How to Reset an Igloo Ice Maker?

Many people doubt why they should reset their ice maker in the first place. Shouldn’t the appliance be running on its own without requiring any resetting? It is true that when the ice maker is maintained appropriately they are capable of lasting for many years. But when the ice maker stops working all of a sudden, for some reason then it requires to be reset at times.

For electrical malfunctions, such issues could be resolved by resetting the appliance. And resetting the ice maker is a straightforward task and doesn’t require any additional tools. Resetting the ice maker will help in saving time, and can also help in saving time and money on unnecessary equipment replacement. 

Resetting the Igloo Portable Ice Maker

As we know that resetting is the final option if your ice maker ceases to function and you do not know where exactly the problem is. Igloo is a leading brand of portable ice makers that manufactures reliable appliances.

If you are facing any issues with your ice makers such as the ice maker not making ice or the ice maker not working there are two options, you can try and check its water connection or simply try the reset option. Here is the step-by-step instruction on resetting the ice maker easily.

  1. Unplug the igloo ice maker from the power source before attempting to reset it.
  2. Drain the water reservoir completely and remove any residual ice from the appliance
  3. Open the lid of the ice maker and empty the ice basket
  4. Clean the metal tubes of the appliance with the help of a soft cloth.
  5. Now close the ice of the ice maker
  6. Plugin the appliance to the power socket and turn on the machine
  7. Press and hold the power button of the ice maker for about 10 to 12 seconds
  8. You will hear a beep sound and let the appliance rest for the next 30 minutes
  9. Now turn on the ice maker appliance to check if the problem is fixed. 
Power Button in an Ice Maker

This is the universal method of resetting the portable ice maker. But there are also other ways to reset the appliance without actually making use of the reset button. And those are discussed below.

What if There is No Reset Button?

All of the recent ice maker appliances from igloo come with a reset button that can be pressed for a few seconds to reset the appliance back to its original position.

At times, with the older models, we may not find a dedicated reset button. If your ice maker doesn’t have a reset button, you can try and locate it’s on and off switch. Before manipulating the on and off switch, turn off the appliance and unplug it from the wall socket.

Keep the appliance unplugged for about ten minutes and plug it back in again. Plug the machine again and turn the appliance on. you can also try pressing the feeler arm at this stage.

Within seconds of restoring power, we can find that the appliance will start making ice. If there is no on and off switch in the ice maker, you can try unplugging it directly and plugging the appliance back in again after five minutes. This should start the appliance to function again.

Adjusting the Feeler Arm of the Ice Maker Appliance

Before resetting and unplugging the ice maker, you can check the feeler arm in the ice bin. At times when the feeler arm is frozen or stuck, there are chances that the ice maker ceases to function.

This feeler arm is an important component of the ice maker that shuts off the ice-making process when the ice tray is full. It is indeed a sensor that moves according to the quantity of ice in the bin. The arm will fall when the ice tray is empty and will rise with ice filling in the basket.

If it is stuck by ice, or if its screws are stuck then there are chances that it is giving the wrong instruction to the appliance to stop making further ice. To release it, you can gently tap the ice maker and release it allowing the appliance to make ice again.

You Also Can Try Moving the Motor Manually to Reset the Appliance

To initiate this method of resetting the countertop ice maker, unplug the appliance from the power cord as a safety precaution or you can also simply turn off the appliance. Adjust the position of the ice shovel manually by pressing the ice shovel in the middle firmly. Ensure that the ice shovel moves towards the backside of the unit and try to pull it towards you.

Again push it towards the back and keep repeating this action sequence up to three times and remember that through this method, you are attempting to move the motor manually. After this step, plug the appliance back in and your appliance should start working by now.

Other issues could cease your ice maker from functioning, such as problems with the internal components of the ice maker, leaking of the coolant, leaks in the internal component of the appliance, etc. If such is the case, then your appliance will not function even after repeated attempts of recycling.

Then your only option is to call for assistance and seek the help of a professional technician. But before calling the technician, make sure that the power line is not faulty and there are no mechanical problems with the appliance.

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The Bottom Line

Resetting the igloo ice maker is one of the common ways to make the appliance to function back normal again. This helps when the machine takes itself to the rest mode after tremendous work and making ice for a long time. But if the appliance ceases to function owing to an internal mechanical problem, then resetting will be of no use and the only option is to call the technician to check the appliance completely.

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