What Are The Best Budget Electric Grills Under $200?

Electric grills are one of the essential appliances for you as they serve both indoor and outdoor cooking purposes. Grilled foods are tastier, healthier, and flavorful, and cooking on an electric grill is fun. Electric grills are better in comparison to charcoal and propane grills due to many reasons.

The only thing you may be concerned about is the price of the electric grill which may be expensive because of its unique features and durability. However, you can choose less-expensive electric grills that are still good with a lot of advantages such as:

  • Electric grills are easy to use just with a cord and outlet and you are done.
  • Electric grills are powerful enough to produce enormous heat and cook food faster.
  • These appliances can be quickly assembled and set up and within a few minutes, you start cooking.
  • Electric grills come with many features like an adjustable temperature control system, various heat setting mechanisms, infrared technology for even cooking, removable plate and drip tray for easy cleaning, non-stick materials for easy cleaning, and durability, dishwasher-safe, etc.

Therefore, do not panic if they are expensive because you still have options if you choose the right one to get the numerous advantages of an electric grill. Below are the best electric grills under $200 that can be not only affordable for you but serve your various purposes comparatively better than charcoal and propane grills.

What You Need to be Extremely Careful about Electric Grills?

Electric grills are the most convenient appliances but need to be extremely careful about the following things while using an electric grill.

  • You must never expose heating elements, plugs, or cords to liquid or water.
  • You should never use any damaged plugs, cords, and other electric equipment.
  • Turn the knob off before plugging on or off the grill.
  • Unplug the grill from the outlet before cleaning or when not in use.
  • Store the cord carefully after use to prevent damage.
  • Connect the grill to GFI to prevent shock risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easier to use an electric grill?

Using an electric grill is easier than a charcoal or gas grill. You need to just connect the cord to an outlet and switch on the grill and you are done.

Is the energy cost high in an electric grill?

The average energy cost in an electric grill is 1250 watts. However, for the highest heat, you can use an electric grill with 1500 watts.

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Best Electric Grills Under $200

#1. George Foreman GGR50B Electric Grill

George Foreman GGR50B Electric Grill

This metal indoor and outdoor electric grill from the reputed George Foreman brand serves better than any charcoal and propane grills. Though the manufacturer defines its capacity as 12+ servings it can conveniently serve more than 15 servings. Eventually, you can use this unique appliance for any large gatherings like birthday parties, outdoor gatherings with friends, etc. You can also comfortably use the grill in your kitchen to prepare your family meals.

The grill comes with a removable stand that is easy to remove and fix and can comfortably move from the patio to your countertop. The metal that is used in the grill is coated with George tough nonstick coating for easy cleaning and to ensure durability. Similarly, the adjustable temperature control system of the grill provides 5 different heat setting opportunities for you to cook recipes at a lower heat and highest heat as per the requirement. By this, you ensure that your recipes are perfectly cooked with the required heat and retain their taste and flavor. The manufacturer provides a cooking guide and user manual with the grill to help you choose the exact heat required for different recipes.


  • The cooking surface of the grill is large enough at 240-square inches to cook more than 15 servings at a time.
  • Heats quickly within 3 to 5 minutes.
  • The sloppy channel of the grill effectively and conveniently removes extra fat and grease into the drip tray.
  • The grill plate and panini heat 35% faster than any other grills on the market.
  • The plate and drip tray are removable and easy to clean.


  • Though the overall cleaning of the grill is easy due to its circular shape, the cleaning of the lid may not be that easy as assured by the manufacturer.
  • Take care of the clogging because if the drain gets clogged at the end of the drain the grease may fill up in the channel.

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#2. George Foreman GFO201R Electric Grill

George Foreman GFO201R Electric Grill

This affordable GFO201R indoor and outdoor electric grill from the George Foreman brand comes with unique features of 200-square inches of rectangular surface. Eventually, this is large enough to cook 12 servings at a time and good for serving a large group of people. The grill comes with the usual temperature control system of the George Foreman feature (that is almost used for all their products) with a 5-heating setting mechanism. You can set your required temperature based on the heat requirement of the recipes and retain the exact taste and flavor of your recipes.

