What’s the Advantage of Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Refrigerators with built-in bottom freezers are becoming a popular choice among most households in the past 20 years. These bottom freezer refrigerators are extremely energy efficient compared to their counterparts. But are comparatively highly-priced, but render a lot of storage options compared with the top-freezer refrigeration units.

You should choose a bottom mount refrigerator if you use the refrigerator part more often than the freezer and if you want to stay at the trend. The bottom freezer refrigerator renders tremendous storage options and they are also great for organizing the food items in the interiors of the refrigerator. They minimize the instances of overhead lifting and ensure that food items are easily accessible at all times. These are also great units for compact kitchens.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
Image: LG GC-B459NLFF Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Advantages of Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

When it comes to refrigerators, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you are someone who is looking for a separate storage compartment to store food items and frozen food items, then you are left with only two choices, namely the bottom freezer and the top freezer refrigerators. The bottom freezer refrigerator units are now becoming the latest trend in modern times, and most people also prefer them in their home, as they have several advantages over traditional side-by-side and top freezer models. Some good reasons why you should invest in a bottom freezer refrigerator are as follows.

1. Ease of access

Most people use the refrigerator portion more frequently than the freezer compartment. Every time they have to take something from the refrigerator, they have to bend down and strain their back. Thus placing the freezer at the bottom, keeps the most useful refrigeration space at eye and chest level. This prevents bending down every time to locate things.

An additional benefit is that the vegetable crisper drawers will be at eye level to locate and take out the freshest of all items to cook for the day. The bottom freezer refrigerator models are a hit among seniors and those with mobility issues, as they don’t have to hover much to gain access to the refrigerated food item.  

2. They save a lot of space

The bottom freezer refrigerator models are great for space-saving. They feature a convenient slide-out drawer that makes it extremely easy to store, organize and access frozen food items. Users can make the most use of the available space, in fact much better than a freezer drawer that has a single door mount. These appliances also make it easy to fit in more food items, and you don’t have to be exploring the entire unit, to locate the food item that you require. 

Most of the modern-day bottom freezer refrigerator models are larger than the top freezer models. Thus, it is quite easy to store large food items in them such as large pizzas, a whole turkey, etc. If you are someone who hosts parties frequently and has the habit of shopping in bulk, then the bottom freezer refrigerator unit is your ideal appliance. 

3. Offers a diverse range of temperature settings

The bottom freezer refrigerator models feature variable temperature settings, to control the contents of the appliance efficiently. For example, the pull-out drawers in the refrigerator can to stocked with beverages and snacks and hold a different temperature than the main section of the refrigerator. It is also possible to set the temperature at different settings in the crisper drawers, depending on the food stores, to help keep the food items fresher for a longer period.

4. Improved efficiency

A bottom freezer refrigerator is efficient compared with the other refrigerator models. The fact is that warm air always rises and thus it is a smart move to store the cold items at the bottom of the appliance. Older style refrigerator models have the cool zone below the freezer, and as the warmer air has to rise to the freezer area, the appliance has to work a little harder and spend a lot of energy to attain the zero freezing temperature. 

5. The width of these refrigerators is more

The best advantage of the bottom freezer refrigerators is that it renders a double-width fridge portion. Thus, it makes it easy to store larger boxes, cartons, and food items. Irrespective of storing groceries for personal use or storing additional food items for special occasions and parties, this refrigerator fits all scenarios. You never have to squash the food items by packing them tight or damage them potentially, if you have a bottom freezer refrigerator at home. 

Bottom Line

The bottom freezer refrigerators are advantageous in every single way, except the fact that they are expensive appliances, compared with the top freezer refrigerators. Their feature-rich design and latest technologies add to the cost of the appliance. But every single penny spent on these units is worth the cost as they offer great design aesthetics with exceptional performance.

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