How to Reset Your Whirlpool Ice Maker?

One of the best features of the Whirlpool refrigerator is its ice maker. This component of the ice maker performs an exceptional job and is an exceptional addition that helps with reliable ice making. The ice maker in this appliance makes use of the motor, water valve, and heating element to begin the ice-making process.

Whirlpool offers both standalone and portable ice makers and at times, there are chances that the appliance ceases to function and it might require us to reset the whirlpool ice maker manually. Before discussing the ways to reset the whirlpool ice maker, let us first determine the conditions that mandate the need for the resetting option.

Why Should You Reset the Whirlpool Ice Maker?

The most common reason that mandates the resetting option is the defect in the water inlet valve. If the valve suffers insufficient power or if it is clogged to prevent the flow of water, then the appliance will cease to form ice.

Whirlpool Ice Maker
Model: WUI75X15HB (Credit: Whirlpool)

If the whirlpool ice maker is not making ice completely, or if it is making ice cubes that are smaller than usual, then this indicates a clog owing to a frozen water line. If both these components are normal and if the ice maker is still not making ice appropriately, then you must reset it.

Perhaps your appliance is requiring a little rest after constant working with the ice and the water mechanisms. Hopefully, after this brief rest period, it will start making ice as usual.

Generally, resetting the ice maker is not an everyday routine and we may be forced to reset the ice maker when we are not getting ice at all and when other troubleshooting options fail considerably. Resetting the ice maker is also a test that analyzes the optimal functioning of the appliance.

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Different Ways to Reset the Ice Maker Appliance

There is more than one technique that you can try at home in resetting the appliance before you could call professional help for your rescue.

1. Simply unplug the appliance

This is a universal technique that we keep practicing for all our electronic gadgets right from the mixer grinder to the computer. If something is not working, just unplug it and plug it on again. Who knows, by all chance and luck your appliance might turn on and start to function again.

Though this is a mere act of guesswork, it could work pretty well with your refrigerator ice maker. Either switch off the appliance or unplug it completely from the wall socket. The ultimate solution to all problems is unplugging and you will thank me for this piece of advice later.

After unplugging wait for at least ten minutes before plugging the appliance back in. After plugging in, push its feeler arm a couple of times. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what a feeler arm is right now, you will get used to it by the end of the article. Adjusting the feeler arm will force the water to pour into the ice maker, which will then start cooling to form ice cubes.

2. Switch off the ice maker

This is also a piece of advice from the holy grail. Switch off the ice maker for a few minutes and switch it back again. This will help in resetting the ice maker and if there are no other serious issues with your appliance, it should start functioning back again. Remember we are asking you only to switch off the ice maker and not the entire appliance.

There is a special dedication on and off switch for the ice maker for such emergency troubleshooting ideas and you can find it either under the ice tray or under the cover plate of the ice tray. Remove them both with a simple pulling action to locate the switch.

Turn off the switch and unplug the appliance. Wait for ten minutes and plug in the ice maker and turn on the switch on the ice maker. Remember to replace the ice tray and its cover plate and keep your fingers crossed to get your ice maker back to life again.

3. Try resetting the appliance with the reset button

This is a more sensible option for resetting the Whirlpool ice maker. Resetting the ice maker is easier than you think and the appliance is equipped with a bright red reset button at the bottom of the ice maker itself. Push this button and hold it for about ten seconds to reset it.

Release the button sooner, if the appliance starts making sound and begins its operation. But resetting the appliance is not always as easy as it sounds. Let us discuss the different options that are available to reset the Whirlpool ice maker.

In some appliances, this reset button can be found at the bottom of the ice maker, above the ice tray, or underneath the ice tray. You can also refer to your user manual or simply google your appliance model number to find this reset button.

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4. Adjusting the Feeler Arm

Yes, your ice maker has an arm which is indeed a sensor available in the unit to prevent it from forming too much ice. It is indeed a very useful feature that helps in the prevention of ice overflowing.

The main job of the feeler arm is to alert the ice maker from forming too much ice and at times, there are chances that this arm gets struck, instructing the appliance to stop forming further ice. The main drawback of this feeler arm is that it is present at a prescribed level and it cannot adjust to the level of ice in the ice tray.

Thus, when it gets stuck it gives a notice that the bin is full, and ceases the process. This can happen when this arm is struck or when its screws and springs are stuck in place.

Try pushing the feeler arm down manually and this can help the ice to break away from the arm. You can also try pushing this arm downwards repeatedly. And this can help loosen the springs and screws if they are stuck.

What If All Techniques Fail?

Even after you have tried all these DIY troubleshooting, if your ice maker is still not making any ice, then the problem is intense and requires professional assistance. The problem could be more severe and could be a mechanical malfunction, an electrical problem, and even a damaged component.

Full Size of Whirlpool ice machine
Model: WUI75X15HB (Credit: Whirlpool)

If some of the parts in the ice maker are broken, such as the ice tray, the cover plate, or the feeler arm, then it will be easier to fix, with the help of a few spare parts and tools. But, if the problem is with the internal parts, that you cannot access and repair by yourself, then you must call a professional to work and replace them.

Similarly, if you feel that the reason why the ice maker is not making ice is due to a mechanical problem, then it is highly recommended that you take help from a professional to fix it.

Trying to fix a mechanical problem by yourself can be catastrophic. And by all means, it can revoke your warranty, if there is any. And if you find that the problem with the ice maker is owing to an electrical problem, then you should call a professional to fix the issue. Attempting to fix the electrical problems by self could again invalidate the warranty and also cause trouble to the home insurance problem.

If you are not sure what is the source of the problem, for which the ice maker ceases to form ice, then it is mandatory to refer to the user manual. The Whirlpool user manual will have all troubleshooting options for major problems of the ice maker. This will help in accessing where the exact problem is. Then you can decide where to DIY repair or call professional help.

Final Words

A well-functioning ice maker will help with years of ice cubes for drinks, water, smoothies, and other food items. But keeping the appliance overloaded all day, can cease it to function for a brief period.

A simple reset is what it takes to revamp its operations and to help you avoid costly repair costs. But if all these tips and tricks fail and if your ice maker is elongating its rest period, then it is important to call a professional technician at the earliest.

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