How to Cook Steak on Gas Grill?

How to Cook Steak on Gas Grill
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Planning to cook steak?? Any cooking master would know the fact that the most delicious steak could only be cooked with the help of a gas grill. Gas grills are amazing not only because, you can easily control the complete heat and temperature, and you can easily clean them, but they are great because you can easily capture the smoky flavor offered by these gas grills when you are cooking meat inside of your house. 

For cooking delicious mouth-watering steaks, it is very important for a cook to owe all the required tools, maintain the right temperature, and control the timings for the cooking, to avoid over-burned and charred steaks. Let’s check out a few tips and tricks to cook some very juicy and yummy steaks for the amazing weather and empty stomach. 


Gas Grill, Steak (as per the requirement), High heating oil which should be used for grilling, Kosher salt (or any salt as per the needs), black pepper, heat resistant tongs, chef’s knife, pastry brush, digital probe thermometer, and other stuff, as per the requirement.

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If cooking a 1-inch steak, then the best time to cook a well-cooked delicious steak is around 16 to 20 minutes. If you don’t want a well-cooked steak and want it to be done on a medium level, then it could be 12-14 minutes for an inch of steak.

In rare cases, when the steak cooked should be rarely cooked, then you can cook it for 8-10 minutes and then take it off. This way steak will be cooked and doesn’t take much time. 


Make sure that if you are choosing bone-in streaks, then you might need some extra time since they take more than a long time to cook. The good cuts for streak include rib-eye, hanger steak, flank steak, strip, and tenderloin cuts, as they make the steaks look more beautiful and cook off very well. 

These cuts make the grills even juicier and more tender. They are one of the most suitable cuts for grilling steaks. 


1. Make sure the steaks or the meat must be at room temperature before starting grilling the meat. It could be kept from a minimum of 25 minutes to a maximum of 45 minutes, at room temperature still for some time. 

2. Instead of oiling the grill directly, it is recommended to brush the oil or butter, directly into the meat to make it cook in a far better way. 

 3. Make sure to season the grill before starting as this will help the steak to keep up with its natural juice. Before seasoning the grills, make sure you clean the grates and oiled them completely before putting the steaks on them. 

Anyway, you can clean and oil the grates you can rub the fat-trimmed tongs from your steaks onto the hot grates and make it worth it. 

4. Once the preheating of the grills is done, place the steaks on the grills and set up a two-zone set. A two-zone setup is needed as this way, if the steaks are close to being completely cooked, one can easily move them either to the cold side or to the heated side of the grill. 

Temperatures to Remember

130° F = Medium rare

140° F = Medium

160° F = Well done

5. Make sure that the steaks will be removed from the grill, to avoid it from carrying overcooking. This way the heat will be there, though the exhaust will be off. 

6. Usually one can know how much goofy the steak became, by pressing the meats with the tongs. Rarer steaks are usually softer than the ones which are well done. Just make sure, not to turn the meat again and again or often. It is very hard to maintain a single steady temperature and thus, lifting the lid, again and again, will cool off your grill. 

The best rule to follow is to remove the steaks from the grill, about 5 degrees below the temperatures where you wish them to settle finally.

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It is very crucial to follow the gas grill safety rules while cooking. Because, if not done well, then this could be hazardous. Before eve, make sure to check the tubes and tanks for all the damages and wearers, so that in case of extreme weather conditions, they should be working fine and do not cause any issue.

Always make sure to clean the grill properly before every use to avoid contamination and increase efficiency. 


If you are planning to cook your steak in a shorter period, then grill the steak on high heat. Higher the heat, the tender the steak. But make sure you are not burning the steak while grilling it. Also, make sure the steak won’t get cold as cold steaks will contract more on the grill due to which the juices will come out easily and can result in fewer flavors. 

In the end, make sure to check the type of steak one has and the doneness level one needs. 

Buying a thermometer that can be used to monitor the internal temperature of the steak could be a good investment so that whenever you need a well-grilled steak, you can prepare it and rock the party. 

Applying salt and pepper at the beginning of the steak could be a great option. The grilling of the steak is a great option if you follow the right path. Also, before starting make sure you must have answers to the questions like what is the exact temperature of the meat, or the size and thickness of it, or even how much heat your grill will lose, during the flips. ‘This way you can grill a perfect steak and have a fun night with friends and family.

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