Which Undercounter Freezers Are Best in 2022

The under-counter freezers help in adding a lot of additional storage space in the kitchen and also help with a stable workspace in the kitchen. The appliance can be ideal for food trucks, bakeries, cafes, and places with a small kitchen and conservative storage space. These freezers are available in different heights and widths and different design variations. Some of them are compliant for the person with disabilities as well. There are also different types of under counter freezers such as side breathing, rear breathing, and front-breathing options depending on where you want to place these freezers in your kitchen

Why Should You Choose an Under-Counter Freezer for Your Kitchen?

The under-counter freezers come as a space-saving solution to store frozen food items at home and within close reach in the kitchen. The under-counter freezer drawer can be located under any work surface such as the concession stand, sandwich shop, snack bar, your kitchen counter, etc., to enhance its efficiency to many folds. These units are also equipped with casters to help them with easy mobility. Some of these freezers also have to adjust wire shelves and reversible door hinges to enhance their functionality to many folds. 

  • These units stock the frozen food and other kitchen ingredients with ample ventilation
  • It helps in saving the valuable floor space for an independent freezer
  • Its ergonomically designed doors stay open until the search for an item is completed
  • They are available in different capacities to deal with high volume needs
  • They are highly convenient and come with a door lock and an open door alarm.

How Should You Pick Your Ideal Under-Counter Freezer?

Before choosing to buy an under-counter freezer, measure the space that is available in both height and width and leave space for exhaust clearance of the appliance as required. Other aspects to consider while choosing to buy an under-counter freezer is, 

  • Choose the units with stainless steel exteriors or custom panels and sturdy interiors, budget freezers are built with ABS plastic liners at its interiors.
  • Choose units with bright LED interior lighting as they help with bright interior illumination
  • Find units with ample storage pockets and shelves to store frozen items in bulk
  • Make sure that the drawers of the freezer that want to buy are capable of accommodating at least one full-size pan.
  • Make sure the freezer is front-breathing to be accommodated under the counter. 
  • Also, make sure that the appliance is energy-star rated and the appliance makes use of an environmentally friendly CFC refrigerant. 

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Best Undercounter Freezers 2022

This appliance comes in handy in grabbing the ingredients quickly while cooking and we have listed the best under counter freezers here from the leading brands for your perusal and to help you with your buying decision.

#1. GE FCM16DLWW – Best Undercounter Chest Freezer

GE FCM16DLWW Undercounter Chest Freezer
Editor Rating: 9.2/10
Build quality8.8
Energy efficiency8.9
Controls and functionality9.1
Value for money9.7

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This is an elegant chest compact freezer with a capacity of 15.7 cu. feet. It is equipped with several useful features such as a manual defrost system, energy star certification, LED lighting, and a lock. You can use this under-counter freezer even in the garage and this unit has UL certification, adjusting temperature controls, and an eco-friendly refrigerant. This under-counter freezer features eminent LED lighting that illuminates automatically when its door is open.

There is an audible temperature alarm in this freezer that alerts the user when its inside temperature rises. There is also a second-level rail in this under-counter freezer that allows convenient access to the sliding baskets at different heights in the freezer. Four sliding bulk storage baskets in this under-counter freezer offer the flexibility to organize and store all the favorite foods of people for quick and easy access. There is a lock with a key feature in this freezer that helps in protecting all the food items from access by kids. 

This under-counter freezer from GE appliances is approved for commercial use and it can be easily used in the garage as well. It makes use of an environment-friendly R134a refrigerant and also has defrosted water to drain to keep the freezer clean and try.

This is a chest-type under-counter freezer with manual defrosting. There is a door alarm and door lock to indicate open doors. The appliance also has energy star certification and it is possible to control the temperature on the appliance manually. 

What do we like about GE FCM16DLWW?

