What Are The Best Pellet Grills in the Market?

Pellet Grills are incredible appliances because they not only ensure the tastiest and fire-wood flavored food but they can serve your various purposes in cooking. You can not only grill in a pellet grill but can bake, smoke, braise, roast, BBQ, and do many other recipes. When Joe Traeger monopolized pellet grill in the 1980s, almost all grill manufacturers waited eagerly for the last day of the patent to engage in the race of pellet grill manufacturing. 

Eventually, this manufacturing competition was due to the overwhelming popularity of pellet grills which still persists. If you have not yet got a pellet grill, choose one of the best pellet grills below and enjoy the healthiest as well as tastiest, and most flavorful foods.

What Are the Advantages of Pellet Grill?

  • It can instantly cook plenty of food within a short period enough to meet the need of a big gathering.
  • Cost-effective in terms of pellet consumption and price.
  • An affordable appliance as it costs reasonably.
  • Can cook most delicious recipes both tasty and wood-fire flavorful.
  • Almost all pellet grills can braise, bake, smoke, grill, roast, BBQ, and more.
  • Comes with advanced features like WiFi and Alexa enabled most convenient for smart homes.

What to Consider While Buying a Pellet Grill?

Check with the following considerations while buying a pellet grill.

  • Grill configuration.
  • Freestanding and sturdy mechanism.
  • Built-in features and built-in grills.
  • Ensuring easy cleaning and durability.
  • Non-PID, PID, and advanced PID or PID-plus heat control system.
  • Consider the pellet smoker class like luxury pellet smokers, premium pellet smokers, practical pellet smokers, economy pellet smokers, etc.
  • Affordability and cost-effectiveness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main reason behind the popularity of pellet grills?

The primary reason for the popularity of the pellet grill is the taste and wood-fire flavor of its foods.

What is the most important disadvantage of a pellet grill?

One of the most important disadvantages of a pellet grill is its size. They are usually bigger and often not easy for portability.

Are pellet grills worth the cost?

Pellet grills do cost higher between $300 to $1300. But the cost is not a problem if you are frequently grilling or smoking, etc.

Best Pellet Grills of 2022

#1. Z GRILLS ZPG-7002E Pellet Grill

Z GRILLS ZPG-7002E Pellet Grill

The ZPG-7002E 2020 from the Z GRILLS brand is an upgraded model of wood pellet grill and smoker. This product is an eight in one barbecue pellet grill that can give you the opportunities of baking, smoking, grilling, braising, roasting as well as serve your purpose of barbecue. Like any other pellet grill in the market, this silver-colored unique 7002E 2020 upgraded Z GRILLs pellet grill is easy for the users and cooks efficiently for 20 hours with 20 lbs. of wood pellet. The appliance produces the highest temperature ranging from 180-degree Fahrenheit to 450-degree Fahrenheit to cook your recipes as per the heat they require.

The appliance is further incorporated with a unique control system to feed just the required pellet in the grill resulting in less consumption of pellets for cooking. Similarly, the product also comes with a precise temperature control mechanism that does not waste the heat unnecessarily.

The automated electric feed system of the pellet grill maintains the heat constantly within 10-degree of the set heat. The heat can then range from 180 to 450-degree Fahrenheit as required for your cooking. You need not sit and wait for the heat to cook your meal on the grill. Just set the temperature and you are done with your job because the rest is taken care of by itself. 


  • The fan-forced convection cooking system conveniently creates a situation for baking, braising, baking, smoking, roasting, and grilling without the need for a rotisserie.
  • Comes with a massive huge cooking area of 19.2 x 26 inches for convenient cooking.
  • Enough rack surface area with 700-square inches.
  • The pellet grill has 20 pounds hopper capacity.
  • LED temperature display system and digital automatic control system.


  • Assembly is not tough but can take about an hour.
  • Check for the manufacturing defects before finally getting the grill.

