What Are The Best Electric Grills for Camping?

Charcoal grills emit deadly carbon monoxide and are so potentially life risky if not extremely careful. Similarly, studies reveal that 83% of grill fire accidents happen due to natural and propane gas grills. Eventually, electric grills are comparatively safer, amazingly faster, and convenient both for your indoor as well as outdoor grilling.

Therefore, buy an electric grill, especially if you are planning an outdoor gathering for a birthday or family party or friends get together or camping. We have put together the best and trending electric grills in the contemporary market to help you choose the most suitable one for your purpose.

Features to Ensure While Buying an Electric Grill For Camping

The electric grills are versatile with various features in numerous brands. Similarly, you can find a new feature every other day in the contemporary market. Eventually, it is often confusing for buyers to choose what features to choose and what not. If you are looking for an electric grill for your camping, below are some essential features to ensure before purchasing it.

  • Multiple and Adjustable Temperature Control: The adjustable temperature control system is the most essential feature to ensure in an electric grill, especially for camping. Different foods require a different temperature that makes the cooking perfect, tasty, and flavorful and you may essentially need this while camping. 
  • Non-Stick Dishwasher-safe System: Ensure the non-stick surface, especially the removable plate feature. This will make your cleaning easy and convenient, particularly in a camping atmosphere. Some electric grills come with dishwasher-safe non-stick plates but they are non-removable. Non-removable plates are embarrassing when you are camping.
  • Floating Hinge: There are varieties of foods with different types especially when you cook. For example, some are thick and some are thin. So, if you choose a grill that has the option of a floating hinge you can easily grill both thick and thin foods during your camping.
  • Locking Latch: The locking latch feature is essential because it ensures safety. The locking latch keeps the grill upright and eventually protects you from the accidental burn.
  • Grilling Area: The grilling area is one of the most important aspects to consider while buying an electric grill for camping. The grilling area determines how much food you need to cook in one go. So, you should decide for what purpose you need a grill and then choose either a large grilling area or a smaller one.
  • Grates: Grates are the grills over which you cook food. Ensure that the grates of your electric grill are made out of materials that are good heat conductors. This will evenly cook your food.

What to Check with an Electric Grill for Camping Before Buying?

Not only your electric grill but anything you buy you need to check certain things to ensure pleasant use of your new items while camping. Therefore, check with the following things before you buy and take home your electric grill.

  • Check with your new electric grill and ensure whether it is assembled or unassembled. You need to read the instructions and ask the customer service in detail about the assembly and make sure you can do it at your home or when camping.
  • Read the product description thoroughly and find out what materials are used in your electric grill. Make sure your grill is made out of durable materials and can go a long way. Similarly, find out whether the materials are rust and corrosion resistant to withstand outdoor and camping threats.
  • Check and ensure the warranty of your electric grill. People in the store may encourage you with many assurances and promises about the grill and you too can be certain about your judicious use. But who knows if something unexpected happens when you are camping it may create trouble for you?
  • Determine what energy power you need and for what purpose you require your electric grill. This will eventually save you money as more BTU-burners are expensive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major advantages of using an electric grill for camping?

The first and foremost advantage of an electric grill is its safety when you are camping. A charcoal grill has the danger of carbon monoxide whereas gas grills are known for their fire hazards. Secondly, you can’t think of propane or charcoal grills because of the problems with propane tanks and charcoal. Therefore, electric grills are the only option for your camping.

Is the use of an electric grill healthy while camping?

Electric grills are healthier than any other grills especially when camping. They do not use natural unsustainable gas nor produce carcinogens. Similarly, they do not pose any threat to the environment.

What does a hood do on an electric grill and how is it important when camping?

A hood does an important task on an electric grill. It captures airbourn grease, smoke, and gas as well as heat from the air. This is important in your camping for safety reasons.

Are electric grills dangerous while camping?

Electric grills are not dangerous neither for camping nor for indoor kitchen use. They are safe in comparison to charcoal and propane grills. However, electric grills can cause fire accidents due to poor and damaged extension cords. Certain cords are not suitable and compatible with outdoor grills and if you use them you may have to face fire risks. Therefore, use recommended electric cords and use energy from secured sources while camping to avoid unforeseen dangers.

Best Electric Grills for Camping

#1. George Foreman GGR50B Electric Grill

George Foreman GGR50B Electric Grill

This unique electric gill from Spectrum Brands (manufacturer) is capable of giving you up to 15 servings and can serve your indoor and outdoor purposes. It works 35% faster than other electric grills. One of the features of the grill includes 4 dishwasher-safe and non-stick coating removable plates that make cleaning easier and faster. The gill is designed for couples or small families for making their favorite and delicious meal at ease and faster in the kitchen conveniently. However, the grill can also serve marvelously for your camping and other outdoor purposes for a large gathering of people effectively.


