Which Portable Pellet Grills Are Worth Every Penny?

As per the 2019 QYR prediction based on their survey, grill sales especially in the pellet grill market are expected to surpass $4 billion within 4 years. It eventually shows the overwhelming popularity of pellet grills in the contemporary market. You must be crazy about getting a pellet grill, especially a portable pellet grill in case of your camping and other outdoor activities, then here are the best portable pellet grills in the market to choose the one that fits your purposes.

What to Consider While Buying a Portable Pellet Grill?

  • First and foremost, if you are concerned about the portability of your pellet grill then evaluate a few things such as its foldability, size, weight, etc. while buying a portable pellet grill. Often portable grills come with electric energy to ignite, for the digital controller, and augur to feed pellets from the hopper which can be functioned with the batteries of your car or boat, gas-powered generator, or battery packs. If you ensure these components then your outdoor activities including lakeside living, camping, and tailgating would be great.
  • Ensure the grill has versatility in cooking. Nowadays almost all brands come with all-in-one cooking like searing, grilling, smoking, baking, BBQ, braising, etc. options.
  • Check for the highest temperature or you may not be able to sear.
  • Is convection cooking functional in your portable pellet grill to ensure even cooking?
  • Consider the cost and its features and functions and if possible, get a new one during the black friday sale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are portable pellet grills better in comparison to propane and electric grills for outdoor activities?

Portable pellet grills are specially designed for outdoor activities. However, gas or electric grills have their own advantages when it comes to outdoor activities. Portable pellet grills do offer many advantages in outdoor cooking.

Are portable pellet grills too expensive?

Pellet grills as a whole used to be expensive. But now pellet grills along with portable pellet grills are cost-effective and affordable.

Best Portable Pellet Grills 2022

#1. Traeger TFB30KLF Tailgater 20 Pellet Grill

Traeger TFB30KLF Tailgater 20 Pellet Grill

The Tailgater 20 TFB30KLF model of pellet grill from Traeger grills brand is an easy-transporting cooking appliance weighing hardly 62 pounds and colored black. The product comes with advanced grilling logic and several useful features. The grill has a comparatively large cooking surface of 300-square inches with a hopper capacity of 8lbs. The product can heat up to 450-degree Fahrenheit with a 5-degree Fahrenheit heat setting increment and a special meat probe for a convenient and perfect cooking experience.

Traeger has specially designed the TFB30KLF Tailgater 20 model of pellet grill for outdoor cooking, especially for people who are fond of outdoor activities like camping, various getaways, tailgating, etc. Eventually, this unique grill is comparatively lightweight and compact so that you can easily move the appliance along with you wherever you go. However, its compact and portable design does not compromise its capability of cooking tasty and flavorful foods. The product can still cook for you the most delicious woodfire flavored recipes retaining the smoke mark in any food you cook despite its compact and portable size and appearance.

However, though the grill is designed for people who love long-distance travel for outdoor activities the product is most suitable for backyard and balcony cooking purposes. This is the grill for you if you wish to enjoy your meal with your friends or family outside but nearer to your home. This appliance can provide you abundant food cooking opportunities at a time and can cook a variety of recipes. In fact, this is a 6 in 1 cooking appliance to grill, smoke, bake, braise, BBQ, roast, etc. and serve whatever your friends are crazy about at the party.


  • The digital arc controller sets the temperature at 5-degree temperature and keeps the food warm for as long as you wish.
  • Its folding legs make a marvelous and compact packing especially when you transport the appliance on a long trip.
  • The size and utility of this product are excellently useful for your apartment patio get-together.
  • You can monitor the process of cooking without lifting the lid, especially with its built-in meat probe.
  • No stick due to its porcelain coated grates and helps for easy cleaning.


  • Since the model is comparatively a newer version some emerging issues may not be addressed immediately because the customer service is yet to be trained on various technical aspects of the product.
  • The digital control feature may have multiple problems.

