Top 10 Places to Put a Wine Cooler

If you are a die-hard fan of wine and if you wish to stock the best wine collections at your home, you probably would have invested in a wine cooler by this time. A wine cooler is an efficient appliance, that helps to keep the wine safe and at the right temperature. You could have bought a single zone or a double zone wine cooler, depending on the type of wine you wish to stock, and would have chosen the size depending on the number of bottles you wish to store. Now the question is, where would you like to install this new appliance in your home?

Places to Put a Wine Cooler

Best places to keep the wine cooler at home

Purchasing a wine cooler is a tedious task, as it involves a lot of research. What is more difficult than purchasing the wine cooler, is finding a suitable space to place the wine cooler. Several factors could impact the installation of the wine cooler, such as maintaining the optimum temperature, direct rays of the sun, the position of the wine cooler, humidity conditions, etc.

There are several places in the home, where we can place the freestanding and brand-new wine cooler effectively so that we expand its options for display and storage efficiently. Some best places at home to place the wine cooler are as follows.

1. Kitchen

The Kitchen is probably the best place to keep the wine cooler at home. This also makes sense, as the wine bottles will be within convenient reach to the user and the guests. A well-stocked wine cooler serves as an exceptional complement to the kitchen. This makes cooking and service easy and efficient. It is however important to take care of the clearance and space. The wine cooler should also be kept away from heat-generating appliances such as ovens and dishwashers. 

2. Dining area

If you are someone who loves to taste the meal along with wine, then you can consider keeping the wine cooler in the dining room. In this way, the guests can grab a bottle of wine when required, without having to leave the meal in between. If you are someone organizing large dinner parties, then it becomes easy for you to retrieve more wine bottles, to serve the guests.

3. Home bar

This is perhaps one of the best places to store the wine and to keep the wine cool until consumption. Avid entertainers, wine lovers, and those who organize parties often should think of placing a wine cooler in the home bar. They can decorate the home bar with wine bottles displayed in some classy glassware. The home bar will be an exceptional centerpiece for entertaining. It helps chill the wine collections perfectly and the wine will be ready to serve to the guests with no hassles involved. 

4. Living room

After the kitchen and the dining area, the living room is the next best and most popular location to place the built-in wine coolers. The living room is the place where the homeowners will entertain and relax, and thus having the wine close at hand is the most convenient thing to do. If you have a home bar in your living room, then it is the perfect location to keep the built-in wine cooler. Even if you don’t have a bar in the living room, you can install one along the wall, with access to the power outlet. If you cannot install a full-fledged bar, you can simply have a countertop wine cooler and some shelves mounted on the wall to fit in the wine glasses.

5. Basement

Basements are also great places for keeping the built-in wine coolers, especially large wine coolers. Basements do not have many temperature fluctuations and thus have less operational stress on the unit. The only inconvenience with the basement is that you have to travel up and down the stairs to get the wine, which could be a hassle, especially when you are entertaining. Some people also have two wine coolers, they will keep a larger one in the basement and keep the smaller ones in the living room.

6. Store the wine cooler under the stairs

The space under the wine cooler is often underutilized and thus it is the best place to keep the wine coolers. The space can be exceptionally useful if you have a no-wall staircase. As the space is already open, we can place the wine cooler conveniently beneath the stairs. But the height of the staircase should be enough to accommodate a wine cooler of any size. It should be made sure that there is enough ventilation under the stairs, and also make sure that the small space permits the cooler door to open fully. 

7. Countertop

Wine coolers can be placed as freestanding countertop units to maximize the space on the floor. Users can chill a few select wine bottles, and place them on the small wine cooler on the counter. 

8. Porch

If you are living in an area that doesn’t have extreme weather, and your place doesn’t receive enough sunlight, then you can conveniently keep the wine bottles on the porch. Wine lovers love sipping wine while sitting on their porch.

9. Café or restaurant

A wine cooler is a great way to impress the wine crowd in a café or restaurant. It is also the best way to store the wine bottles in a humidity and temperature-controlled environment.

10. Garage

Keeping the wine cooler in the garage helps to sip wine in the middle of the tiring work, without having to get inside the home unnecessarily. The wine coolers are best equipped to work in the garage than others. The lack of natural sunlight in the garage is a plus for wine coolers.

Bottom Line

Hope you now get an idea of where to put your wine cooler but make sure you are placing it next to the power point, and at places with enough ventilation. Freestanding wine coolers can be placed practically anywhere, whereas built-in wine coolers desire enough ventilation and clearance.

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