How to Fix a Whirlpool Ice Maker That’s Leaking?

It is not uncommon for any appliance that deals with ice and frozen water to leak and shed water on the floor making it slippery or getting the carpet wet. Though it is common for a refrigerator to leak water, when you defrost it once on a blue moon day, for the ice maker appliance, the leak could be practically from anywhere.

And the only way to prevent them from leaking water is to perform routine preventive maintenance so that we can keep the problem under check, and don’t have to subject the appliance to costly repairs. Before knowing the ways to fix a whirlpool ice maker that is leaking, let us analyze a few common reasons why the whirlpool ice maker is leaking in the first place.

Whirlpool Ice Maker
Model: WUI75X15HB (Credit: Whirlpool)

Common Reasons for Leakage & Quick Ways to Fix a Whirlpool Ice Maker

The three common reasons for water leakage in the whirlpool ice maker according to the experts are as follows.

1. Problems with the water inlet valve

There is a valve that regulates the flow of water from the house water supply to the ice maker. At times, the valve will not shut off properly and can stay stuck open, resulting in the leakage of water through the valve. Then it is wise to replace this valve to fix the water leakage.

2. Improper assembly

This is perhaps the single most reason why the ice maker appliance leaks in the majority of the households. Generally, the ice maker doesn’t come in parts and we don’t have to assemble them. Thus, if the appliance is still leaking, then it is a manufacturing defect and you can replace it before the warranty voids. But if the part gets defective and the appliance leaks after a few years of use, then you have to consider replacing the entire unit.

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3. Low-pressure water supply

The water inlet valve that supplies the ice maker with a steady flow of water requires a minimum of 20 psi to get shut off properly and if the water pressure is too low, then the valve may not close fully when the power is shut off in the appliance. This will result in the water leaking into the appliance and also on the floor. To correct these issues, the first thing to do is to check the water pressure and if it is appropriate, then the next important step is to check the water inlet valve for defects.

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Where to Expect the Leak in the Ice Maker?

Generally, when there is a leak in the ice maker, it can occur in two major areas. Either it is from the outsides of the ice maker or the leak is from its interior components. Thus before trying to fix the fault, ascertain the area of origination of the leak and from where the water is dripping. Depending on the source and the type of the leak, you can choose to fix it on your own or call a professional service for help. If the leak is from the outsides of the ice maker, then probably it is a plumbing issue and the issues in its interiors should demand a technician for repair. 

After spotting the source of the leak, the next important thing to do is to unplug the appliance and turn off the water. Place a bin for collecting the leaking water, to protect the surrounding area from water puddles and to prevent the risk of slipping.

1. Reasons for internal leaks: Call for assistance

Water leaks that are originating from the insides of the ice maker appliance trigger many doubts about the different internal parts of the unit. Some of the common reasons or improperly installed water pumps, pipes that have got worn out or loose with time, water inlet valves that have not been sealed properly, condensate drains that are leaking water, and most commonly while thawing an ice maker.

The most common reasons are owing to the components not being installed appropriately and the faulty and worn parts in the olden ice makers. Whatever be the source of water leak from the internal component of the ice maker, it is better to refrain from DIY attempts and to call the ice maker technician. They will be able to diagnose the problem appropriately and fix or replace it accordingly. 

2. Reasons for external leaks: Check the floor drain

Leaks from the external parts of the ice maker are purely plumbing issues and could be because of a crack or break in the waterline. Failing to secure the water line appropriately can also result in leaks. Also, while installation, the appliance requires an air gap, which is the space between the drain line of the ice maker and the floor drain. There are chances for small items or even a dish towel to get dislodged under the floor drain.

This prevents the water from draining properly and there are chances for the drain water to overflow, giving the appearance that the water leak has started from the ice machine. If the appliance is leaking from the bottom, inspect the bottom of the unit to make sure that nothing is plugged into the floor drain. 

Full Size of Whirlpool ice machine
Model: WUI75X15HB (Credit: Whirlpool)

Preventing the Water Leaks From the Ice Maker in the First Place

It is important to constantly inspect the ice maker for leaks, as it is a signal for a deep underlying problem. Also, leaking water could pose a risk of slips and falls and also accidents from electrocution. Thus, it is important to inspect the ice maker for any possible leaks constantly.

By locating and identifying the leak, it will be possible to call the appropriate technicians and fix the problem at the earliest. But never should the water around the ice maker be ignored and a qualified technician will be able to locate and resolve the problem at the earliest.

Regular maintenance of the ice maker is also important as, during these services, the qualified technician will be able to inspect the parts and locate those that could trigger a leak in the future. They will also replace them before they fail and create a mess. Have a habit of calling for professional maintenance service, at least every six months, to prevent potential leaks from occurring. 

Get the water lines and the drain lines installed by a professional plumber who will seal them appropriately to prevent flooded rooms. The leaks from the ice maker should never be taken for granted as they will worsen the appliance and also cause structural damage to the building. 

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Leakage from the ice maker appliance is not something to be ignored. Depending on the origin of the leak, it can cause a series of damage to the floor, walls, furniture, and food products stored near the appliance and the appliance itself. Stagnant water can also trigger the formation of mold on the floor and offers an unsafe work environment for the workers. When there is a significant leak in the appliance, it could affect the quality of the ice cubes as well, putting your restaurant business at stake.

Leaks can also trigger corrosion and freeze-ups in the appliance, and both of them are lethal. Leaks at the bottom of the ice maker could corrode its frame and could trigger scale build-up. Thus it is appropriate to get the appliance fixed and to seal the leakage at the earliest.

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