How to Defrost Samsung Ice Makers?

The French door refrigerator model from Samsung has a built-in ice maker and is one of the best-rated refrigerators that are available on the market. There are chances for the ice maker compartment to get filled with frost and when it doesn’t thaw naturally on its own, then we may have to defrost the ice maker manually.

There is a defrost mode in this refrigerator that can be used to initiate the defrosting process. It is worth remembering that if the ice maker is not defrosted frequently and appropriately, it could form a fairly permanent puddle at the bottom of the refrigerator and it can also pour out much water out of the front and on the floor. There are chances for the bottom freezer to get puddled with giant chunks of ice cubes. Thus defrosting the Samsung ice makers periodically is a must and we will guide you through the step-by-step defrosting process here.

Defrost Samsung Ice Maker – Few Tips and Tricks

Samsung refrigerators are the star of any kitchen as they hold diverse features, including the ice maker. But the ice maker in this refrigerator freezes up pretty quickly and it also mandates the customers to defrost the appliance monthly, to avoid further issues on it. But luckily this defrosting function is as easy as a cakewalk and if you notice that the ice maker in your refrigerator is beginning to frost up, here are a few things that can be done. 

The first option is to try and reset the ice maker as this will propel it to defrost itself and if the resetting simply doesn’t work, the next step is to empty the freezer and remove all its contents. If the ice is stubborn, you can try and melt this ice by carefully using a hairdryer to melt all the ice, so that the appliance is capable of resuming its normal function. 

Most commonly we see that people put in steaming and boiling water in the freezer to help the ice maker to defrost quickly, but this is strictly not advised as this could get the condensation to get attached to the heating coils of the ice maker, getting the situation even worse. 

Generally, the freezer and the refrigerator combo run across many cycles of defrosting and maintains itself without us realizing that such a function is happening in the ice maker. This is perhaps one of the best luxuries that modern technology helps us with.

But very rarely, there are instances, when these appliances are not able to maintain this cycle on their own, and we get to see the ice maker building up frost in its interiors. The best way to clear this is to leverage the manual or the forced defrost function that is available on the ice maker. With just the push of a button, we can get the buildup of ice cleared from this appliance.

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Step by Step Instruction Module on Defrosting the Samsung Ice Maker

The above-mentioned tips can help you with the defrosting options of your Samsung refrigerator with an ice maker and below are the step-by-step instructions on defrosting the appliance from scratch. This guide will be of great help if your ice maker doesn’t have a specific defrost code or mode for getting defrosted. Defrosting the ice maker also includes defrosting the frozen fan at the back of the ice room, if your ice maker has one. Follow these steps to successfully defrost your ice maker.

1. Try resetting the ice maker

Resetting the ice maker will initiate the defrosting process in the ice maker by itself. Thus, this is the first and the most important step in the process of defrosting the ice maker. To initiate the resetting process, remove the ice bucket from the appliance and find the test button. It is a rectangular switch that can be found at the bottom, the front, or at the sides of the ice maker. There will be an arrow on this button with the word ‘test’ written over it. Press this button and hold it firmly until you hear a chime sound. 

This indicates that the test cycle has been initiated and this could take a few minutes. Make sure to place the ice basket in its place, so that any residual ice will get onto the ice bucket and doesn’t damage the floor. At the end of the cycle, you will hear the chime sound again, which indicates that the test cycle is completed. Now the ice maker has also reset and after running this cycle, the ice maker should start defrosting by itself.

2. Manually defrosting the Samsung ice maker

This is the next best thing to do if the ice maker doesn’t get to defrost itself after completing the test cycle. To manually defrost the appliance, remove the contents of the freezer and store them in a safe place. Keep some thick towels and try our hairdryer trick. Keep using it until all the ice around the icemaker finally melted. Use the towels to absorb all the water from the melted ice. 

3. Force defrosting a Samsung ice maker

The third and final option to defrost the Samsung ice maker is to force defrost it. To enable this function, press the energy saver and the power cooler button on the control panel of the refrigerator at the same time. Hold this button for about 12 seconds or perhaps until this display gets blank.

The next step is to press the power cool button again and any other button on the control panel. This allows the refrigerator to get to the force freeze option. Pressing the same button more than two times takes the unit to the forced freeze mode and the next third press on the button takes it to the forced defrost mode.

This is the technique to defrost the appliance as a whole, and this should help in defrosting the ice maker as well. But it is worth noting that this forced defrost function is unique to some of the Samsung refrigerators, though most of the units will bind to this trick. 

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Time Taken for the Samsung Ice Maker to Defrost

The time taken for the appliance to get defrosted completely depends on the quantum of ice that is been a build-up in the appliance. The duration also depends on the method of defrosting that you choose to perform. Using the hairdryer can take up to an hour, whereas with the manual defrost method, the appliance could take about six hours to completely defrost. The forced defrost method is the quickest to get rid of the build-up ice completely.

FAQs for Defrosting the Samsung Ice Maker

How should I deal with a stuck ice bucket?

When the ice bucket in the Samsung ice maker gets stuck or is piled with a block of ice, and will not come out easily, it is better that you don’t force the appliance very hard. A gentle wiggle is all that takes to shake the ice bucket loose. Even if you have never removed the ice bucket before, you need not worry, wiggle it at a particular angle, to make it lose and to get the entire process easy. Some models come with a lever or a button to release the ice bucket free easily.

How to clear the block of ice in the ice bucket of the freezer?

If a block of ice keeps obstructing the ice bucket of the freezer, the best thing you can do is to clear the ice away and watch for a white wire that is hanging down from the ice maker, if you can see this wire, then it is important to call the customer service instantly and if you are not able to see this, then this is probably owing to the spill in the ice bucket. You can remove it and continue using the appliance. If another block of ice gets obstructed in the same way, then you will need assistance, call the service person immediately.

What to do if the ice maker is all frozen over?

If you find that the ice maker itself is frozen over with the sheet of ice, then do not attempt to remove it and call for Samsung service.

After pressing the defrost button, how should I bring the appliance out of the defrost mode?

When the appliance is in the defrost mode, press any other button on the control panel other than the defrost button, to help the appliance resume its regular operations. If this is not working, try unplugging the refrigerator for a few seconds and plug it back in. This should solve the issue.

Where is the drain for defrosting located in the Samsung refrigerator with the ice maker?

The defrost drain is located at the back of the concealed compartment within the freezer.

Final Words

Please note that if the Samsung ice makers are not defrosting completely or if it getting built with frost easily, it is important to contact the support center immediately and troubleshoot the problem with the help of a trained technician. If you are not sure about manual defrosting and if there is a serious build-up of ice, then it is better to call the technician, rather than DIY. Also remember that it is important to unplug the refrigerator before checking the ice maker for any types of faults, as this helps in preventing getting electrocuted. We hope our guide helps you with the best and the most user-friendly ways to remove frost build-up from the Samsung ice maker.

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