IKICH CP173 Ice Maker Review 2022: Portable & Efficient Enough?

2022 UPDATE: In the last Few Months, there have been complaints regarding the customer service of IKICH, so we suggest you choose the Newair or Euhomy brand for better quality ice machines and of course better customer service.

If you are looking for a portable and efficient ice maker that fits efficiently on the kitchen countertop, the IKICH portable countertop ice maker is an ideal choice. With this appliance in your kitchen, there is no need to wait for long hours for the refrigerator freezer to prepare ice for your drinks and juices. The appliance has the shortest ice making cycle and can prepare a fresh batch of ice in about 6 minutes. Thus, you can be ice ready at all times for your children, aged parents, guests, and for any party with the IKICH portable ice maker machine at home. 

IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine Review

IKICH CP173 Portable Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Easy to use9.5
Easy to clean9.6
Build quality8.7
Noise level8.4
Energy efficiency9.1
Value for money9.3

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Opinion by Product Tester

Using IKICH CP173 at home for a week for testing purposes made me fall in love with the appliance as it is by far the easiest appliance to use and clean. Also, it takes only a few minutes to give you the first batch of ice, although it does melt very quickly, so most of the time I used the ice right away. In short, CP173 was my go-to appliance for a week, whenever I needed a chilled drink, I just plugged in this beauty.

Overview of the IKICH CP173

Overview of the IKICH CP173
Credit: IKICH
Editor Rating9.1/10
Daily Ice Making Capacity26 lbs
Duration of Ice Cycle6 Minutes
MaterialABS plastic
Weight15.65 pounds
Warranty2 Years

IKICH is a Chinese brand, which is a pioneer in the manufacturing and production of coffee makers, air fryers, toasters, etc. The company leverages the best technology to produce some of the best appliances, to get cooking simple and efficient. The brand also offers exceptional customer care and after-sales service to resolve the issues and complaints of the customers.

The IKICH portable ice maker is designed for those who require fast and efficient ice within the least possible time frame. This appliance is capable of producing about 26 pounds of ice every 24 hours if it is performing exceptionally well. This ice maker is capable of producing 9 bullets of ice in 6 minutes, which is quite amazing. 

Features of IKICH CP173

Features of IKICH CP173
Credit: IKICH

The IKICH is an exceptional ice maker that is capable of making high-quality ice efficiently. The appliance is extremely simple to use and understand and features an exceptional LED display to learn the inherent stages of the ice production cycle. Its beautiful LED display makes the ice maker perfect for parties and can be your perfect companion and your party bird. Some unique features of the IKICH portable ice maker are as follows.

1. Fast Refrigeration with Insulation

The appliance makes use of high-quality refrigerant and a powerful compressor to make high quality ice. The appliance also adopts high density polyurethane foam layer to render excellent heat insulation performance. This ice maker appliance also effectively insulates the outside heat from affecting the ice making cycle and also ensures slow melting of the formed ice cubes. 

Its high-quality refrigeration compressor, which is the core of the ice maker ensures high-speed refrigeration speed, low power consumption, and low noise. Thus, this appliance helps to save the electricity bill while supplying high-quality ice for the entire party. The ice maker also features a Nickel Plated Pure copper evaporator column with a nickel-plated surface, that helps in a rapid refrigeration process while concurrently rendering strong corrosion resistance. 

2. Quiet Functioning

Generally, countertop ice makers are known for the characteristic noise they make with every ice cycle, but this appliance reduces noise significantly and makes ice faster and quieter. This appliance is capable of making high-quality ice in the market without interfering in the party fun with its loud noise. This appliance comes as an excellent alternative for bulky and noisy ice machines.

3. Very Easy to Clean

This ice maker appliance is extremely easy to clean as well. You only have to unplug the ice maker, empty it and wipe the appliance carefully with a soft towel. Let the appliance sit for a while and dry it completely. While you can clean the exteriors and the visible portions of the ice maker in this manner, the interiors of the appliance can be easily cleaned by removing the drain plug and cleaning the appliance safely and quickly.

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4. Powerful Controls and Indicators

The IKICH portable ice maker is equipped with two infrared sensors. The appliance will automatically stop when the LED indicator denotes that the ice basket is full. The controls will also indicate when the water needs to be refilled in the appliance. These controls indicate the tremendous safety of the user. 

5. Large Viewing Window

The IKICH ice maker appliance has a large viewing window that allows the user to check the amount of ice in the basket without opening the lid. Opening the lid frequently will affect the ice making cycle, and thus we can view the entire ice making process through the large translucent window. The large glass window is also resistant to dirt and is also easy to clean. The flip-top lid of the appliance and its large openings are designed for easy ice removal and for refilling water. 

6. Forms High-Quality Ice Cubes

The ice cubes that are formed in this appliance are in the form of hollow bullets. The appliance is capable of producing about 9 pieces of ice cubes in one ice cycle that lasts for about 6 minutes. The appliance forms round and smooth ice cubes and are soft on the mouth compared with hard and square-shaped ice cubes. The hollow design of the ice cubes allows them is float on the drinks and juices, without affecting the taste of the drink. 

7. Extremely Easy and Hygienic to Use

How to operate IKICH CP173.jpg
Credit: IKICH

This ice maker appliance is pretty simple to use, users only have to add water, plug in the appliance and press the power button. The next step is to select the ice size and leave the appliance idle for six minutes to form high-quality ice. This ice maker appliance is made from high-quality food-grade material that ensures the health and safety of the users, without releasing any noxious odor on the food. 

8. Warranty

The IKICH portable countertop ice maker comes with a 24-month warranty against labor and parts and a 45-day money-back policy as well. Thus, even if anything goes wrong with this appliance, it is possible to get a refund and replacement with this appliance, as long as its warranty is valid.