#2. Traeger Grills TFB88PZBO Pellet Grill

Traeger Grills TFB88PZBO Pellet Grill

This model of 10251 bronze color grill from Traeger effectively cooks foods with a unique wood-fired taste. You can have a versatile cooking experience with this model of the pellet grill. Cook slowly if you intend and also can cook faster if you are in urgency. In addition to this, you can have a 6 in 1 cooking experience from BBQ to juicy foods and can braise, roast, bake, smoke, and grill in the appliance. Besides this, the precision temperature control mechanism of the pellet grill ensures a 15-degree Fahrenheit temperature to make sure precision grilling.

The pellet grill is made out of several durable materials like steel, durable powder coating, porcelain grill grates, etc. Similarly, an all-terrain wheel of the grill makes the grill durable and long-lasting. The product is amazingly large enough to cook plenty of food to meet the need of a large gathering. It can simultaneously accommodate 7 racks of ribs, eight chicken, and 40 burgers at a time. You can eventually use 100% natural hardwood pellets and provide a wood-fired flavor to any kind of food you cook on the grill.

Its digital pro controller setting system is a unique operating system that helps you to just turn the dial to the temperature you wish and leave the cooking done for you without your further intervention. Similarly, the massive 18lb capacity of the hopper is another convenience for you to fill it once and cook hassle-free for a long time.

Note: You can get Traeger Grills at discounted prices if you are buying them around black friday. So, do check the offers if that’s the case.


  • Comes with a large cooking space of 884-square inches for cooking a massive quantity of foods sufficient for a large gathering.
  • Non-stick porcelain grill grates for easy cleaning and durability.
  • Incorporated with a primary rack (to hold 24 burgers) and an extra rack (to hold 16 burgers).
  • Featured with dual meat probes for monitoring and checking meat temperature.
  • Adequately stable with sawhorse chassis.


  • Take care of the ignitor that may fail again and again.
  • Make sure you can assemble it or you will have to get paid assistance from technicians to assemble the appliance.

#3. Traeger Pro Series 575 TFB57GZEO Grill

Traeger Pro Series 575 TFB57GZEO Grill

The TFB57GZEO Pro Series 575 model from Traeger is a bronze color wood pellet grill and smoker trending in the market. The product is incorporated with the latest technologies like WiFIRE that is connected to the home Wi-Fi system. You can use the Traeger app to operate the WiFIRE technology from anywhere in the house and cook delicious meals perfectly and easily. Besides this, the manufacturer has also incorporated Alexa in the WiFIRE system to make cooking easier and more convenient.

The appliance is a 6 in 1 product that can eventually serve six different purposes like braising, roasting, baking, smoking, grilling, and for a gorgeous BBQ. This Pro 575 pellet grill is an upgraded version of grill and smoker from Traeger with a D2 drivetrain and heats faster than any other pellet grill. In addition to this, the D2 drivetrain starts quickly and ensures comparatively better-quality smoke. 

The TFB57GZEO Pro Series 575 though comes with advanced technological mechanisms the cooking process in the grill is very easy. Just set the temperature in the grill and you are almost done with the cooking exactly like your oven in the kitchen. You can further monitor the progress of your cooking through Alexa and WiFi from anywhere. The grill gives a constant temperature for the entire cooking period and provides a pleasant cooking experience.


  • Non-stick porcelain grill grates make cleaning easier and extend durability.
  • Incorporation of Alexa for regulating temperature, monitoring the progress, and creating alerts through Wi-Fi.
  • Extra-large cooking surface to cook enough food at a time for a big gathering.
  • Best for outdoor cooking.


  • Customer service in the case of replacement of defective parts may not be satisfactory.
  • You may experience ignition issues after about 6 months of use of the grill.

#4. Z GRILLS ZPG-700D Wood Pellet Grill

Z GRILLS ZPG-700D Wood Pellet Grill

This pellet grill is an 8 in 1 appliance that can sear, braise, roast, grill, bake, smoke, char grill, and barbeque in one appliance. The grill accurately keeps 10-degree as wet temperature irrespective of the outside temperature. A 20lb wood pellet can cook for 20 hours in this grill and that is how it saves you from spending extra money in comparison to a gas or charcoal or even electric grill. 

Similarly, you need not run to the local station for trading propane as advanced temperature control and one-button start system of your pellet grill stops starter fluid. Its digital auto temperature control system, an electronic auto-start ignition mechanism, and LED temperature reading facility make it easier for anybody to cook conveniently and efficiently. 

