How to Make Ice Cubes Without Using a Tray?

Are you struggling to soothe yourself from the heat of the encroaching sun? Well, a glass of chilled drink can help you beat the heat. But where do you source those ice cubes from? Are you running to the shop every time for a bag of ice to chill your drinks? Maybe you don’t have to, after all, there are several ways to make your ice in your home at just half the cost. Yes, you heard me right, the following are some proven and important tricks to help you make your ice without actually investing in an ice maker machine. Read through to learn how. 

Some Proven Ways to Make Your Ice at Home

How to Make Ice Cubes

Silicon Molds

Silicon molds are one of the best alternatives for the preparation of ice cubes. Silicon molds are deep and sturdy so as you move around the water stays in and they work similarly to an ice tray. Such molds are available in various shapes such as circles and squares. Few molds with designs are available too. Kids enjoy their drink with unique shapes of ice cubes from heart-shaped to balls. The procedure is similar to filling a normal ice tray and leaving it in the freezer for hours. This method gets you well-frozen and harder ice that doesn’t melt quicker. 

Portable Ice Makers

Another option for making ice without a tray is by using a portable ice maker also known as a countertop ice maker. They are beneficial for tiny homes, RVs, boats, etc. For families demanding more ice cubes, this portable ice maker is a perfect choice. There are many families where small refrigerators cannot satisfy their ice cube requirement, and the best solution is portable ice makers. 

This method is quicker than any other method and makes quick ice on demand. The process just takes seven to fifteen minutes and the batch of ice cubes is ready. The users’ only chore is to plug in, fill the ice maker with water to a defined level, and select the choice of ice cube size. The best aspect of these machines is insulation and hence ice cubes are well-frozen for some time.

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Ziploc Bags

For ones lacking an ice cube tray, the best and simple option is Ziploc bags. These bags hold a ziplock at one end and are manufactured from thick plastic. The best part of Ziploc bags is that they are available in various sizes and hence freezing as per size is possible. Fill the Ziploc bag with a quarter and more water and place the bag in the freezer flat on one side. Leaving the bag for hours results in solid ice cubes. The ice cubes might require breaking into smaller chunks to fit in the glass. 

Egg Cartons

This is a quick and available alternative for making ice cubes without an ice tray. A Styrofoam egg carton is a perfect ice tray alternative for several reasons. This material is completely waterproof and freezing is safe without blending with the Styrofoam material. But this is not the case with paper cartons. While using paper cartons for making ice cubes, they need to be lined with foil. It is best to Wash the cartons before use to get rid of any impurities or foodborne illnesses. The process is similar to an ice tray, where the user just needs to fill water and place it in the freezer. 

Small Vodka Glasses

Though being an unconventional method, this is a perfect way to make small-sized ice cubes without ice trays. Fill small vodka glasses with water and place them in the freezer for hours. Sliding the ice out is made easy and simple by placing the glasses in warm water for a few seconds. 

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Stainless steel cups or cubes are other alternatives for making ice without an ice tray. The best feature of stainless steel is that it keeps the ice cube cold longer. Also, stainless steel materials do not absorb odors and are anti-bacterial too. Fill the stainless steel cups and place them in the freezer for a cool drink that lasts longer. 

Ice Chips

Making ice chips instead of cubes is another fanciful way to enjoy a chill drink. Take a larger pan, fill with very little water, and freeze the same. Within a few minutes, the water is frozen as the amount is less. Take out the pan and crack the ice layer. Ice chips are delicious and an inordinate way to enjoy an instantly cool drink. 

Cubes with Toys

Another creative alternative would be filling water in Lego shapes; small bowls, glasses, foils, etc. are ways to make ice cubes without ice trays. Though certain shapes may trick you into getting the ice out, place them in warm water for a few seconds, and slide the ice out.  

Using Muffin Tins

Using muffin tins instead of ice trays is a similar way of freezing ice with an ice tray. They freeze within hours and are popped into the drink easily. In the same manner, other baking molds also participate in the ice-making process. 

Built-in Freezer Ice Maker

People looking for long-term ice-making solutions can review the features of a built-in ice maker. There are plenty of large refrigerators these days that have an inbuilt freezer along with an ice maker kit. The best facet of such refrigerators is that ice cubes are available all the time without the need to fill water or to wait. This automatic ice maker is perfect though pricey.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways of making ice cubes without a tray and a few ethnic ideas are discussed above. Making ice cubes without an ice tray is not limited and depends on one’s creativity. Tray-free ice making is a preferred choice for people trying to manage space in freezers, make creative ice cubes for drinks, obtain unique shapes of cubes, etc. Though there are ample methods, opting for an easy, safe, and comfortable method that slides out ice easily is always the best choice. Ideas improvisation always offers the best results in making ice cubes without a tray. Surprising guests with unusual shapes of cubes, ice chips, and more shows your out of box thinking in ice making.

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