What Are The Best Electric Grills in the Market?

Electric grills are the most useful and safe appliances that cook your various recipes quickly without any inconveniences. Some of these grills are good for indoor use whereas some are designed for exclusively outdoor cooking. But many of these products can serve both outdoor and indoor purposes. Often people go shopping and get the wrong electric grill which does not serve their purposes. Eventually, they become extremely embarrassed and frustrated and start disputing with the retailer or manufacturer.

Therefore, if you feel the need for an electric grill and decide to get one, you need to appropriately plan before going shopping or ordering them online. Determine for what purposes you need an electric grill and how much you can afford for this appliance. Now it is time for you to know about the features, pros, and cons of various brands of electric grills and choose the best that serves your purpose. Below are the 9 best electric grills trending in the contemporary market for you to choose the one that fits your requirements.

What to Check and Ensure Before Buying an Electric Grill?

The following are some of the essential aspects to check and ensure before buying an electric grill.

  • Check whether it is ready to use: Many electric grills come fully assembled and you need not assemble them. But if your electric grill is unassembled then make sure you can assemble it.
  • Check for the warranty to ensure durability: Read the product description and find out what material the grill is made out of and whether it has a valid warranty. Besides, read the terms and conditions of the warranty.
  • Check with the features: See all the features the manufacturer has provided in the electric grill and recheck how they function through the customer reviews. Most useful and good electric grills come with features like adjustable and multiple adjustable temperature control system, nonstick and dishwasher-safe plates and drip trays for easy cleaning and durability, floating hinge mechanism for automatically cooking both thin and thick foods, various types of safety measures, The size of grates and grilling spaces, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better whether an indoor or outdoor or indoor and outdoor electric grill?

It depends upon your requirement and preferences. However, if you buy grills that can work both for the outdoor and indoor purpose that would serve better.

Is a removable plate and drip tray feature necessary in an electric grill?

It is necessary as many people feel removing the tray and plate to clean everything neatly and easily.

Best Electric Grills 2022

#1. George Foreman GGR50B Electric Grill

George Foreman GGR50B Electric Grill

This product from the George Foreman brand has been in the market for the last two decades (first launched on 15th August 2000) and gained the reputation as one of the best electric grills. The grill can effectively give you 15 servings and is designed for both indoor as well as outdoor purposes. Its grilling surface is large enough with 240 square inches to conveniently cook for a large outdoor gathering. 

The product comes with a removable stand for easy indoor and outdoor cooking. The electric grill has 5 different types of setting in the adjustable temperature control system. This can help you to cook your various recipes at the appropriate temperature and retain the taste and flavor of your favorite foods like meat, kabobs, veggie, desserts, etc. When you remove the stand, it becomes compact and amazingly fits your countertop for your indoor use. The electric grill works amazingly faster and perfectly serves your food especially when you are hungry. Its panini and plate heat 35% faster than other grills and can provide you with delicious foods faster.


  • Easy cleaning with dishwasher-safe removable plates.
  • The nonstick coating ensures perfect and faster cleaning.
  • Heat adjustable system from low to high ranges keeps your food warm for longer.
  • The extra fat and liquids conveniently pass through the sloppy surface channels to the tray below the surface.


  • Cleaning the lid may be difficult.
  • The cord is a bit shorter and you may require an extension cord for easy connection.

#2. Weber Q1400 Gray 52020001 Electric Grill

Weber Q1400 Gray 52020001 Electric Grill

This 1560-watt electric grill from the Weber brand is made out of aluminum with deep grey color for outdoor use only. The product has 189 square inches of total cooking space and cooks the food tastier with flavor. However, the body and lid of the product are made out of aluminum whereas the crate is made out of cast iron that is porcelain-enameled. You may not take the pain of assembling the product as it comes fully assembled. The Q 1400 electric grill also comes with a glass-reinforced nylon frame and aluminum heat retention liners.

The grill has the feature of raising the bar to ensure the flavor and checking the performance or status. You can easily and conveniently cook your favorite recipes on the grill such as chops, steaks, sear burgers, fish, grilled chicken, and vegetables including fruits. 


  • The grill is compact and smaller in size and easy to portability.
  • Its infinite control burner valve setting cooks the food evenly.
  • The product comes with a 6-foot grounded cord
  • The catch pan is removable to make serving easier


  • The product comes fully assembled but it is difficult to install when something goes wrong and you order it from Weber.

#3. George Foreman GFO201R Electric Grill

George Foreman GFO201R Electric Grill

This indoor and outdoor electric grill from George Foreman is a fascinating red-colored product with a capacity of producing more than 12 servings at a time for a large gathering. The product comes fully assembled and has 200 square inches of rectangular cooking space. The grill has no flare-up and is apartment-approved. The GFO201R like other products from the manufacturer has 5 heart-setting features in the adjustable temperature control system and cooks different recipes at different temperatures as required. 

This eventually makes the food tastier and juicy with a mouth-watering flavor. The non-stick coating of the appliance makes it durable, easy to clean, and fit for your kitchen as well as for your outdoor use. Above all, the special feature of its sloppy grilling surface removes as much as 42% extra from meat and makes your recipe lean and tastier. Eventually, the stand of this grill is easily removable and fixable to make your outdoor and indoor use easy and convenient. 


  • Excess fat and grease are collected into the dishwasher-safe tray.
  • The 5 heat features of the temperature control system are operated by a simple and easy dial adjustment.
  • Though the griddle is not removable but can be cleaned easily
  • The product is compact and best for use in an apartment


  • The grill may not be stable and strong on the stand if you do not take special care to fix it securely.