Similarly, the George tough nonstick coating is another component used in other George Foreman brands to ensure easy cleaning and durability. The fat-removing slope of the grill removes more than 42% of the fat from the meat and makes it lean and tasty. Ultimately, you prevent excess fat intake for health reasons and keep yourselves fit and healthy. The sloppy channel of the grill removes the extra fat and grease effectively into the drip tray and helps for easy cleaning. Last but not least is its removable stand that easily removes from the grill and moves your grill conveniently from patio to countertop.


  • A variable temperature control system and temperature indicator light make it easy to monitor heat and cook perfectly.
  • Removable plates and the drip tray make cleaning easy and convenient.
  • Effective fat removal for taste and health and can remove up to 42% of fat from one-fourth pound of raw ground chuck.
  • The sliding stand opens and fits back easily while moving to and fro the countertop to the patio and from patio to the countertop.


  • It often wobbles.
  • The cooking dish does not come off easily leading to cleaning difficulties.

#3. Techwood BBQ Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

Techwood BBQ Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

This sleek-looking red indoor and outdoor electric grill from the Techwood brand is made of cast iron and can cook up to 15 servings at a time. You can use its several features and conveniently cook various recipes such as baking pizzas, grilling steaks, and cooking chicken, potatoes, and bread, along with other items and a complete meal. The compact size of the grill can conveniently fit into your car for easy portability and serve your indoor as well as outdoor cooking purposes whether on the balcony or patio or for camping and gathering outdoors.

The bowl and interlocking grill can effectively generate high temperatures and cook your food faster than any other grills in the market. However, you can also use its adjustable temperature control system and cook your recipes as per the heat they require. You can take the comfort of using the temperature probe system and set one of the 5 heating features to provide appropriate heat to the specific recipe as per the need. In addition to this, use the venting system that keeps your foods, especially the steaks juicy and soft. 

The manufacturer provides amazing advantages in terms of return and warranty policies. You can get a 60-day return and 36-month promise policies over each purchase of this Techwood product.


  • The rotating venting system cooks food evenly and retains the taste and flavor of the food.
  • The large 240-square inches of cooking rack cook food enough for 15 servings.
  • Its compact and portable size makes it most suitable for camping, picnic, outdoor parties as well as fit for countertop cooking.
  • The removable and porcelain-coated drip tray is easy to clean and durable.
  • The sliding stand is most convenient for easily moving the grill from outdoor cooking to the countertop.


  • You may have to face difficulties while cleaning the metal plates if you do not take them apart.
  • No indicator light to monitor the process of cooking.
  • No temperature gauge to know the heat inside.

#4. Cuisinart VersaStand CEG980 Electric Grill

Cuisinart VersaStand CEG980 Electric Grill

This outdoor electric grill from the Cuisinart brand is made of painted steel material and can cook 8 steaks, 10 chicken breasts, 8 burgers, and four pounds of fish at a time and can serve a large group of people. On the other hand, the compact size of the grill is excellently shaped like a suitcase with a handle for easy portability and weighs amazingly lighter at only 7 pounds of weight. The appliance is fit for outdoor purposes like camping, picnic, and other outdoor gatherings near and far.

The grill can be connected to any standard electric outlet and can generate adequate heat with 1500-watt electric energy and a 5120 BTU burner. The appliance comes pre-assembled keeping you free from taking the pain of assembling it. However, you can pack and unpack it as per your requirement and it just takes a few seconds to pack or unpack.


  • Spill-resistant and lid latch drip tray.
  • 145-square inches cooking surface large enough to cook several foods at a time.
  • Sleek and innovative telescopic legs of the stand.


  • You may have a problem with low and slow cooking with the grill.

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Electric grills are beyond debate better with lots of advantages. Charcoal grills though provide a smoky taste, but they emit the deadly carbon monoxide that is extremely dangerous for your health. Similarly, gas grills have environmental issues and most apartments or homeowners restrict the use of propane grills and charcoal grills as well. Eventually, the only option left for you is an electric grill that can cook food faster and safer.

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