5 Reasons to Buy a Freezer-less Refrigerator

Generally, the refrigerators in our home comprise two compartments, namely the refrigerator and the freezer. Both of them have unique functions and are an indispensable part of the cooling. There are good chances that the refrigerator comprises food leftovers, milk, vegetable condiments, etc. The freezer of course stocks frozen food items such as ice cream, ice cubes, and other frozen desserts.

Though this is the scenario with most of the refrigerators that we find in residential units and commercial establishments, several small-scale refrigerators do not have freezers. these are generally mini-refrigerators that we find in hotels and are also used to carry food items during travel. 

The good thing is that most people are now showing interest to buy these freezer-less refrigerators, as the freezer is taking up so much space in the refrigerator, and it is a component that we very rarely use. Because of the large freezer units in the refrigerator, there is also little room left for the other grocery stuff, that is used almost every day, and throughout the week. Sometimes, we could also try designing the kitchen in such a way that the refrigerator and the freezer compartments are placed in two independent and separate spots. Other good reasons to buy a freezer-less refrigerator are as follows.

Freezer-less Refrigerator
Model: Danby Designer 30 in. W 17.0 cu. ft. Freezerless Refrigerator

Reasons to Buy a Freezer-less Refrigerator

A freezer-less fridge offers more options and is advantageous in a good number of ways. Some reasons to choose these appliances are,

1. Freezer-less refrigerators help with a great organization

The best reason to invest in freezer-less refrigerators is that they help in organizing things exceptionally well. A refrigerator without a freezer renders ample space to store a lot of different things. There are a good number of ways to optimize the interior space of the refrigerator. One good way is to go to the local dollar store and buy a few baskets and drawers. They can be labeled with food categories. There is plenty of room in the refrigerator and it can be made specific, according to the needs of the user. Use different drawers for fruits and vegetables and other food items. You can also have a special section of drawers for the school lunches as well.

Use an organizer to store different drinks separately, to see all the flavors at a glance. This helps to reach them without having to move everything around. For efficient use of the refrigerator space, you have to label everything. There is limitless storage in the freezer and fewer refrigerators to make grocery unpacking quickly.

2. Saves space at home

If you are living in a dorm room or a tiny apartment, then you should choose a refrigerator without a freezer. In modern times, people choose co-living spaces, where they rent a single room in a large house, and use a shared kitchen. They will not require a full-size refrigerator in such instance you are forced to downsize the refrigerator to half its size, and this is where freezer-less refrigerators help. These appliances take a small amount of space in the room and act as exceptional personal refrigerating units as well.

3. Freezer-less refrigerators are energy efficient

Freezer-less refrigerators are great for conserving energy and are great for preserving vegetables, meat, fruits, and eggs fresh. When the freezers reach zero degrees to keep the food items frozen, they are taking up significantly more energy.  The refrigerators without freezers need not reach freezing temperatures to preserve the frozen food items. Most of these appliances have energy star certification and are proven to be energy efficient. Freezerless refrigerators can be great options for second refrigeration units. In such instances, we will be able to save a lot of money on utility bills.

4. Freezer-less refrigerators save money

The fridge without a freezer is comparatively cheaper than the regular refrigerator-freezer combination and is thus great for saving money. Freezer-less refrigerators can also be great wine fridges and coolers. A dedicated wine fridge is a costly appliance, but the freezerless fridge saves the same purpose, at just half the cost. it is also less harsh and less cold on the wine bottles. A freezer-less refrigerator also helps in saving the monthly energy bills by eliminating the coolant system that is power draining, in the traditional combination unit.

5. Offers a lot of interior space

When we stuff the fresh groceries and vegetables inside the refrigerator, it somehow seems to have a lot of space to organize. But as days move along the week, the dishes and the Tupperware will fight for their spaces in the refrigerator that is already packed with groceries and vegetables.  When part of the refrigerator is renamed as a freezer, there is very little space for casserole dishes and Tupperware. When the freezer is replaced by a refrigerator compartment, there is ample interior space for leftover food items as well.

Pros and Cons of Freezer-less Refrigerators


  • Freezer-less refrigerators offer the maximum capacity to store all the vegetables and fruits and to keep the platters chilled and ready to eat.
  • These refrigerators are extremely easy to organize and maintain, owing to their compact size.
  • If you do not require a feature-heavy freezer, then it is cheaper to invest in a fridge without a freezer.
  • Freezer-less refrigerators use minimal energy than units with a freezer.


  • Users may have to invest in a separate freezer
  • They are bigger and may not appeal to all kitchen spaces.

Bottom Line

Apart from all the advantages of freezer-less refrigerators that are discussed above, they also hold a very important advantage. They conserve water and prevent water damage. Freezers generally build up a lot of ice, which sometimes even prevents the door from closing. And when we perform manual defrosting, they flood the entire floor and the fridge. This could also damage the groceries stored inside. Freezerless refrigerators do not carry such risks from water damage as they don’t have to be defrosted manually.

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