Which Built-In Refrigerators Are Worth the Money?

If you have the habit of stocking a lot of food items and groceries for your family or are living in a big family, then you need large refrigerators, like the cold storage units that we generally find in supermarkets. These refrigerators though are huge and have a huge storage capacity, can still fit in seamlessly with the existing cabinets, escalating the looks and the usability of the kitchen to many folds. 

These built-in fridges with freezers are capable of blending with any kitchen cabinet design and being completely integrated models, their doors are clad in exceptional paneling. These appliances are costly but fit flush with existing kitchen counters and cabinets. It features a bottom freezer, side by side French side doors, and generally stands tall at about 70 inches. They have a lot of options with the front panel to match the cabinets of the kitchen. Let us discuss the best built-in refrigerators from the leading brands here.

Things to Consider Before Investing in a Built-in Refrigerator

If you have made up your mind to replace your refrigerator with a new built-in appliance that fits in seamlessly with the existing kitchen cabinet, then here are the things to consider to get the best value for the money spent.

1. Counter depth refrigerators VS built-in refrigerators

These refrigerators have a built-in look and are pretty affordable than built-in models. These are freestanding appliances and have less capacity and shallow depth. They have a flush fit around the existing cabinetry and are configured as side-by-side refrigerators, French doors, and also as full door fridges with bottom freezer units. 

The built-in refrigerators have a high-end look as they are designed to fit in a cabinet and are also customized with wooden panels to match the style of the kitchen. 

2. Space and usage

For built-in refrigerators, make sure you dedicate enough space in the kitchen or go for a more compact model. Ensure there are free spaces around the model for ventilation. Consider your eating and shopping pattern and decide on the size and capacity of the refrigerator accordingly. 

3. Quick facts to run your mind through before making a buying choice

  • Make sure the refrigerator has an energy star rating to save on the utility bills
  • Make sure it has a door lock and alarm to authorize entry
  • The unit should keep food fresh for a long time and avoid the build-up and growth of bacteria.
  • Units with water and ice dispensing options are pretty viable
  • The panels and shelves should be of adjustable type.
  • Choose models with longevity, customization options, and high-end performance.

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Best Built-In Refrigerators 2022

#1. Samsung 36” SMSG1016 Refrigerator – Best Overall

Samsung 36” SMSG1016 Counter-Depth Refrigerator
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Controls and Functionality9.2
Build quality8.9
Energy efficiency8.8
Value for money9.3

This is an excellent in-built refrigerator for modern home and it features a counter-depth design that can blend seamlessly with the existing kitchen design. This refrigerator helps to connect the family and home and lets the users see what is inside the refrigerator. With the help of this FamillyHub refrigerator, it is possible to manage the calendar of the family, stream music, and check who is standing at the front door, all right from the fridge.

The refrigerator is equipped with flex zone drawers, which are smart drawers that divide the refrigerator sections to keep different food items at different temperature ranges and to render flexible storage options. The exteriors of the refrigerator are smudge-proof and it features fingerprint-resistant exteriors. This Samsung refrigerator features an autofill pitcher that helps to automatically refill and offer cold water anytime the user requires it. There is also an option to infuse one’s favorite refreshing flavor in this water supply. 

The adjustable shelves can either be flipped up or slid in to store taller bottles and other tall items instantly. The Twin cooling plus feature helps in twin cooling of the top and bottom portion of the refrigerator and thus helps prevent spoiling of food and it also helps with fresh and better-tasting food. The space-saving design of this refrigerator helps in keeping the drinks cold for a long time with lots of ice cubes. 

What do we like about the Samsung SMSG1016 refrigerator?

  • There is an external water dispenser to help with fresh and filtered ice and water at all times.
  • The appliance is energy-star certified and helps to save on utility bills.
  • Features a beautiful design with intelligently built features.

What do we don’t like about the Samsung SMSG1016 refrigerator?

  • Takes about 12 hours to the plugin after installation.

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#2. Liebherr HCB2082 Refrigerator – Runner Up

Liebherr HCB2082 Refrigerator
Editor Rating: 9/10
Controls and functionality9.1
Build quality8.9
Energy efficiency8.9
Value for money9.2

This is an excellent built-in refrigerator that features a 36-inch counter-depth design with four doors. This French door refrigerator has a capacity of 18.9 Cu. ft. totally. There are two glass shelves in this refrigerator and the capacity of the freezer is about 6 cu. ft. There is also a crisper drawer, energy start certification, automatic defrost technology, ice maker, super frost, and super cool feature in the refrigerator. The refrigerator features a Star-K certification and its adjustable glass shelves help in rearranging the items in the refrigerator easily.

The product works with German engineering technology and offers premium quality and cutting-edge design. The innovative fit and style of this refrigerator help people to deal with their busy lifestyles. This appliance is built with exclusive components and material and is made of the latest production process, to ensure energy efficiency and exceptional performance for many years to come. 

The appliance is certified by energy star to render the least damaging effect on the environment and to conserve less energy and save on the utility bills. Its bio-fresh technology helps to keep food for a longer time and its advanced technology helps in keeping the temperature of the food items just above freezing point. The drawer of the refrigerator helps to maintain humidity and renders a versatile storage solution for meats, cheese, fruits, and vegetables.