This pellet grill comes with an automated electric feed system and keeps the heat at 10-degree of the set temperature. Eventually, it produces adequate smoke and creates a favorable atmosphere to cook versatile items through 6 different types of cooking namely roasting, grilling, baking, braising, smoking, etc.


  • The fan-forced convection cooking system makes it super easy to cook.
  • Large total rack surface of 700-square inches enough to cook large and versatile foods enough for a big gathering.
  • The pellet grill has a 20lb hopper capacity to hold enough pellets for a long time 20-hours cooking.
  • Made of stainless-steel leading to no corrosion and sleek polished finishing.
  • Its foldable shelf makes it super easy to work.


  • You may find it difficult and need tools to assemble the appliance if you are a new user.
  • You may have issues in regulating the temperature and may not bring down the heat as per your requirement.

#5. Z GRILLS ZPG-450A Wood Pellet Grill

Z GRILLS ZPG-450A Wood Pellet Grill

This ZPG 450A 2020 upgraded model of wood pellet grill from Z GRILLS is an 8 in 1 smoker and grill that can cook in a versatile manner. You can BBQ, bake, braise, grill, sear, smoke, roast, and chargrill in this one appliance. You can enjoy hassle-free cooking in ZPG 450A upgraded grill by just setting the temperature and relaxing and let the grill cook on its own. 

The grill uses PID technology to ensure the tightest temperature all through the process of cooking and provides a consistent outcome. You can bake, grill, sear or smoke at a time in the grill along with chargrilling for a hardwood delicious flavor.

The ZPG 450A 2020 is specially designed by the manufacturer for a small family with a compact size of 452-square inches. Despite its smaller size, the grill does not compromise with the delicious taste and flavors of the food. Besides this, the appliance is made of sturdy steel and is reliably durable. Above all, the 15lbs pallet hopper serves a longer time cooking than you expect.


  • The digital temperature control system automatically adds the required pellet, so no waste of the pellet.
  • The foldable shelf is easy and convenient to work on.
  • The wheels are heavy-duty and all-terrain and long-lasting.
  • The racks and roof are rust-proof and sleek looking.
  • Cost-effective as you may have to spend $50 for 20lbs of pellet but cook for 50 hours.


  • It may take a long time to assemble the appliance.
  • It is often difficult to cook at a lower temperature as the heat does not get reduced as required.

#6. Traeger Grills Gen I Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill

Traeger Grills Gen I Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill

The Traeger Gen I Pro Series 22 pellet smoker and grill comes with a massive cooking surface of 482-square inches and has the cooking capacity of five racks of ribs, 24 burgers, and 4 chicken. It contains a primary or main rack and an additional or extra rack. The grill can accommodate 18lbs of pellet in its hopper that can last for a long time in comparison to other energy sources in other grills. This model of pellet grill can serve 6 in 1 purpose such as roast, bake, braise, smoke, grill, and BBQ. 

The advanced digital pro controller system of this pellet grill keeps the heat within 15-degree Fahrenheit to ensure precision grilling. You can further cook your different recipes in different temperatures from hot to cook fast and at low to cook slower in the grill. The pellet fuel used in this grill is 100% hardwood to create wood-fired flavor in the food. Eventually, it is very easy to cook on the grill. You only need to set the temperature and relax. The grill will cook itself. This is as simple as cooking in an oven in your kitchen.


  • The digital pro-controller setting for heat management operating just by a dial is super easy without any complication. Even a new user can easily cook.
  • Non-stick porcelain grill grates are durable and easy to clean.
  • Cost-effective with the long-lasting of 18lbs of hardwood pellet.
  • Built-in dual meat probe to check the cooking process of meat without opening the lid.
  • Steel construction, powder coat finish, and sawhorse chassis extend its durability considerably.


  • Check for the warranty carefully while buying the grill as customer service may not be that satisfactory.
  • If you are a new user then reducing heat in the grill may be embarrassing for you.