  • Removable stand to make it compatible both for indoor and outdoor cooking.
  • Five heat setting temperature control system makes your food preparation easier.
  • The sloped surface and channels draw accumulated fat and liquid to a tray that makes the cooking safe and clean.
  • Circular flow of hot air for even cooking of whole chicken and large roasts.
  • The product is durable, and compact, with a gorgeous appearance to perfectly, fit your kitchen decorum. 
  • Best for camping.


  • The product comes partially assembled and you need to assemble it. Therefore, get all the necessary information to assemble the unit before getting the product home.
  • The product is a bit top-heavy. So, it is better to keep away from kids or high traffic, especially when indoors.

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#2. George Foreman GFO201R Electric Grill

 George Foreman GFO201R Electric Grill

This grill is also another sleek useful product from the George Foreman brand manufactured by Spectrum. The product can serve up to 12 servings faster and meet the need for a large gatherings and camping. However, the grill is also compatible with indoor purposes for couples and small families. One of the remarkable features of this grill is its “fat-removing-slope” which is capable of removing 42% of fat from meat. Eventually, the extra fat is automatically collected into a drip tray. The product can be perfectly used for outdoor gatherings to cook large and tasty recipes and is most suitable for countertop grilling with easy cleaning in the kitchen.


  • The adjustable temperature control system of the product provides judicious use of energy and ensures safety.
  • The non-stick coating of the plates makes the cleaning easier and faster.
  • Fat removing slope and drip tray remove the extra fat safely and make the food delicious and flavorful.
  • Removable stand for indoor and outdoor compatibility.
  • Durable and fit for camping.


  • The grill wobbles which is sometimes uncomfortable for many.

#3. Techwood 15-Serving Electric BBQ Grill

Techwood 15-Serving Electric BBQ Grill

The Techwood BBQ electric grill is designed for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Besides, its perfect space-saving design fits into the trunk of your car for easy portability, especially for camping. Similarly, its compact size makes the product perfect for any kitchen. Secondly, the racks of the grills are larger enough to hold plenty of foods sufficient for 15 servings at a time. The venting system of this electric grill dissipates the heat and ensures the steak is juicy and tender. The manufacturer provides 2 months return policy and 36 months warranty over the product.


  • The grill is light-weight and compact design perfect for portability especially camping.
  • The removable stand of the grill makes it compatible both for indoor and outdoor cooking.
  • Its adjustable temperature feature makes cooking easy and saves energy.
  • Cleaning the grill is easy because of the non-stick plates.
  • The grill can cook a versatile complete meal like steak, pizza, bread, chicken, potatoes, etc.


  • You must be careful of damaged extension cords for probable sparks leading to fire accidents.

#4. Cuisinart CEG-980 Outdoor Electric Grill

Cuisinart CEG-980 Outdoor Electric Grill

The Cuisinart CEG-980 electric grill is specially designed for outdoor purposes especially camping. It is perfectly compact and portable. The product is made as a briefcase model with a handle to carry and comes with a telescoping stand. On the other hand, the product is large enough to cook eight steaks, eight burgers, around 10 chicken breasts, and four pounds of fish at a go. The grill is also powerful enough with a 5120 BTU burner to cook sufficient food for a large gathering faster. The product comes pre-assembled and you need not take the pain to assemble it.


  • Spill-resistant drip tray and lid latch make the grill safer and easier to clean.
  • Large enough with 145-square inches of porcelain-enameled grates.
  • The telescopic stand of the device can be folded to a compact size for easy portability.
  • You can add a few wet wood clips to give a smoky flavor to your recipes.
  • The product is best for campers, condos, decks, RVs, and other outdoor gatherings including camping.


  • Check the cords and plug them into the outlets before finally taking the product.
  • The customer service of the brand may sometimes embarrass you if you are in hurry for certain services at once.

#5. George Foreman GFO240S Electric Grill

George Foreman GFO240S Electric Grill

This George Foreman indoor and outdoor electric grill is designed to serve 15 servings at a time to meet the requirement of large gatherings. However, the compact size of the grill is also fit for countertop use in the kitchens of couples and small families. Its slopped surface removes 42% of fat from meat and makes it tasty and healthy. In the process, the removed fat and grease ultimately go to a dishwater-safe drip tray. You can easily cook a large number of many foods like meat, kabobs, veggies, desserts, etc. at a time on this grill. This is a unique grill for camping.


  • The adjustable temperature feature makes your cooking easy and safe.
  • The non-stick plate of the grill ensures easy cleaning.
  • The removable stand of the grill makes it compatible both for indoor and outdoor cooking.
  • The product is light-weight, portable, and suitable for camping.
  • The grill looks gorgeous with its silver color and can fit any kitchen.


  • The plate of the grill is non-removable making it hard to clean.

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Electric grills are the best in comparison to charcoal and gas grills, especially for your camping. But there are wide varieties and models of electric grills often confusing to choose the best that suits your purpose. Similarly, there are electric grills exclusively for indoor use and some for exclusively outdoor use, and some for both. So, you need to determine what exactly you need based on your planning and requirements.

Hi, I am Melinda Meriline. I am an expert in electric grills as I have been doing research for 10+ years, so I will be sharing my knowledge on this blog to help readers.

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