What is the Function of the Fan in a Refrigerator?

The refrigerator fan is an important component of the unit that helps in equal and exceptional distribution of heat throughout the appliance. There are many different types of refrigerators available to meet the diverse use of people. Most of the older models of the refrigerator and the small refrigerator types that we use in the bars and the dorm rooms will not have fans present in them.

But a majority of the frost-free refrigerators in modern times have two in-built fans. One of the fans will be present under the refrigerator to cool down the compressor and force the air out through the exterior coils. The second fan is present inside the refrigerator and helps to move the air around the coils that are present inside the refrigerator. The second fan in the refrigerator helps in rendering a more even cooling, and it also helps in speeding up the defrost process. 

Condenser fan

Condenser fan
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The condenser fan is an integral portion of most the frost-free refrigerators, that possess a condenser coil at the bottom of their cabinet, and inside their compressor compartments.

This fan will run, whenever the compressor runs, and it helps in drawing the cool air through its front grille. It then circulates the air through the condenser coils, over the compressor and it also conducts the air back, out of the front grille back into the room. The refrigerator must maintain this circulating air, as this helps to cool both the compressor and the refrigerant in its condenser coils. This cool air also helps to evaporate the water back into the drain pan. 

If this fan will stop working, then the temperature in the refrigerant will experience a steady rise, and there are also chances for the compressor to overheat. This will eventually result in food spoilage. To check the working condition of the condenser fan motor, the users should first unplug the refrigerator and pull it away from the wall.

The next step is to remove the rear access cover completely from the motor compartment. Remove the dust from the fan blades, motor, and condenser with the help of a paintbrush. Vacuum the area completely and check if the fan blade moves freely. If it doesn’t move freely, it has to be replaced.

Evaporator fan

Evaporator fan
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The evaporator fan is part of the refrigeration system. The fan helps in pulling the air through the coils and helps to remove moisture and heat, before circulating cool air inside the refrigerator. It is this evaporator fan that helps in maintaining an ideal temperature for the industrial and residential food processing systems. It also plays a major role in food storage and without the optimal functioning of this fan, there are all chances for the food items to get spoiled.

The evaporator fan caters to both the refrigerator and the freezer. In the refrigerator, it is responsible for cooling down the refrigerator completely. It is present on the back portion of the freezer and pulls air inside, through its condenser coils. The fan will then quickly blow cool air throughout the fridge. The evaporator fan also helps to remove the moisture from the air, and it thus helps in preventing the ice buildup on the evaporator coils.

The evaporator fan in the freezer is similar to the working of the fan in the refrigerator. It is present against the back wall of the freezer and it looks like a box with visible fans, spinning behind its protective grills. Some fridges have two fans, one in their refrigerator portion and another at their freezer portion. They help in circulating the cold air throughout the refrigerator, to preserve the food items optimally at the desired temperature, and to prevent the spoilage of food items. They do this by blowing the air over the cold evaporator coils and also to the rest of the freezer and the refrigerator. 

In case you want to repair Evaporator fan motor, then this video might be helpful:

What do the fans in the refrigerator don’t do?

The fans that are present inside the refrigerator will not cool the air present inside the compartments. They will only blow the cold air that is been produced by the refrigerant fluids over the evaporator coils. The fan will simply move the air around to enhance the efficiency of the appliance and to ensure that food is maintained at an appropriate temperature to prevent spoilage. They make up an integral part of the overall cooling system of the freezer and the refrigerator

Bottom Line

One of the top reasons for the refrigerator to malfunction is the faulty evaporator fan. It plays a major role in circulating the cool air from the freezer into the other compartments of the refrigerator. If it is not working, it will stop circulating cool air into the different sections, especially the vegetable crisper drawers, and provoke bacterial growth. Thus, it is an integral and an important component of the refrigerator.

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