Benefits of Luxury Wine Coolers

Luxury Wine Cooler
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There are several advantages of having a high-end wine cooler at home, and the first one is, eliminating the need to visit the store every time for a bottle of wine. Wine caves or wine fridges help to chill the wine to a perfect serving temperature. They can be of great use for wine lovers and those who party at home often. The wine coolers are available in different sizes, ranging from mini-fridge to regular-sized refrigerators. 

The wine fridge is however capable of holding the wine both for a short period and at times for an entire year as well. They keep the humidity low, less than 50 percent, and help to store the wine bottles in their best condition.

If the wine bottles are stored outdoors, or in a regular refrigerator the low humidity in these appliances could dry out the corks and over time could also shrink them. This allows the oxygen to enter the bottle and could damage the quality of the wine. While storing the wine in the refrigerator, this humidity factor is taken due care of. It will also be possible to monitor the humidity and temperature in a wine fridge, with the help of a special gauge inside the fridge. In the wine cooler, it is possible to maintain a temperature between 45 to 65 degrees to store different types of wine efficiently. 

Cutting Edge Technology in luxury wine coolers

The luxury wine coolers are equipped with expert technology that helps to store and display the wine bottles, without compromising on quality. While shopping for a luxury wine cooler, it is important to know what to look for, and why these wine coolers will make a difference. 

  • Temperature ranges: Most luxury wine coolers come with dual zones and the temperature of both left and the right cooling zones of the will be between 40 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it helps users to store different types of wine bottles at precise temperature settings.
  • Power efficiency: Luxury Wine coolers come with highly-efficient compressors which consume up to 50% less power as compared to normal fridges and internal circulation fans which distribute the cold air evenly, and eliminates the chances of all hot spots in the wine cooler.
  • Cost Effective: Luxury wine coolers can be cost effective in the long run, by keeping your wine investment safe, although this more benefits restaurants and bars who keep wine stored for long before serving it their customers. They can buy large stocks and store it in for years reducing the initial investment as well as damaged wine cost.
  • They render exceptional insulation: Most luxury wine fridges has double paned glass designed perfectly to protect the wine bottles from damaging UV rays. They offer the right amount of light as it is necessary for wine”s taste and stop the natural UV light from the sun that could damage the wine, although it is anyways advised to keep your wine cooler in dark.
  • It illuminates the wine collection: Luxury wine coolers come with advanced LED lighting that alternate between blue and white lights to provide a well-customized appearance and to help wine lovers keep an eye on the interiors of the fridge.
  • Locks: Most luxury wine coolers have factory-installed locks which help you keep the contents of the wine cooler safe and out of reach of children.
  • Carbon filters: Almost all the luxury wine coolers come with carbon filters to prevent all unwanted odors and debris from affecting the wine. 

Benefits of using luxury wine coolers

The ideal way to ensure that the wine is always at the ideal temperature is to make use of a luxury wine cooler. Some of the important benefits of investing in a luxury wine cooler are as follows.

a. Short-term wine storage

As we have already discussed the features, a luxury wine cooler is perfect for all those people who consume wine within 1 to 3 years of purchase. The luxury wine coolers are perfect for short term storage and can store up to 300 bottles, depending on their capacity, and thus equip people to be prepared at all times for their party. Even if you like to store wine for more than 5 years, the luxury coolers are perfectly equipped.

b. Store a variety of wine bottles together

Luxury wine fridges come with dual zones to help wine lovers store both red and white wines together. With this, different type of wine can be stored at optimal temperatures which ranges from 40-65°F.

c. Aesthetically pleasing

Whether the wine cooler is a freestanding unit or an integrated unit on the kitchen counter, it has to be visually pleasing and aesthetically appealing. They come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate all installation types and styles. They also have exceptional exteriors with stainless steel doors and interior lighting to enhance their appearance.

Bottom Line

A regular fridge is not appropriate to store the wine bottles in appropriate condition as we open and close the fridge often. Such constant temperature fluctuations could be harmful to the wine bottles. A regular fridge is meant to keep perishables in optimal condition and this temperature could be very harsh for fragile wine bottles. Thus it is appropriate to store the wine bottles appropriately in luxury wine coolers meant for the purpose. You should know the desired storage capacity of the wine cooler, the personal design, and the style to help determine the best luxury wine cooler that suits your taste. 

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