Wine Cooler Security: How to Keep Kids Out

Wine lovers owing wine coolers without a security system are at stake. Hence kids may end up breaking the costly wine bottles. Little kids running around have easy access to wine coolers as the coolers are minimal in size and easy to access. In that manner, thinking of smart ways and installing security-rich wine coolers helps wine lovers stay calm. You have nothing to lose with a secured wine cooler for storing costly wines. However, kids play unpredictable games; hence it’s better to safeguard than cry over spilled milk. Peek into a few wine cooler security ideas for keeping kids out of touch and maintaining safe wine. 

Wine Cooler Security

Wine Cooler Security: How to Keep Kids Out

1. Lockable wine fridge

When you own a Romanee Conti or screaming Eagle, then looking for wine coolers with security features is mandatory to avert children accessing it. In that way, today’s innovative wine fridges come with locks and keys for better security from kids. Ample brands offer a better protection mechanism and good wine display glass doors for a sophisticated look. Adopting the usage of a lockable wine fridge averts kids troubling the wine cooler. 

2. Individual bottle locks 

Wine enthusiasts who think lock and key seem inappropriate for securing can choose individual bottle locks. The intelligent individual locks for bottles alone are locks that perfectly fit the neck of the bottle. Such wise security averts others from opening the bottle for a drink. The combination lock and lock and key are two ways of employing the individual bottle lock. 

  • Lock and key 

The lock and key option come with a small lock that perfectly sits at the neck of the bottle and a key for opening and closing the bottle. The lock and key option is an added security feature when the cooler security fails. Kids have no opportunity to fiddle with the wine bottles that are strongly secured. So, following such an idea helps secure costly wine bottles. 

  • Combination lock 

The combination lock is yet another intelligent security system for safeguarding wine bottles. The owner develops a combination set with a three or four-dial combination lock that fits at the bottle’s lip. The combination lock prevents access to other users. Henceforth, costly wines are saved efficiently with such technology. 

3. Placement of wine cooler

Though you follow multiple security levels the only aspect that agonizes you about guests and children is the location of the wine cooler. Children effortlessly fetch the stockpile of wine when placed at an accessible location. Deciding the appropriate location for a wine cooler is another great alternative to away from children. Positioning the wine cooler in a separate room, bottom cabinet, or places where children access less is a great way to safeguard costly wines. An additional lockable door between the kids and wine area is an added security for wines. Such thoughts offer better safety conditions for costly wines. 

4. Childproofing temperature panel

Little children are fond of control panels, and the control panel in wine coolers grabs their attention. They use their ten little fingers and press all the digits in the control panel. A good piece of advice is to purchase a wine cooler with a temperature panel inside. If the control panel resides outside the wine coolers, childproofing is the primary option to secure the wine bottles from children. Besides kids, guests and intruders also fail to access the costly wines.

5. Keeping wine cooler chords safe

Electrical cords are the first and foremost feature that fascinates kids, and their only chore is unplugging. Henceforth, safeguarding the electrical cords of the wine cooler from children is significant. Power strip covers and sliding electrical outlet cover work perfectly in places where kids try to unplug wires.

 Employing such electrical covers helps wine coolers stay cool with a regular power supply without disturbance. If you’re required to use extended chords, a cord protector saves the child from tangling up with the wire. It is always advised to follow minimal wiring connections with kids around the house. 

6. Observe the back side of the wine cooler 

Almost all wine coolers mandate space between the walls and cabinet on the rear side for proper functioning. But homes where children around find the rear side of the wine cooler an attractive space to crawl and play. So, purchasing wine coolers that directly fix cabinetry is the safest way to safeguard the wine coolers. Such units have no nook for kids to crawl and play around. 

For wine enthusiasts fond of free-standing wine coolers, arranging them in the appropriate space is the best way. Run through the manual for air clearance space and move the wine coolers towards the wall or between furniture. Such ideas restrict the kids from accessing the back of the wine cooler. 

7. Plan for a wine cellar in the kitchen

Plenty of compact and latest versions of wine coolers hit the market. It’s your turn to purchase the compact wine cooler that can slide in easily between two base cabinets in the kitchen. In that manner, a perfect wine cellar ornaments the kitchen. Such wine coolers also offer the option to stand upright separately too. To keep wine bottles away from children installing such wine coolers in the kitchen with additional locking options works perfectly. There aren’t chances for kids to open and pull out the wine bottles with such a setup.


Relying on the usual old-modeled upright wine rack puts you at risk and is also tough to childproof such wine stands. However, wine coolers work as a convenient and best option that helps maintain the temperature and averts the chance for babies to pull out the wine bottles. A wine cooler also ensures the quality of wines and safety. The latest wine coolers in the market come with an advanced locking system so that parents relax while kids play around. Purchase the latest secured wine cooler and stop worrying about kids fiddling with the wine bottles.

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