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#2. Traeger Grills TBT18KLD Ranger Pellet Grill

Traeger Grills TBT18KLD Ranger Pellet Grill

The TBT18KLD Ranger Grill model from Traeger Grills brand is a sear specialist product with a cast iron griddle to perfectly cook steaks and egg-breakfasts if they are your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This TBT18KLD Ranger Grill is the perfect 60-pound lightweight portable cooking appliance for you with 180-square inches of large cooking area. The appliance can provide you with as much as 450-degree Fahrenheit of the highest heat for you to cook your favorite dishes easily and faster. The pellet capacity of the hopper of this appliance is 8lbs that burns for a long period without bothering you for running again and again to the market for fuel marketing.

As the grates of the grill are porcelain-coated the grill is ultimately easy to clean and ensures durability. The manufacturer has incorporated all advanced technology in the grill to ensure precise temperature for achieving perfect cooking performances. You need not monitor the cooking process by time to time opening the lid and examining your food. An advanced system of a cooking timer lets you know the status of your food without taking the pain of opening the lid and losing the temperature. 

The Product is specially designed for people who love adventure or other outdoor activities and make tasty and flavorful foods faster and easier when they are hungry and tired. You can just load the appliance most conveniently in your truck and setout for any long trip to any destination for an adventure. Eventually, the product is a masterpiece in terms of woodfire smoke and would provide you immense joy if you are associated with a team of adventure lovers. 


  • Maintains hassle-free temperature with its digital arc controller mechanism.
  • Best searing with its cast-iron griddle.
  • Keeps the lead closed when you move.
  • Top pellet grill for transportation and thus one of the best portable appliances.
  • Built-in meat probe to conveniently monitor the internal temperature without opening the lid.


  • New and first-time users may not be efficient enough to use the grill because of the new features.
  • Customer service might be inefficient due to inadequate training on the new features.
  • May have controller issues or malfunctioning of the controller with its several components like the timer, probe, alarm, icon, etc.

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#3. GMG 2020 Green Mountain Davy Crockett Grill

GMG 2020 Green Mountain Davy Crockett Grill

This latest model of GMG 2020 from the Green Mountain Grills brand is a new version where the manufacturer has incorporated and addressed all new and emerging issues of the older versions. Eventually, the brand has insisted upon the customers not to purchase the older versions that may come with several issues that prevailed in the previous products or older stocks. This specific GMG 2020 grill is specially designed as exclusively as a portable smoker and grill with a single grease tray. 

The manufacturer has carefully incorporated the features so that you can pack the appliance and load it in your vehicle for tailgating or other types of outdoor activities. For example, its legs and wheels are designed in such a way that when it folds it takes the shape of handles and also serves the purpose of handles to carry and load the appliance into the vehicle. Similarly, the server mode of the grill ultimately connects to the grill through the GMG server mode remotely and appropriately monitors and controls the grill while transporting.

The product comes with a sense mate mechanism to accurately monitor the temperature of the grill. Sense mate is a thermal sensor that is specially incorporated to regulate the temperature while cooking your recipes on the grill. The grill also comes with an additional pellet-head all-weather cover for ensuring durability.

The Wi-Fi mechanism of the grill makes it a unique BBQ maker in your tailgating or other types of camping. You can easily and conveniently cook whatever you like from the comfort of your iOS or Smartphone while you are busy with your outdoor activities. So, you need not invest special time for cooking while you are fishing or engaged in other merry-making programs.


  • Comes with a meat probe and a peaked lid most convenient to cook rib racks, large fowl, or stand-up chicken.
  • The convenience tray with utensil hooks is very useful.
  • The grill also serves all home purposes.
  • The thermostat that is located near the box on the left functions marvelously if you slide the plate to the left as the heat will be directed to the right side of the grill.
  • An amazing portable light-weight cooking appliance just weighs 57 pounds and folds itself excellently.


  • Be sure to strap the grill in while transporting because of safe travel.
  • It may be difficult to control the heat. When you set it at 225-degree Fahrenheit it may automatically increase up to 350-degree Fahrenheit and burn your recipes.

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#4. Grilla Grills Multipurpose Chimp Pellet Grill

Grilla Grills Multipurpose Chimp Pellet Grill

The Chimp Tailgater Bundle multipurpose and portable smoker and grill from Grilla Grills features advanced technology of a dual-mode PID controller and a foldable frame. The product is made of stainless steel for ensuring durability and consists of a large cooking surface of 460-square inches. The unique appliance comes with a rugged grill cover to ensure adequate protection to the grill from external damaging elements. The grill infuses amazing woodfire smoke to the recipes due to its natural hardwood pellets that are available in any corner you go on your adventure or outdoor trip. In addition to this, you can also experiment with other types of pellets to explore various woodfire smoke in this grill to get variety for flavor.

