Wine Cooler Maintenance Tips: Keep Your Wine Cooler Running Smoothly

The wine cooler is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the home of wine lovers, as it helps them to preserve their wonderful collection eminently and for many long years. But no matter, if you have just unpacked your brand new wine cooler or have been using an appliance for many years, the ultimate goal should be to keep the wine cooler running smoothly for a long time. 

Though the wine coolers are the appliance that requires low maintenance, it is important to maintain them appropriately, to boost the efficiency and longevity of the unit for a long time. The first step in maintaining the wine cooler efficiently is to clean it appropriately so that you and your wine refrigerator have a long and happy life together.

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Wine Cooler Maintenance Tips
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Cleaning the Wine Cooler

When it comes to wine cooler maintenance, cleaning the appliance regularly frames an important annotation. A major portion of the maintenance of wine coolers pertains to cleaning them as frequently as possible. Cleaning it frequently renders an excellent opportunity to handle moisture and frost built-ups.

While cleaning the wine cooler, make sure to unplug the cooler, and remove all the bottles and the shelves before initiating the cleaning process. Make sure that while you clean the freezer, transfer the wine bottles to a dark and clean place, to preserve them expertly. Make use of only a soft and clean cloth to wipe the interiors of the cleaner and plug it back into the main supply. After the wine coolers come back to the normal temperature start putting back the shelves and the bottles back in the cooler. Doing this once every six months will leave a clean wine cooler that keeps itself away from potential problems.

Wine Cooler Maintenance Tips – Ways to Keep it Running Smoothly

Owning a personal wine cooler is a dream come true for many wine lovers. But along with the temptation that you hold, the appliance also comes with a demand for maintenance. Here are some important tips to ensure that the wine cooler runs smoothly. 

1. Install the appliance appropriately

The wine cooler should be installed appropriately by following the instruction manual. After unboxing the appliance, it is important to keep the appliance upright for about 24 hours to make sure that all the components inside the unit settle after the chaotic shipping to the home. Make sure to level the wine fridge preferably with the help of its leveling legs or the carpenter’s level, which are available in almost all hardware shops. After the initial rest period and the leveling, plug the appliance into a three-hole outlet to minimize the risks of any electrical hazard.

2. Protect the appliance from sunlight and other direct light

Make sure that the appliance is kept protected from direct sunlight. Do not keep the appliance close to the windows and other heat and light sources. As wine is very sensitive to heat and UV rays, it could damage the wine bottles, and make sure that the temperature at which you place the wine fridge is an ideal temperature range of 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not keep the appliance in the area of the home that receives a lot of direct sunlight, especially if the appliance has a glass door. If the intended place receives some amount of sunlight, purchase an appliance with a tinted or a dual-pane glass door. This will help to protect the wine bottles from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Also do not place the appliance next to appliances that emit heat such as a washer, oven, dryer, and dishwasher.

3. Ensure enough ventilation around the wine cooler

Make sure to place the wine cooler in a place that is well ventilated. The placement options will depend on whether or not the wine cooler has a front ventilation system. If the unit has a front ventilation system, this unit can be kept under the counter or built inside the kitchen cabinets. If the appliance doesn’t have a front ventilation system, then it should not be kept in any confined place. Place the wine cooler anywhere, but not in a tight space. Leave at least two to four inches of space on each side of the appliance to help it with ambient ventilation.

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4. Do not overload the appliance

It is important not to overload the wine refrigerator and load the wine bottles just as prescribed by the manufacturer. Most of the wine coolers are capable of accommodating 750 ml wine bottles and for other rare wine varieties, the bottle capacity in the wine cooler will be prescribed by the manufacturer. People who wish to buy a wine cooler should buy a unit with a larger capacity than they require. It is not a good practice to force the wine collection into a very small wine cooler.

When the wine cooler is stuffed at a perfect capacity, this will make sure that the bottle is cooled properly and also gets it ready to serve. When the wine cooler capacity is exceeded, it is common to run the risk of hot spots in the appliance and it can also result in getting the wine bad. Overloading the appliance can easily result in a lot of operational issues as well.

5. Filtration system

Most wine coolers have a carbon filtration system that is been integrated into their interiors. This acts as a natural barrier against the odor that can easily permeate the cork and mix with the wine. Make sure that these filters are changed every three to six months to prevent their clogging. If you are investing in a wine cooler with a carbon filtration system, then it is optimal to purchase replacement parts beforehand. 

Few Common Issues with Wine Coolers and Troubleshooting Them

Identifying common issues with the wine cooler and trying to troubleshoot and solve them is an inherent part of wine cooler maintenance. This will also help in the smooth running of the appliance for many years to come. Some of the common issues with the wine coolers are leaking water, formation of molds, and problems with the fan of the appliance.

Leaking water around the cooler denotes condensation and can happen if the appliance door is left open for a long time and when it switches off accidentally. Mold in the appliance grows in dark and cool conditions and this can be best cleansed off by making use of baking soda mixed with water.

Also, if the fans in the wine cooler stopped working, then the temperature in the wine cooler can go up pretty well. It is important to clean the fan occasionally and look for signs of obstruction, and buildup of debris and dust. If the problem persists, then the best thing to do is to go for the replacement of the fan. 

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Bottom Line

If you dream about tasting the best wine that has been chilled at a perfect temperature, then it is pertinent to maintain the wine cooler appropriately. To ensure that the appliance runs smoothly, make sure to clean the appliance frequently and locate and install it as prescribed. Learn the basic troubleshooting tips and tricks and your journey to taste the best chilling wine starts there.

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