Top 5 Benefits of French Door Refrigerator

The French door refrigerators were first introduced in the late 1990s and have soon become extremely popular across the words. It has grown to be one of the best popular refrigerator designs on the market and has become extremely reliable and affordable as well. The French door refrigerators are close to top-freezer models in energy efficiency and have several advantages apart from price, compared with other refrigerator models. 

The best feature of the French door refrigerators is that; it features a spacious fresh food compartment at the top. It is split in half by two side-by-side doors, and it also has a freezer at the bottom. Such a configuration is different from the traditional top and bottom mount refrigerators. The other unique benefits of the French door refrigerators are as follows.

Benefits of French Door Refrigerator
Samsung RF4287HARS French Door Refrigerator

Advantages of French door refrigerators

Of the several valuable advantages of French door refrigerators, the most obvious advantage is their unique layout. The two doors at the top, help to organize items uniquely. It also makes it easy to keep track of all the foods and beverages inside the refrigerator. It also renders easier access to fresh food items, so that users don’t have to bend down to the bottom to reach anything. 

French door refrigerators also feature wider shelves, and they also have large door bins, compared with traditional refrigerator units. This renders ample space in the unit to organize food items according to convenience. Their bottom freezer is also an added advantage. This offers a deeper space to house more items than a traditional top or bottom mount unit. Being a premium appliance, it renders superior cooling systems and innovative technologies, to ensure that food is preserved perfectly. Other benefits of French door refrigerators are as follows.

1. French door refrigerators feature an intelligent design

Most people open their refrigerators quite often and this will result in a loss of energy significantly. French door refrigerators are designed to solve this purpose. They are centered at chest height so that everything in the fridge is within the reach of the arm. Thus, users don’t have to strain their backs to bend over and get to the crisper drawers. The freezer door at the bottom features slide-out racks that can be removed completely in some models. It also makes the refrigerator easy to organize.

The French door refrigerators are capable of storing large items and it also keeps the crisper drawers at eye level. These units are energy-efficient and stack the most frequently used items at the top. It has scope for ample storage and offers clear space to identify diverse perishable and non-perishable food items.

2. French door refrigerators save energy

Cold air escapes the unit, every time you open the refrigerator. The refrigerator has to work extra to cool itself back down to its optimal temperature. With the French door refrigerator, it is enough, if users open only half of the refrigerator and close it quickly while grabbing a quick snack. This limits the spill of cold air and thus, these refrigerators will use less energy and maintains their internal temperature.

3. They save space

The narrow doors of the French door refrigerators help in saving a lot of kitchen space. It helps people to work through tight spaces and clears the clutter in the kitchen. This will improve mobility and make the kitchen feel very larger. The refrigerator will render ample storage space with a lot of flexibility options.

The unit has a crisper drawer at eye level and it offers more visibility for the items arranged in the unit. The design of the French door refrigerator is so efficient that, we can keep the daily items within easy and close accessibility. The side-by-side options of these refrigerators keep the freezer at eye level and it also makes the frozen foods more accessible.

4. Its full-width shelf renders flexible storage

The French door refrigerators comprise full-width shelves for more flexible storage. Even if you want to place three additional pizza boxes that are left from the party, the full-width storage shelves of the refrigerator will fit them. They are also great for stocking a lot of oversized items for appropriate cooling. These refrigerators have adjustable shelving and these shelves split down in the middle for maximum versatility. For more versatility, users can either keep the flat shelves across the unit or split the fridge in half with offset shelves. 

Generally, the top freezer units have full-width shelves but have poor freezer placement. French door refrigerators have side-by-side placement, with convenient ergonomics. Thus these refrigerators offer the best of both worlds for the users. 

5. They look elegant in the home

French door refrigerators look elegant in any home. Its bold design attracts people and it looks extremely good in the kitchen. Its sleek and industrial look appeals to professional kitchens as well, and we can find them in many restaurants and commercial kitchens. Without any doubt, the French door refrigerator can be a very attractive centerpiece for the kitchen. The French door refrigerators are premium appliances that render superior cooling and follow several innovative technologies, to ensure that the items are preserved perfectly.

Bottom Line

The best feature of the French door refrigerator is its unique layout. It has two doors at the top and is capable of organizing items easily in a way, that will keep track of all the foods and the beverages. Its elegant design offers great access to all the fresh items so that you don’t have to bend down to reach the bottom bin. These refrigerators have wider shelves and large door bins to maximize the storage space.

There is no need to rearrange the storage containers frequently to organize food and thus offer ample space for common storage needs. The refrigerator has a standard bottom freezer drawer design, a deeper space, and superior cooling technologies to make sure that the items are preserved perfectly. All these advantages make them a great choice for today’s homes, despite their high cost.

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