#7. Camp Chef Black PG24MZG Wood Pellet Grill

Camp Chef Black PG24MZG Wood Pellet Grill

The black color PG24MZG model of pellet grill from Camp Chef is an advanced pellet grill with smoke-pro slide smoker and fold down featured front shelf. You can have the unique experience of cooking with its slide and grill mechanism and cook through grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, braising, and BBQ. You can further toggle the temperature just with a push of a button or can monitor and check the heat through the meat probe in this unique grill.

Another unique feature of the Camp Chef PG24MZG is its Gen-2 PID controller. This advanced and new PID controller with a 1 to 10 smoke setting can help you regulate the smoke and make your food tasty and flavorful. Similarly, cleaning the ash is super easy in this appliance with its ash cleaning mechanism. You just need to pull out a lever and you are done with the ash cleaning.


  • Very easy to assemble with its assembly video that can be accessed on the website of Camp Chef.
  • The folding front shelf makes cooking convenient and comfortable.
  • Generation-2 PID smoke regulator is unique and very useful to add taste and flavor.
  • The grill has large cooking surface comprising 811 inches, enough to cook for a big gathering.


  • Usually comes with minor damages due to shipping problems. You may have to ask for further customer service assistance.

#8. Traeger Grills Ironwood 885 TFB89BLFC Grill

Traeger Grills Ironwood 885 TFB89BLFC Grill

This unique pellet grill is an advanced product from the Traeger Grills brand with the latest technologies like WiFIRE and Alexa most suitable for homes with smart technology. You can comfortably use the Traeger app to set and monitor your cooking and engage Alexa and cook your food from anywhere in the house through Wi-Fi. Eventually, this is a 6 in 1 purpose grill that can bake, braise, grill, smoke, roast, and BBQ for you.

The grates of the grill are made of porcelain and super easy to clean. This also makes the grill durable. The manufacturer has insulated the grill at the two sides of the grill to ensure the consistency of the temperature. Eventually, this also serves the purpose of pellet efficiency especially in the cold weather, and saves your money for spending on extra pellets.


  • Built-in sensor to monitor the level of pellet through the Traeger app.
  • Best for quick start and fast heating with its D2 drivetrain.
  • Easy to ensure the cooking of food with the digital meat probe.


  • No cons.

#9. Traeger Grills Ironwood 650 Pellet Grill

Traeger Grills Ironwood 650 Pellet Grill

Like other products from the Traeger Grills brand, this Ironwood 650 model of wood pellet grill and smoker is an advanced version with WiFi and Alexa technologies. You can cook and monitor the progress of cooking from the comfort of any place in the house if your home is enabled with smart technology. This grill can serve 6 in 1 purpose of your cooking and can braise, bake, smoke, grill, roast, and BBQ in the same appliance. Eventually, the grill is featured with enormous mechanisms and convenience as other models from the Traeger Grills brand.


  • Porcelain grates for easy cleaning.
  • Sidewall insulation is very useful to retain the temperature in any weather.
  • Digital meat probe to ensure cooking perfectly.
  • D2 drivetrain to start quickly and heat faster.


  • Ensure warranty while buying for unforeseen damages and breaking.

#10. BIG HORN OUTDOORS 6-In-1 Pellet Grill

BIG HORN OUTDOORS 6-In-1 Pellet Grill

This product from the BIG HORN OUTDOORS brand is another most advanced pellet grill with the latest digital and technological temperature control system. This appliance comes with a large cooking surface of 700-square inches and can cook enough food for any of your big gatherings. Eventually, the grill cooks the most delicious and tasty food with wood-fired flavor for you. Its porcelain grill grates are easy to clean as well as durable. Similarly, the steel construction of the grill and the finishing coat of durable powder extends the durability for a considerable period.


  • Easy to cook and monitor the process of cooking with its digital heat control mechanism.
  • Easy to clean due to the non-stick porcelain crates.
  • Lasts longer because of several components like durable powder coating and steel construction of the grill.


  • No cons.

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The pellet grills brought a revolution in the 1980s when there were only traditional grills and Joe Traeger monopolized in the grill market for two decades since 1986. As soon as the patent period was over, many entered into the race of pellet grill manufacturing due to its overwhelmed popularity. Eventually, the grill is popular for many reasons but the basic primary reason is its capacity of cooking the tastiest and wood-fired flavored food.

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