The appliance is incorporated with an Alpha-Smoke controller mechanism to ensure the appropriate temperature to cook perfectly and conveniently. Besides this feature, the product is featured with an advanced dual-mode PID controller namely a smoke production mode and a precision temperature mode. The reason for incorporating these two features is to make the grill a multipurpose appliance. This means you can grill, smoke, sear, bake, broil, roast, BBQ, braise, etc. all in one in this appliance. This multipurpose grill feeds pellets automatically, accurately, and economically whenever a pellet is required from the 15lbs hopper. Eventually, 15lbs hopper capacity means plenty of pellets to burn judiciously for a long time.

The grill ensures durability not only because it is made of stainless steel but also for the rigid powder coating in the external area. In addition, durability is further ensured by its double-wall insulated barrel that can withstand even the coldest temperature with an added fuel efficiency. All internal constructions of the grill are made with stainless steel along with its twin storage compartments.


  • Perfect a portable grill for picnics as well as for your backyard parties.
  • Most durable with all external and internal stainless-steel construction.
  • Versatile all-in-one cooking opportunities. Grill, smoke, sear, bake or do whatever you and your guest are crazy about.
  • The alpha smoke feature provides excellent woodfire smoke taste and flavor.
  • Can use any brand of pellets to experience several woodfire flavors.


  • The hopper latch of the grill may be useless over a while as it may clampdown.
  • The product does not come with a cord holder, you may have to buy it and install it at your own cost.

#5. Pit Boss PB206PSP2 10538 Wood Pellet Grill

Pit Boss PB206PSP2 10538 Wood Pellet Grill

The black-colored PB206PSP2 model of the Pit Boss pellet grill is a perfect portable grill specially designed for adventurers and sportsmen for their outdoor activities. If you are fond of hunting, tailgating, or any other outdoor adventure and other activities then this is the appliance fit for your purpose. The product is light-weight for easy portability and weighs hardly 79 pounds (79.81 exactly) and its premium gauge stainless-steel construction sustains any long transportation on all-terrain roads. The product comes with rolling wheels and folding legs most convenient for packing and loading into your vehicle when you plan for a long trip to distant places for adventure or hunting or other outdoor activities.

The product comes with a meat probe for easy and convenient cooking and features automatic start and cooldown mechanisms. Eventually, you need not take the pain of opening the lid and monitor the process of cooking in this appliance. It has a digital control board with an LED readout option for your easy monitoring of the cooking process. In addition to this, the grill is also incorporated with a fan-forced convection cooking feature to ensure even cooking of the entire cooking area in the grill. Besides the stainless construction, the grill ensures durability and easy cleaning with its cast iron grill grates that are porcelain coated. Its hopper capacity is 19lbs and large enough to hold adequate pellets to burn longer than you expect.

Above all, the grill has a large cooking surface of 380-square inches enough for cooking various recipes for a big gathering. Eventually, this is the grill for you if you are working in a team and would like to feed the members the most flavored and juicy foods. The cooking space is large enough for you to cook two whole smoked briskets at a time. You can further take advantage of its highest temperature ranging from 180-degree Fahrenheit to 500-degree Fahrenheit to cook your several recipes in different temperatures as per the heat requirements of the items.


  • With a light-weight design and folding legs feature this is the top portable appliance in the market.
  • The latching hood is most convenient for cooking easily.
  • The meat probe and LED display mechanism make cooking easy and perfect.
  • The automatic start and cool-down mechanisms make the appliance unique.
  • Cooks evenly across the large cooking surface with its fan-forced convection cooking system.


  • No cons


Whenever people think of a pellet grill the first thing that comes to mind is its cost. In fact, pellet grills which are larger in size used to be expensive. But as the patent became universal various types of pellet grills were manufactured with different features and specializations along with its falling price. Pellet grills, especially portable ones are now cost-effective and affordable.

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