  • This freezer has a huge capacity to store frozen items with storage baskets. 
  • This appliance is approved for commercial use
  • It can be used conveniently in the garage as well
  • It has bright LED interior lighting to have a clear view of all the food items.

What do we don’t like about GE FCM16DLWW?

  • No Sabbath mode
  • Doesn’t accept custom panels.

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#2. Summit SCFF532D – Best Undercounter Drawer Freezer

Summit SCFF532D Drawer Counter Depth Freezer
Editor Rating: 9/10
Build quality8.7
Energy efficiency8.8
Controls and functionality9.1
Value for money9.5

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This is an excellent freestanding drawer counter that has a height of 24 inches. The Capacity of this under-counter freezer is about 3.54 Cu. Ft. capacity and it features a frost-free defrost design. The appliance has LED lighting and a digital thermostat in an exceptional stainless steel body. There is an internal fan in this freezer that ensures an equal freezer temperature all through the under-counter freezer. The anti-tip bracketing system and a 100% CFC-free design help combine safety with expert environmental friendliness. The appliance has stainless steel construction and its drawers, cabinets, and kick plate are completely constructed from stainless steel to ensure long-lasting durability and easy clean-up feature.

There are two sliding drawers in this under-counter freezer and its stainless steel drawers glide smoothly for easy use. We can make the best use of the space by installing the appliance under the counter and also flush it with other cabinets. This under-counter freezer has a frost-free operation with minimal user maintenance. There is an internal fan-forced cooling to ensure even temperature distribution from top to bottom.

Its electronic controls ensure easy management of temperature with an external readout in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The elegant and efficient lighting of this under-counter freezer helps with elegant and efficient lighting and a gentle illumination for the drawer interiors. There are professional sleek steel handles to add an elegant touch to the interiors of the drawers. Its two adjustable dividers make it easy to organize the interiors of the drawers easily.

What do we like about Summit SCFF532D?

  • There is a removable chrome basket for convenient storage options.
  • A fully furnished cabinet allows it to stand as a freestanding model.
  • The space-saving design of the freezer helps with easier cleaning.
  • Environmentally friendly design with CFC-free refrigerants.

What do we don’t like about Summit SCFF532D?

  • Not approved for outdoor use
  • No reversible doors with lock and alarm.

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#3. Summit ALFZ37BSSHV – Best Undercounter Upright Freezer

Summit ALFZ37BSSHV Counter Depth Freezer
Editor Rating: 9/10
Build quality8.7
Energy efficiency8.8
Controls and functionality9.2
Value for money9.3

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This is a built-in counter depth compact freezer from Summit appliance with a storage capacity of 2.68 Cu.ft. These under-counter freezers have field reversible doors, a manual defrost system, an adjusting thermostat, and adjustable shelves. The refrigerant that is used in this under-counter freezer is CFC free and the unit also has a temperature alarm to indicate high and low temperatures. There is a manual defrost system with 3” thick sealed doors. 

The height of this under-counter freezer is about 32” and thus it can be easily installed on counters that are compliant with ADA. You need not worry about its ventilation while tucking under the counter as it features a front ventilation system.

With the digital thermostat, it becomes easy to adjust the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. There are three removable shelves in this under-counter freezer to store large food items. The reversible door swing renders additional flexibility.

The under-counter freezer features the best insulation to maintain the temperature within the freezer.

Its stainless steel exteriors are complemented with a brushed stainless steel handle, which is mounted vertically for a sleek look. There are temperature alarms built in this freezer to help with added security during temperature fluctuations. There is also an audible door alarm that sounds if the freezer door is left open for more than a minute. 

What do we like about Summit ALFZ37BSSHV?

  • Space-saving under counter freezer with a sealed back
  • The refrigerant is 100% CFC free
  • 5 years’ warranty on the compressor
  • Lots of shelves and compartments in the freezer for optimal food storage.

What do we don’t like about Summit ALFZ37BSSHV?

