at an extremely low sound level of 33.4 dB. It also has a very low energy consumption, helping with your utility bills. The freezer features an adjustable thermostat that allows the users to keep frozen and cold items at an optimum temperature. 

The front adjusting legs of this freezer help in adjusting the freezer to varying heights. This is a highly versatile freezer with a slide-out bottom shelf. The other shelves of the refrigerator are also removable to accommodate cans and beverage bottles of different sizes. As the refrigerator has passed the energy start certification it runs efficiently and doesn’t affect the utility bills much. The appliance also runs very quietly at a sound level of 33.4 dB. The thermostat of the refrigerator is adjustable and helps in preserving foods at an optimal temperature.

What do we like about the Midea MRU01 M3ABB freezer?

  • The adjustable legs of the refrigerator help in optimal leveling of the appliance
  • Elegant and compact single-door freezer for basement, student dorm, and office 
  • Its reversible door enhances its application to many folds.

What do we don’t like about the Midea MRU01 M3ABB freezer?

  • Not ideal to maintain the frozen state of items.

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#4. Homelabs HME030361N Mini Upright Freezer – Great for Apartments

Homelabs HME030361N Mini Upright Freezer
Editor Rating: 8.9/10
Energy efficiency8.8
Controls and functionality8.6
Build quality8.9
Value for money9.2

This is an excellent upright freezer from the legendary Homelabs brand. This compact mini freezer comprises a reversible single door and a child lock system. Its shelves are also removable to accommodate different types of food items and it finds extensive functionality in office rooms, apartments, and dorms. Being a space-saving compact freezer that measures 1.1 cu. ft. to keep the food items at an optimal temperature while utilizing less space in the college dorm room, apartments, garage, and office room. This is a perfect refrigerator to preserve ready-to-eat meals and satisfying the craving.

The refrigerator features mechanical temperature control, that can be achieved with the help of a thermostat knob. Being a manual defrost freezing machine, it can be adjusted to seven different temperature settings ranging from -20 to -14 Celsius. This freezer is ideal for keeping snacks, ice creams, ice cubes, drinks, and even breast milk for working mothers. The freezer has a reversible stainless steel door with a top hinge cover. Users can feel free to select between left and right swing openings according to their requirements.

This mini freezer comes with a sturdy and removable slide-out wire shelf that can be removed and altered for clutter-free storage and food organization. The freezer has been built with low noise technology and also helps with excellent energy efficiency. This 115V single-door freezer cools down efficiently as it makes use of the R600a low energy-consuming compressor. It is energy-efficient and makes use of only 240 kWh per year or its equivalent. It also has an operating sound of 42 decibels, which is pretty quiet.

What do we like about Homelabs HME030361N upright freezer?

  • The doors of the refrigerator are easy to reverse and help save room space.
  • There is a door lock with keys to store medicines and other stuff away from children
  • Has adjustable front legs to help support its placement even on uneven surfaces.

What do we don’t like about Homelabs HME030361N upright freezer?

  • The appliance is noisy.

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#5. Northair BD-40-BLACK-1 Mini Upright Freezer – Experts Choice for Home

Northair BD-40-BLACK-1 Mini Upright Freezer
Editor Rating: 8.9/10
Energy efficiency8.6
Controls and functionality8.8
Build quality8.7
Value for money9.3

This is an excellent upright freezer that features a removable shelf and a reversible door. Unlike other mini upright fridges, it works with whisper-quiet loudness and also features a modern design with optimal storage of 1.1 cubic feet. This freezer is very compact and suits modern homes, offices, and dorm rooms. The freezer is also very light and can be moved efficiently. By adjusting the thermostat of the freezer that is located on the exteriors, it is possible to change the temperature efficiently. 

It is possible to set a temperature range between -7.6 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps in customizing the freezer according to the food that is been stored. The energy consumption of this refrigerator is about 240 kWh, thus these are environmentally friendly and helps users to save on their utility bills as well. With its reversible door handle, it is possible to customize the upright freezer to suit the arrangements and the requirements of the home. The freestanding freezer appliance can be efficiently tucked under the kitchen, garage, office spaces, etc.

Its sleek black coated front surface helps in adding elegance and protection to the kitchen and garage. Its minimalistic design complements all modern homes, and this refrigerator is compact to fit in small homes, while still stocking a good amount of food. The appliance has been carefully engineered to enhance the user experience.

What do we like about Northair BD-40-BLACK-1 upright freezer?

  • The temperature of the appliance can be adjusted with the help of its temperature dial
  • Enjoy the sound of silence with this ultra-quiet freezer
  • Adjusting the thermostat helps to switch between seven temperature zones.

What do we don’t like about Northair BD-40-BLACK-1 upright freezer?

  • Slightly Noisy.

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Final Words

Upright freezers can be a great addition to the kitchen and in areas that require additional freezer space. They enhance our ability to store food at sub-zero storage. One of the major advantages of these freezers is that they get frozen food readily accessible in the kitchen. They are also known to enhance kitchen aesthetics and are a must for all modern kitchens. So, make sure you buy one of the best home upright freezers and for some deals, we suggest you check some deals on theblackfridaycoupons.

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