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#4. Hamilton Beach Indoor Electric Searing Grill

Hamilton Beach Indoor Electric Searing Grill

This 3-in-one multi-grill, bacon, and griddle style indoor electric grill from Hamilton Beach comes with the special feature of a searing grill with a viewing window. The grill is made out of stainless steel and can produce 8 servings at a time for a large gathering. It locks in the flavor and juices and cooks the food at a heat of 450 degrees and makes the food tastier. However, you can adjust the temperature while cooking different recipes as per their need for required heat. The grill has 118 square inches of grilling space sufficient for 6 or more servings at a time.

You can watch the cooking process of the grill through the special feature of its sear viewing window in the lid but do not let the heat out. All the components of the grill are removable in the product such as the plate, hood, drip tray, etc. Eventually, you can clean the grill easily and quickly. 


  • The large drip tray does not allow spills of juices and spoils your countertop.
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy and quick cleaning.
  • Cooks varieties of dishes like BBQ, burgers, steaks, grilled chicken, pizza, fish, vegetables, and fruits along with keto and paleo diets.
  • The plate and tray are non-stick and easy to clean.


  • The glass of the window may not be removed and cleaned by wiping it thoroughly if there is grease on it. However, you can run water and clean it.

#5. Weber Q2400 Electric Grill

Weber Q2400 Electric Grill

This model of Weber electric grill is made out of aluminum with sleek grey color and is operational in 1560-watt electric energy. The product is though somewhat similar to the Weber Q 1400 Gray 52020001 model it has its uniqueness. The lid and body of the grill are made out of aluminum whereas the grate is made out of cast iron. However, the cast iron is porcelain enameled. 

The product comes fully assembled and its temperature can be regulated by the infinite control burner valve setting. You can remove the catch pan for easy serving of the food and it has a glass-reinforced nylon frame. You can cook a variety of dishes on the grill like steaks, burgers, grilled chicken, chops, fish, fruit, vegetables, etc.


  • Comes with a 6-foot grounded cord.
  • 260 square inches of cooking spaces are sufficient for a large gathering.
  • Sleek and compact and portable.


  • Though the product comes fully assembled it is difficult to install the parts when you order the same if something goes wrong. However, 3D instruction on how to assemble it is provided in the free BILT app.

#6. T-fal OptiGrill XL GC722D53 Electric Grill

T-fal OptiGrill XL GC722D53 Electric Grill

This product from the T-fal brand is made out of stainless steel and large enough for a big gathering and exclusively for indoor use. The electric grill operates at 1800-watt electric energy with 9 automatic cooking programs for poultry, sandwich, burger, red meat, sausage, pork, fish, shellfish, and bacon. You can monitor the process of cooking by its indicator lights and beeps which are audible. The product comes with 4 manual settings for temperature control to generate different heat for different recipes.


  • Special feature for cooking frozen food with frozen mode.
  • Dishwasher-safe, removable, and nonstick plates and drip tray.
  • Comes with a recommended recipe book.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The automatic cook mode may after some time automatically change to manual mode.

#7. George Foreman GFO240S Electric Grill

George Foreman GFO240S Electric Grill

This silver color outdoor and indoor electric grill from George Foreman has the capacity of cooking more than 15 servings at a time and is fit for use in large gatherings. The product is also apartment approved and good for indoor use. As provided in other George Foreman grill models, this electric grill has 5 heat settings in its adjustable temperature control system. You can choose the most appropriate setting from the 5 and cook the recipe as per its heat requirement.


  • Nonstick coating ensures durability and easy cleaning.
  • The sloppy surface removes extra fat and makes the meat lean and tasty.
  • Easy to remove the stand and use it for indoor purposes.


  • Detaching the whole tabletop grill from the base stand may be at times embarrassing for cleaning.

#8. Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 Indoor Electric Grill

Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 Indoor Electric Grill

This indoor electric grill has 3 in 1 features to cook the food in full grill and griddle, half grill and griddle, and a reversible plate to grill on one side and griddle on another. The grill is designed to make several varieties of foods such as lunch, dinner, breakfast, eggs, pancakes, bacon, grilled cheese, steaks, chicken, fish, pizza, and many more items.


  • 180 square inches of cooking space large enough for a family meal
  • Adjustable temperature setting and two cooking areas.
  • Removable and pfoa-free plates and tray for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher-safe tray.


  • The drip channel may not properly drain into the drip tray.

#9. De’Longhi Perfecto Indoor Electric Grill

De’Longhi Perfecto Indoor Electric Grill

The De’Longhi Perfecto indoor electric grill is made out of sleek black glass and has the capacity to make a meal for the entire family. The tempered glass lead of the grill distributes heat evenly and keeps the food warm longer and tasty. The product comes with an adjustable thermostat and removable nonstick plates and a drip tray.


  • The drip tray and plate need to be simply removed and wiped out for cleaning.
  • M-shaped grill design for consistent heating.
  • S splatter shield surrounds the edge of the grill to check splatter.


  • The nonstick surface of the grill may wear off after some time.

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Electric grills are the most useful and easy-to-operate appliances but often are very embarrassing when bought with carelessness. For example, when you need a small and compact indoor grill for a couple and brought home a large outdoor and indoor grill. Imagine how embarrassed and frustrated you would be when you do not find a space in your kitchen to accommodate the grill.

Similarly, you may have thought of getting an electric grill for your camping but if you got an indoor grill then you know what difficulties you will face. So, plan concretely what exactly your needs are, check with the pros and cons, and get the best electric grill that perfectly serves your purposes.

Hi, I am Melinda Meriline. I am an expert in electric grills as I have been doing research for 10+ years, so I will be sharing my knowledge on this blog to help readers.

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