  • Manual defrost system 
  • Not approved for outdoor and commercial use

#4. AccuCold FS24L Compact Freezer – Best for Medical Use

AccuCold FS24L Compact Freezer
Editor Rating: 8.9/10
Build quality8.7
Energy efficiency8.8
Controls and functionality8.9
Value for money9.1

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The Accucold is a cube-sized compact under-counter freezer that holds a total storage capacity of about 1.4 Cu.ft. Though this is an under-counter freezer, we can also use them as a countertop freezer. There is a factory-installed log in this unit and the freezer is designed in such a way that it can be used for medical purposes and in scientific facilities as well. The manual defrost system in this under-counter freezer helps with optimal cooling without many temperature fluctuations, which could affect the storage of the food items. Its adjustable thermostat helps to adjust the temperature within the freezer as per user preference.

This convenient cube-size freezer has a static cooling system with a manual defrost feature. It features a one-piece interior liner for cleaning up the unit easily. Its flat door liner is designed to comply with the guidelines of the CDC. It is approved for medical use and the door and the interior color of this under-counter freezer are white. The unit has wire shelves to store the items as per the requirement of the user. The appliance comes with a one-year warranty on the parts and the labor and five years warranty on the compressor.

The appliance is CFC-free and has a factory-installed lock. There is a reversible door hinge with a manual defrost system. It is not energy star certified and is not ADA compliant. Its operating voltage is 114 volts and it has an adjusting thermostat to define the temperature of the unit. 

What do we like about AccuCold FS24L?

  • This freestanding compact under-counter freezer has a right-side hinge and it also has reversible doors.
  • Can be used as a countertop or under counter freezer.
  • There is a door lock present to avoid unauthorized access

What do we don’t like about AccuCold FS24L?

  • No door alarm and Sabbath mode
  • Doesn’t accept custom panels.

#5. Impecca FC1110W – Best Budget Undercounter Freezer

Impecca FC1110W Counter Depth Freezer
Editor Rating: 8.9/10
Build quality8.7
Energy efficiency8.8
Controls and functionality8.9
Value for money9.1

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This is a 19-inch freestanding under-counter freezer that is compact and has a total capacity of 1.1 Cu.ft. This freezer has reversible doors with a right side hinge and also has other features such as manual defrost, energy star certification and is available in a bright white color panel. This under-counter freezer features a manual temperature control system, manual defrost system, and a reversible door. The freezer also has to adjust leveling legs to fit in the existing kitchen cabinet easily. 

This under-counter freezer is of a freestanding type and it is also compact. It has a field reversible door with a right hinge side. The handle of this freezer is of a pocket type and has wired freezer shelves to store ample frozen items. The appliance has a manual defrost type and doesn’t have a block of the ice maker or an ice dispenser. There is no door alarm or door lock in this appliance and there is no Sabbath mode as well. The appliance has an energy star rating but is not ADA compliant. The operating ampere of this under-counter freezer is 115 volts. 

Its user reversible door swing helps with the flexible placement of the unit. The UL certification of this appliance is backed by proven safety standards and expertise. This under-counter freezer is from the most trusted brand and is very much popular in the market today. This under-counter freezer is available at an affordable cost. 

What do we like about Impecca FC1110W?

  • This is a compact and freestanding freezer that perfectly be used in the under-counter installation.
  • The freezer has a pocket-type handle with a total capacity of 1.1 Cu.ft.
  • The appliance has wire freezer shelves and is also compact
  • Manual defrost type.

What do we don’t like about Impecca FC1110W?

  • The under-counter freezer is not approved for outdoor use.
  • It is not approved for commercial use and medical use.

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Final Verdict

An under-counter freezer helps you and your kitchen for speedy cooking as it makes sure that all-important cooking ingredients are within easy reach. The smallest of these units renders about 2 to 8 cubic feet of storage space to meet the food needs of the family. Decide on the size and the number of drawers in these freezing units depending on the size of the family and cooking requirements. 

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