What do we like about the Liebherr HCB2082 refrigerator?

  • The Duo cooling feature of the refrigerator renders superior performance and efficiency for food preservation.
  • The dual refrigeration system helps to lengthen the shelf life of the food items for a healthier lifestyle.
  • The refrigerator also helps preserve the flavor and texture of foods preventing the exchange of air and aroma between two food compartments.
  • Its super cool technology offers great cold reserves so chill stored food items.

What do we don’t like about the Liebherr HCB2082 refrigerator?

  • Doesn’t have ADA certification
  • It is not approved for commercial use

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#3. BOSCH Benchmark B36IT900NP Refrigerator – Editor’s Choice

BOSCH Benchmark B36IT900NP Refrigerator
Editor Rating: 9/10
Controls and functionality9.1
Build quality8.8
Energy efficiency8.9
Value for money9.2

The benchmark series counter depth refrigerator from Bosch has a capacity of 19.4 Cu.ft. The appliance is Wi-Fi enabled and has three glass shelves, a crisper drawer, energy star certification, automatic defrost technology, ice maker, dual evaporators, UL certification, Multi airflow technology, temperature-controlled drawer, humidity-controlled crisper drawer, etc. This built-in refrigerator works super-efficient to prevent the transfer of flavor and to keep the foods fresh for a longer time.

There is also bright LED lighting in the refrigerator that illuminates the entire interior of the refrigerator. There is no defrost system in the refrigerator and the air humidity in the fridge with the No Frost feature gets collected in the central chiller unit. The refrigerator also defrosts frequently and keeps the refrigerator completely free of ice and removes the need to defrost manually. Its Air Fresh filter absorbs even the toughest food odors and keeps the refrigerator and the freezer air fresh. 

The super cool function of the refrigerator helps to drop the temperature of the fridge and insulate the food inside the appliance. To prevent excess power consumption, the appliance automatically switches off after six hours. The supercool technology helps to keep the old and new food fresh for a longer time. Its multi-airflow technology helps to circulate cool and fresh air to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the entire fridge.

What do we like about the BOSCH Benchmark B36IT900NP refrigerator?

  • The super freezing function makes sure that the food is frozen quickly and prevents the other content inside the freezer from defrosting.
  • Its dual evaporators prevent odor transfer and help to optimize freshness.
  • It is possible to remotely monitor and control the refrigerator with the Home Connect app.
  • Its Optiflex hinge allows the doors to stay flush-mounted and to open with no damage.

What do we don’t like about the BOSCH Benchmark B36IT900NP refrigerator?

  • Very loud refrigerator 
  • Both the doors should be opened to access its long vegetable drawers.

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#4. Blomberg BRFB1900FBI 30 Inch Refrigerator – Great Choice in 2022

Blomberg BRFB1900FBI 30 Inch Refrigerator
Editor Rating: 8.9/10
Controls and Functionality9
Build quality8.7
Energy efficiency8.8
Value for money9.1

This is an excellent counter-depth refrigerator with a capacity of 16.4 Cu.ft. The freezer capacity of this refrigerator is 4.8 Cu.ft. There are about three glass shelves, a crisper drawer, a right hinge with reversible doors, an automatic defrost system, and an energy star certification. This refrigerator has a bottom freezer with 90 degrees opening flush hinge. The refrigerator also includes a blue light technology, duo cycle cooling system, and Ion fresh cool storage system to eliminate the infestation from bacteria. 

The blue light technology of this refrigerator helps in keeping the fruits and the vegetables to continue photosynthesis while they are in the fridge. The blue zone in this fridge is a special crisper that is illuminated with a blue light. The LED lights render a more aesthetic look for the fridge with minimal energy consumption. The duo cycle frost-free technology offers an energy-efficient and silent cooling system and also prevents odor mixing.

The photocatalyst carbon filer feature in this built-in refrigerator helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria and ensures optimal hygiene in the appliance. As this refrigerator has an energy star rating it helps in saving a lot of money on utility bills. The refrigerator features bright and easily accessible digital displays that help in simplifying programming and helps control performance. There is a large pantry drawer that is ideal for storing groceries easily and to pick up instantly for cooking. 

What do we like about the Blomberg BRFB1900FBI refrigerator?

  • Excellent built-in refrigerator with bottom freezer
  • The appliance has reversible doors with glass shelves
  • Automatic defrost to help prevent ice built-up

What do we don’t like about the Blomberg BRFB1900FBI refrigerator?

  • This refrigerator is not ADA compliant
  • The shelves are not spill-proof
  • There is no door alarm and door lock.

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Final Words

Built-in refrigerators are the best option for those who wish to customize the kitchen with high-end décor and high-end appliances. These appliances have a built-in fit and look super sleek and of high quality. But the built-in refrigerators last longer and have the best food handling performance along with the credibility to save energy for the home. We hope our buying guide helps you in picking up one of the best built-in refrigerators of 2022. 

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