Does Your Fridge Water Taste Bad? Here’s How to Fix It

After entering the home after a tiring day at work, the first thing all of us do is grab a glass of fresh water from the refrigerator. Gone are the days when we stored water in bottles in the refrigerator and waited for hours to get it chilled before consumption. In the modern era, where everything is instant, we get refrigerators with built-in water dispensers. It is in fact one of the finest luxuries in the world, that we can take for granted. The water coming from this refrigerator is indeed very cool, extremely crisp, and is also exceptionally clean, thanks to the integrated filters of these built-in refrigerator water dispensers. 

But there are times when despite such an integrated filtration system, the water that is coming from the refrigerator could taste really bad. Doesn’t means such an awful smell and taste will come from old and unattended refrigerators. In fact, the bad-tasting water can come from brand-new refrigerators as well. And such bad-tasting water can happen in any brand of refrigerator and in any model. 

Fridge Water Taste Bad

Reasons Why Refrigerators Render Bad Tasting Water

No matter if you are tasting constantly bad water from your dispenser or if it happens occasionally, it is important to figure out the reasons, to find the best remedy for the problem. Some good reasons for bad-tasting water from refrigerators are as follows.

  1. Issues with the water supply

Before fixing the bad-tasting water from the refrigerator dispenser, make sure if the problem is actually with the refrigerator or with the source of water. Most of the time, the issue is with the water supply, which causes the water to taste bad. Taste a glass of water from the refrigerator supply line, before it enters the fridge. If the water tastes good, then the problem is with the refrigerator.

  1. The deteriorated carbon filter in the refrigerator

Most of the water dispensers in the refrigerators come with a filter. They help to remove the chemicals and other impurities from the water. If the carbon filter smells bad, then it is the right time to change the filter. If the filter is not changed, then there are chances for the impurities to be getting into the water and alter its taste and flavor.

Most refrigerator water dispensers have indicator lights, that indicate the ideal time to change the water filter. The best option is to change the filter twice a year. This not only removes the bad odor from the water but also makes it healthy to drink. 

  1. Issues with the new refrigerator

If you have a new refrigerator, there are chances for the debris from the manufacturing process to enter the water and give it a strange taste, when it comes from the dispenser. The best way is to run several pitchers of water through the system, to flush the debris off. This will also enhance the flavor of the water. You can also discard the first few bins of ice from the refrigerator.

  1. Water tastes strange if it is not in use

Lack of use can get the dispensed water from the refrigerator to taste strange. At times, when the water in the water line stays idle for a long time, it can incur an unusual flavor. When the refrigerator is kept idle for a long time, you can run a few glasses of water through the line and flush it properly, to get good-tasting water dispensed from the refrigerator.

  1. Using water softeners

Using water softeners can make the ice taste funny, because of the chemical changes that happen when the water freezes. Also, odors from the food that is stored in the freezer can permeate the ice and gives it a slight food taste. If you smell a strong food odor in the freezer or in the water dispenser, locate the source and remove it. Or place the food in protective wrapping to control this odor.

Some quick ways to fix bad-tasting water from refrigerator dispensers

  1. Getting rid of stagnant water: Stagnant water is the number one reason for bad-tasting water from the refrigerator dispenser. When the refrigerator is not been in use for a long time, water stagnates and emits a bad odor. You can also run a few water cycles in the refrigerator to remove all the old water. This will help in improving the smell and the taste of the water drastically.
  2. Issues with new refrigerators: New refrigerators will have a lot of metal debris secondary to the manufacturing process. To get rid of this problem, flush the water dispenser with distilled vinegar. It has anti-bacterial properties, that will help clear all the contaminants. The water pipes will also be free from all types of debris. 
  3. Water source: Check the water line, and if there was any recent plumbing near your area, then it could have disturbed the water line and could have infiltrated some particles in the water supply. This could affect the water dispenser, and the best way to resolve this issue is to flush it with fresh water.
  4. Clean the water tank regularly: Use clear and if possible warm water to clean the water tank. Make sure that the water supply is fresh, as the water that is stored in the refrigerator could turn stale over time. 
  5. Release air from the water line: You should remove all the air trapped in the water line, every time you change the water filter. To do this, place a large container below the water dispenser. Press and release the lever at 5-seconds intervals. Repeat the process, until the water begins to flow. After the water starts to flow, press and release the dispenser paddle until about 15 liters of water has been dispensed. When the air is dispensed from the filter and the dispensing system, the unit will render fresh and pure water for drinking.

Bottom Line

Drinking fresh and cold water from the refrigerator is a luxury. To enjoy it for a long time, make sure the dispenser and the water line are maintained and cleaned at appropriate intervals.

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