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Pros & Cons of the IKICH CP173

What do we like about IKICH CP173?

  • The appliance comes with an elegant and removable ice basket and ice scoop.
  • The ice formed in this machine is great for cold drinks, ice food, fruit smoothies, and also for first aid. 
  • The appliance has an LED display that indicates the stages of ice production.
  • This is a fast and efficient appliance that makes ice in 6 minutes.
  • It reuses melted ice to form the next batches of ice cubes.
  • Possible to choose the ice size and make ice cubes in small and large sizes.
  • A quiet appliance that forms 45 dB noise

What do we don’t like about IKICH CP173?

  • The outside atmospheric temperature will affect the rate of melting of the ice cube
  • This appliance is not a freezer and thus cannot maintain ice in a frozen state for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does this appliance make ice?

This is a highly efficient and quick ice maker that is capable of making ice in just 6 minutes. It is capable of making 9 pieces of delicious, chewable, and bullet-shaped ice cubes per ice-making cycle.

Does it make too much noise while making ice?

This is a very quiet and efficient ice maker. It runs quietly at about 45 dB and will not disturb the party fun and entertainment at home, while quietly making high-quality bullet-shaped ice cubes for drinks and beverages in the background.

Is it portable? Can I move it to the patio during parties?

This is a compact and portable ice maker appliance that occupies minimal space on the kitchen countertop. It is also extremely lightweight and is easily portable. You can efficiently move it to the patio or for the poolside parties provided that you have the electric outlet to keep the appliance functioning.

Is it easy to make ice in this appliance?

This is an intelligent ice maker that features a smart indicator. It has a simple control panel, where we have to add water, plug in the device and press the power button. The next step is to select the size of the ice and allow the appliance to run. There is also a drain plug and a water outlet at the bottom that makes it easy to empty the wastewater from the bottom of the appliance. It is easy to use and can start making ice right out of the box. It doesn’t require any complex installation.

What type of ice does this appliance make?

This ice maker appliance forms two types of ice cubes in small and large sizes. The ice maker forms bullet-shaped ice cubes that don’t melt and stick together. Thus, the ice cubes are great for chilling water and cooling drinks. They can also fit small openings of bottles to chill the water bottles.

What is the warranty that we get with the IKICH ice maker?

The IKICH ice maker comes with a two-year warranty. The warranty will not cover damages caused by mishandling of the appliance.

Will the ice cubes that are formed stay frozen in this appliance?

The ice maker has a layer of insulation as it deals with ice cubes, but by definition, it is not a freezer. The ice cubes will not stay frozen in the machine. The ice cubes should be used as soon as they are formed, or they should be shifted to the freezer. If the ice cubes are not removed, the ice will melt into water, which can be used to make the next batch of ice.

Can I use the appliance to make ice out of the box?

No. After receiving the product, settle down the ice maker for 2 to 6 hours, before switching on the power and using it for making ice cubes. Before plugging in and using the ice maker, read the user manual carefully and keep it handy for future reference. Also, make sure that the ice maker is kept at least 4 inches or 10 cm away from any sort of obstructions. Make sure to keep the appliance in a cool and a ventilated place, to enhance the efficiency of the ice maker.

The appliance has a solid steel body, but will its large translucent window break easily? kids often play around the kitchen

The large translucent window is sturdy enough to allow you to see the ice basket without opening the lid. It is also sturdy enough to handle children playing around it. Strong impact directly on the door however can damage it.

Will the interior metallic plates of the ice maker affect the taste of the ice?

The appliance has nickel-plated copper evaporator columns with a nickel-plated surface to aid in strong corrosion resistance and rapid refrigeration. This however will not be transmitted to the ice cubes. If you feel that the ice cubes that are formed have a raw metallic taste, it could be due to scaling. Clean the appliance frequently and use purified water to make ice cubes.

Alternatives of IKICH CP173

IKICH CP173 is an amazing appliance, but in case you looking for an alternative, here are a few options you can consider.

All these budget alternatives are good for home, office, camping and of course garage.

Final Verdict on IKICH CP173

This beautiful, simple, and compact ice maker appliance is extremely elegant and attractive. It will enhance the aesthetic value of the kitchen and can be used conveniently. The appliance can be conveniently placed in mobile vans, kitchens, small bars, and cafes and will truly add value to the place it serves, hence it’s one of the best ice makers available. 

I'm Sara Wilson, the founder, and author of HomeyCart. I'm also the head of the expert team that tests various ice makers and brings the best advice.

9 thoughts on “IKICH CP173 Ice Maker Review 2022: Portable & Efficient Enough?”

  1. Thanks for this amazing review, Sara. I was so confused about whether to buy this ice maker for my home or not but after reading your review and of course, your opinion helped me make my mind to order it from amazon. Thanks again.

  2. Can I get parts I had a hose start leaking replaced the hose now it will only make one basket then shuts off will only start back up if it sets for awhile need info on what to do to fix it

    • Hello Thomas,

      It seems like an internal problem with your ice maker, I suggest you should get in touch with the IKICH support team as soon as possible. You can email them at [email protected] or call on +1-518-660-1330.

    • A number of people are facing the same issues. Even I can not get in touch with the IKICH team, so I am afraid I can’t help you. I have even posted an “UPDATE” paragraph above this post.

  3. Our unit failed after a year. Our warranty is for 2 years but they are not responding to emails and you cannot reach them by phone. I would steer clear of Ikich. There are too many reliable companies making ice machines these days.

    • I agree Kent, There have been too many complaints about the service of Ikich, although product malfunction reports are still very low, but service is worst of all of the companies available in the market. That’s why I suggest Euhomy, Newair, Frigidaire as they have better service as well as product quality is right up there.


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